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    Hello, and welcome to SkyLegion's guild thread! Guild created 13.6.2015
    Stats can be found HERE!

    What is SkyLegion?
    We're a community that has spread across the server's games, although we specialise and are mostly known for being a SkyWars guild, and one of the oldest around! I strive to make this community a family, and one that doesn't revolve around segregation from other guilds! The server's seen far too much arguing and I don't want people to blame guilds for this, I hope to ensure guilds don't seperate SkyLegion from all the other guilds in the SkyWars community!

    What games do we play?
    Currently, we only specialize in SkyWars! Though again, our players have been seen across all games!

    What do we have to offer?
    A fun and friendly SkyWars guild for all SkyWars players! We plan on holding events for the guild, such as Game nights and daily solo challenges between the guild hosted by the officers! Along with some great banter in the guild chat! :)
    Also dank memes.


    1. Any form of toxic chat/rage is not allowed, so if you get annoyed at ranked, don't take it out in the guild chat, it's not nice to see, take a break, eat a cookie, take a walk, that might calm you down.

    2. Don't ask for WDR in guild chat, Watchdog bans people in waves, so asking multiple people to report the same guy won't make the wave come any quicker.

    3. Hypixel's general chat rules also apply to the guild chat; you can find out what they are HERE. We do allow MINIMUM swearing, though preferably, no swearing at all.

    4. If you have any conflicts with any other guild members, please sort them out privately, or speak to an officer about it!

    5. We have zero tolerance towards hacking, if we find out you've been hacking, you will be banned from the guild.

    6. Asking for promotion to officer will lower your chances of becoming one.

    7. No spamming in guild chat, as-well as using all caps.

    8. If you are not active, you may be kicked unless we know the reason for your inactivity.

    9. You MUST consent to screenshares by @BurnBloxian to remain/join the guild.

    Officer Documents:


    Guild Leader
    [MVP+] Optay

    Guild Officer:
    [MVP+] BurnBloxian
    [MVP+] Time201

    [MVP+] ItsVlad
    [HELPER] Rolend
    [MVP+] Invictable
    [MVP+] Mirracle
    [MVP+] Robzilla
    [MVP+] Arctite
    [MVP+] Youtsi
    [NON+] Sylastia

    [MVP+] M0N3YBALL3R
    [YT] Zyphalopagus
    [MVP+] KingMLG

    Officer Applications are currently CLOSED

    Officer Applications:

    When did you join the Guild -

    What is your most played game on the server currently?

    Why do you think you deserve officer over others, and why should we select you?

    How would you impact/change the guild in your opinion?

    How often can you be online during the weekdays?

    Member list can be found here


    The Skywars specialising requirements currently are:
    4,500 Wins
    35,000 Kills
    Aswell as Network level 75

    3.00+ K/D
    0.40+ W/L

    New Application Format:

    IGN -

    Age -

    Skywars Kills (Solo, Teams, Ranked, Mega, Combined) -

    Skywars Wins (Solo, Teams, Ranked, Mega, Combined) -

    Kill/Death Ratio (Can be found here Sk1er.Club) -

    Win/Loss Ratio (Can be found here Sk1er.Club) -

    How often and for how long do you play? (Weekdays/Weekends)

    How did you find out about SkyLegion?

    Tell us about yourself (What type of person and player are you?)

    What do you like most about skywars?

    Why do you want to join this guild?

    How will you add to the guild’s overall community?

    Do you have Discord/TS? (Not a requirement)

    Are you comfortable to being screenshared by @BurnBloxian (All personal files will be kept secret, any recordings will be deleted if you are clean)?

    Which of these interest you: Guild SMP, Guild UHC’s, Guild Team Speak, Guild Parties, Guild Competitions and Guild Events.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns (Feel free to message an officer with these as well)

    Hey everyone, Burn here!

    So with the popularity of ranked growing a lot recently more and more people have become desperate to get into the top ranks, which means more togglers. We've gotten a lot more reports of guild members hacking and to lower this number we've decided to start screensharing members we do not trust due to multiple reports from external players as well as our own members. Only I will be conducting the screenshares myself and no other officers will be present, this is to keep everyone's privacy as intact as we can. I won't be hunting for personal information and only evidence that points to you cheating on the network. I will record the screenshare but will delete the recording if no evidence is found. The video will not be shared unless you request it to be to prove your innocence. I cannot use this recording to ban you from the network. Staff have unfortunately refused to take it as evidence for punishment.

    Screensharing will be a last resort to catching guild members. Videos are preferred, and only those we are extremely sketchy will be checked. Teamspeak is now a necessity for all guild members, mics are not required. Those who refuse to be screenshared when asked will be kicked from the guild, we understand if you have trust issues but we can't trust you unless you trust us. Everyone in the guild should be prepared to allow me this access, I understand privacy may be considered important but I am a trustworthy person, and Opty is aware of any screenshare I perform.

    When I wish to screencheck you I will tell you in guild chat:

    <IGN>, please don't log off the server, I'm going to screenshare you, please come onto teamspeak. (Those who disconnect after this message WILL be kicked.)

    Do not delete any items from your recycling bin, if you do I will know. If ANYTHING is deleted around this time you will be kicked.

    I will be checking thoroughly so don't bother hiding anything, if you take an unusual time to get on TS I will be more suspicious.

    I hope everyone can understand why we've decided to take this action. Thanks for reading and I hope no personal grudges will be held over any actions I take.

    Cya 'round guys~ Burn ;)



    N/A for the moment of time

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  2. Gib


    Gib Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion FTW
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  3. Nice thread.
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  4. Lol xD

    Anyway Officer applications are now Open, I'm taking 2 new officers. Feel free to apply looking forward to reading them all :D

    IGN -
    Date you joined the Guild -
    Why should you get Officer before others?
    How would you impact the guild?

    Good Luck ;)
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  5. Newaj24

    Newaj24 Well-Known Member

    Was waiting for a new thread, since you are owner. Good luck though you don't need it :p
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  6. Krispii

    Krispii Well-Known Member

    Cool! New thread :)
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  7. Nice to see the new thread! I'd wish you luck with the guild, but I already know you guys are a very successful guild! :)
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  8. Well, hope we can get this thread as popular as the first one :p thanks for the support guys and #SkyLegion :D
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  9. Oh Hey there Megan :) #HissLegion ;) <3 Plz don't hurt me
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    Toooths_Guild F
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  11. s0uls

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    O nice new thread ! the requirements are high dam o_O
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  12. Yes, but we can afford for them to be that high, allows me to keep a constant number of members and keep our stats growing :) I spend a bit of time picking them. ;)
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  13. MisterYes

    MisterYes Well-Known Member

    Can I get officer pls im Act1v3
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  14. s0uls

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    Mhmm, as the time goes they will go up !
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  15. Gib


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  16. IGN: xXxXxXXzMLGzXXxXxXx
    Rank: ez+
    Kills (Solo, Teams & Mega combined): 6969
    Wins (Solo, Teams & Mega combined):69
    Why would you like to join? im not
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  17. Lol How's the ban going?
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  18. bad.
    How is the stealing our players going? :D
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  19. Nah, I mean they're in SS for a reason, should keep them there :D
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  20. Not like your guild asked Gurrr to join Skylegion :)
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