Apr 6, 2017
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Beanie Babes BABE

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Is eating fries an occupation?

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    1. RedoUsername
      Someone below said that you draw and from your pfp im guessing it's anime... So.... You are amazing.
      1. Wynnevir likes this.
      2. Wynnevir
        My pfp was actually done by AnUncreativeCat, who is beyond talented! But thank you^^ very kind of you to say.
        Apr 4, 2019
    2. anime12345_xdpvpyt
    3. Cera
      I love everything about your About Me section. Your digital art is amazing by the way! How long have you been doing it?
      1. Wynnevir likes this.
      2. Wynnevir
        Kind of you to say! <3 I've always been drawing something, though not more seriously until highschool, around 2008. And I can never stay focused to practice long enough to improve substantially >.< What about you, do you draw at all?:)
        Feb 13, 2019
        Cera likes this.
      3. Cera
        That’s awesome! I’ve always drawn more traditionally. I went to art classes as a kid. I’m not that great at it, but it was a nice hobby to pick up. I tried getting into digital art last year, but I’m absolutely terrible at it. I don’t really have the proper resources to do it anyway — I only have a cheap tablet and use a free art application.
        Feb 13, 2019
        Wynnevir likes this.
      4. Cera
        I can relate though. I never really practiced consistently, so I was never really able to improve much x)
        Feb 13, 2019
    4. Gabby_Craft
      Aw, your pfp is cute, especially the eyes!
      1. Wynnevir likes this.
      2. Wynnevir
        Thank you!^-^ AnUncreativeCat made it for me, very talented
        Feb 9, 2019
        Gabby_Craft likes this.
    5. Jet711
      The fox in your signature is cute not gonna lie.
      1. Wynnevir likes this.
      2. Wynnevir
        Hehe thank you! I do love his squishy fox face~
        Jan 3, 2019
        Jet711 likes this.
    6. PadoruPadoru
      I think of Wynncraft when I see your username
      1. Wynnevir
        lol! Made it before finding out about them, but it's a wonderful server.
        Dec 16, 2018
        PadoruPadoru likes this.
    7. ofLegends
      You got a hella cute name ^.^
      1. Wynnevir likes this.
      2. Wynnevir
        Aww ty!^//^
        Dec 13, 2018
        ofLegends likes this.
    8. Intentaste
      Hey! Welcome to the forums :D I guess lol xd
      1. Wynnevir
        Sep 13, 2018
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  • About

    Is eating fries an occupation?

    MC Name: Wynnevir. You can call me Wynn or Kipp ^-^
    Age: 25

    Sex: Female
    Discord: Wynnevir#3990

    I draw primarily digitally, but got my start traditionally. It's very off and on depending on how much time I have, but I do enjoy it. I hope to get back into it consistently as when I was younger and super passionate about it. Here's some of my stuff, a lot of it is WIP.

    I love nearly all music, barring most rap and country. I've been into a lot of synthwave stuff lately, but my old time favorites are metal and hard rock. I also like quite a bit of jrock. These are some of my favorite artists, click on each for a song by them-
    [​IMG]Digital Daggers
    [​IMG]In This Moment
    [​IMG]Iron Maiden

    On Hypixel, I primarily play Zombies, Build battle, Pixel Painters and Murder Mystery. Zombies was actually a bit of a surprise to me for finding out I enjoyed it. It's not my typical choice in game.

    Off Hypixel, my favorite game is Skyrim, or more accurately, modding skyrim. I love working with mods. The games I love in a list-
    [​IMG]Dragon's dogma(use my pawn, Dare!)
    [​IMG]Legend of Zelda
    [​IMG]Ark Survival Evolved
    [​IMG]Stardew Valley
    [​IMG]Dragon Age
    I was so hyped when the revamp of the original Spyro trilogy came out! I played my old copy so much the audio no longer worked ;-; sad times.


    I'm an avid reader. All time favorite book is The Lies of Locke Lamora. I mostly enjoy fantasy. Nonfiction, while interesting, doesn't provide the escape I crave from delving into a book. My favorite books in a list-
    [​IMG]The Lies of Locke Lamora
    [​IMG]Inkheart trilogy
    [​IMG]The Bartimaeus Trilogy
    [​IMG]The Lord of the Rings series
    [​IMG]Warriors series
    [​IMG]Interview With a Vampire
    [​IMG]Dragons in Our Midst series
    [​IMG]Game of Thrones series
    Okay got a bit carried away listing these I could just on forever x) I also used to write myself, but some hard times in real life sort of put a stop to that. When I did it was poetry and story writing.

    I LOVE to build in minecraft, and I'd consider myself pretty good at it! Here's some of my favorite builds I've done

    My cats:

    My adorable fur babbies.
    And a bunch more pictures of them here

    This is our Zombies discord for making teams and friends^-^ It's a friendly community open to everyone at any skill level. We're all just here to have fun!

    Thanks for stopping by!



    Join our Zombies community Here for playing together and making friends~