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Jun 28, 2016
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Fixing Maps!! Nov 19, 2019

    1. LCTUER
      Could you update the sw map rotation?
      1. Gooood likes this.
    2. Arlekin_MK
      help whit applying for build team is it ok if i can pot a picture isnted of a profile cues i don't uplode my builds or instagram or any social media
    3. Arlekin_MK
      hey i need help im trying to apply for build team is it ok if i put a picture insted of a profile cuse i dont uplode builds on any social media
    4. nolying
    5. FunMiner8
    6. LachlanTheSlayer
      Hello o/ How are you?
    7. FunMiner8
      may I ask if there were ever any unreleased skywars maps? like if you created the map then decided not to add it?
    8. LightningBoltTheCamel
      Someone in my thread told me to contact you about downloading the old lobby for Hypixel, so I decided I should. I was wondering if it's legal to download it, as I want one but don't want to infringe on any form of Hypixel's copyright.
      1. LightningBoltTheCamel
        I would only use it for singleplayer or maybe LAN, but LAN doesn't work for me anyways. I am about 99% sure that actually selling it or using it publicly would be illegal, but is singleplayer or LAN? Thanks in advance.
        Sep 13, 2018
    9. Atom888
      I just had a bit of concern regarding the Classic Lobby update.. You guys do understand that all 6 games are considered bad for different big reasons and need different things to be the big thing again, right? If it's all generalised things plus a little new content for each game, then.. We're pretty much dead after the hype.
      1. Vinny8Ball
        Hello Atom, I understand your concern. We are not going to just add content. Covering build side, each game will be checked for glitches/bugs and be fixed also to improve the players experience
        Sep 10, 2018
        Atom888 likes this.
      2. Atom888
        If you say so.. I never heard back about the solution to the TKR tracking system, which suddenly makes it viable to add new TKR maps again, which is something we desperately needed anyways.
        Sep 10, 2018
      3. Atom888
        Update: Just got informed by Hellpest, I wasn't aware of the dms to the mains who helped to spearhead each of the game plans. I guess I don't need to worry after all. I'll cya again soon.
        Sep 10, 2018
    10. Heartcrop
      I know this will prob get me IP banned for this. Vinny, Can you please look over my ban appeal VS an AI that can't even understand photos reply to my second ban appeal? cause it happened to the first one if I remember. -Heartcrop.
    11. dthreed
      were dead and and snakes and ladders removed permanently? or is there just a map rotation now. if there is a map rotation, can you confirm how long it is? thank you in advance <3
    12. ItsRishon
      Mhmm vinny you a new admin? Because I never saw you.
      1. Vinny8Ball
        Nope, I just hide on build with the builders. Getting back into the community :-)
        Aug 22, 2018
        LadyHestia and ItsRishon like this.
    13. dthreed
      Fix new tnt map thread to include ALL the maps please
    14. Zerohuskers
      why did I get banned I wasn't doing anything
    15. HypixleForums
    16. littlepupy2
      Vinny8Ball, I have a question about why I was banned for I did not do anything, please dm me so I can ask you.
    17. BulbJake
      Why the 666 at the end of your MC ign?
      1. joeven likes this.
    18. Tat_
    19. _Chris_
      where the skywars map rotation is cominng?
    20. KonsteD_
      Hello Vinny8Ball! I'm a server translator into Russian. I write you to ask if I have an opportunity to translate the website into Russian? I really want to help translate the website and its news articles because this allow to fill the forum with new users. And also it will make easier to learn news by Russian-speaking users. If this is possible, I'll can do it at any time. I'm looking forward to your reply.
      1. MagicAkk
        you can ask TomcatEvE about hypixel translation.
        Jun 22, 2018
        UltraColor, Maple39 and Vinny8Ball like this.
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