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Dec 4, 2013
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The Nether of lands

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Read Blue Crews updated page it tells about the history of the guild! Jul 23, 2017

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Viewing home, Feb 21, 2018 at 7:55 AM
    1. Mqyy
      you’re a pretty big deal <3
      1. TheCoral likes this.
    2. Hqsky
      Hi Coral o/
    3. xMikkie
      Hey, I'd like to ask a question about the guild you're in. You said everyone can join, are you saying no application?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. xMikkie
        Wait, so is I need a want or must? If anyone can you can you join on the spot or what.?
        Feb 6, 2018
      3. TheCoral
        You have to apply, it is a must.
        Feb 6, 2018
      4. xMikkie
        Okay, thanks!
        Feb 6, 2018
    4. Amoura2000
      Hey! I've seen your YouTube channel:) You once made an art of me. Even though I never asked for it: I just want to say that I loved it! Thanks for your effort and keep it up! <(^-^<)
      1. Lithium and TheCoral like this.
    5. TheCoral
    6. TheCoral
      Am back in the Blue Crew, so gud.
    7. PugUtters
      Hi Coral :D
      1. TheCoral likes this.
    8. TheCoral
      I am a Coral I live in the seaaaa
      1. VoidShards likes this.
    9. SimplySonder
      Hey just joined Blue Crew recently! Hope to see ya around ^_^
      1. TheCoral likes this.
    10. BeansforDinner
      Could You Make me a art picture of my skin?
    11. TheCoral
      Check out my art work in the Hypixel Media section
      1. donald108 likes this.
      2. SeasonalEclipse
        You are a very talented artist!
        Feb 24, 2016
        TheCoral likes this.
    12. gwumps
      ay phatty u smell U ACTUALLY DO, i like ur sign tree c:

      UR PHAT
      u bettah follow me or i will not stop c:
    13. Ryast
      Love your artwork!
      1. Uglyboys and TheCoral like this.
    14. yamyam3
      Happy super late birthday and please tell me how to eat the color orange
      1. TheCoral
        Thank you xD and it's a trick, only the GoogleSaurus can master it
        May 15, 2015
    15. Wabbit
      TYYYYY I FNA <333333
      BEST ART EVER :_)_))))
      1. Ryast and TheCoral like this.
    16. Chemsik
      ooooooooo OMG it's coalienab i remember you :)!I'm calebtyuiobarrie/calicocaleb #AUTOFOLLOWED last time i saw u i only had like 300 wins in bow spleef, now I have 2,138
      1. TheCoral likes this.
      2. TheCoral
        Hehe very well done xD I'm not quite as good as the newer players and I definitely don't have time like they do. So my wins are stuck around 1700 and I don't feel like grinding xD cya in game
        Apr 2, 2015
      3. TheCoral
        *suddenly realizes why caleb was sliming* c: Mhmmm i haz the power to say yes or no!
        Apr 2, 2015
      4. Chemsik
        Apr 3, 2015
    17. TheCoral
      Now known as TheCoral!
      1. Wabbit and Truroxy like this.
    18. cseam7
      I will get that 1 win in Bow Spleef. It is my destiny
      1. TheCoral likes this.
      2. TheCoral
        I believe in you!
        Feb 1, 2015
    19. Tuna
      wait wat spleef?
      1. TheCoral
        What you mean wait wat spleef xD
        Jan 19, 2015
    20. Akame
      Happy new year!!!!
      1. TheCoral likes this.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    The Nether of lands
    Hello, I am Coral and this is my pawn shop, I mean.. Hypixel story!

    Why I joined.
    I've been around for about four years now. The reason why I joined this server originally was because of YAW (YouAlwaysWin) two guys on YouTube that I used to watch. The two played on Hypixel and when an old server I played on got shut down I decided I wanted to play on this server too.

    At first I joined for Blitz and the first map I ever played was the map Thorin. Not too long after that I discovered Bow Spleef. This was (is) absolutely no doubt the best game ever! This gamemode has always been full of friendly people and this is where I made my first good friends on the server, the people of BlueCrew.

    After the summer I joined, a new lobby was created for not only Bowspleef but also TnTrun, it is called the TNTgames lobby and is still up and running to this day! New games have been added to it but spleef always will be my favorite.

    One day a few of my friends asked me to join Teamspeak, never having talked to people before I was quite shy. I am very happy I did join though, teamspeak, Discord and Skype have gotten me in touch with so many interesting people from all over the world. I don't really join ts anymore, but you can always message me to get online or join.

    Blue Crew
    A guild update. This update made it possible for me to join my friends in BlueCrew. The people in this guild are the best! I have known these people for so long now. I've seen them become helpers and mods, good staff and even better friends. My happiest moments on this server were while in that guild and I cannot thank them enough! After leaving for a few months for personal reasons. I have returned to the BlueCrew and became an officer there once again.

    Denver Asylum
    I created a guild with the name Denver Asylum after I left BlueCrew. It was a fun time owning it for a while but I handed it over to _Trollman when I joined back into BlueCrew.

    Ex-Creative Staff
    I had an awesome time as staff and made so many new friends in both the community and the staff team. It's sad the Hypixel Creative server had to come to an end. They are my family and I'm happy I got to work with them.

    Ok, so now we know everything about Coral!

    Friend requests.
    I do not accept friend requests. If you send me one it's probably going to get denied.

    Oh my god I have twitter

    Name changes.
    I changed my name from coralienab to TheCoral.​


    - Proud officer of Blue Crew and 4 year veteran-
    -Blue Crew Dictionary-
    -How to give proper feedback [GUIDE]-
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