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      Why did Hypixel remove negative ratings? I was collecting those!
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    NGC 262
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    Back in 2011 I daily looked at the app store to see if there were any free games I could play, one day I was scrolling down the list of free games until one thing caught my attention, a brand new game that came out just today with the icon being a dirt block with the text, "Minecraft Lite" on it.

    I tapped the game and installed it to my iPod, I then started to build my own creations, but after a while I got bored. So then I got the full version.

    I built a very protected base and had LOADS of fun with it. After, I got it for the Xbox 360 and played that for a while too, I sadly couldn't save any progress on Xbox 360 though, so I usually kept on my Xbox 360 for days lol.

    Then in 2012, I got my first laptop ever, a Samsung one.

    I got Minecraft for PC on November 10, 2012. Four days before my birthday.

    From then, I built the world that in total had 1.5 years put into it, I sadly lost that world eventually.

    After that I did multiplayer, I loved playing Capture The Flag and as time went on, many other games too.

    Eventually, I came to Hypixel back in 2014, I played TNT tag a lot and had a lot of fun with it. In 2016, Skywars released, and I started playing that instead for a whole year before I stopped playing out of boredom.

    I have also met most of my friends from Minecraft, in all. This game has allowed me to socialize more than anything else EVER allowed me to.

    Thank you, Notch.



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