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If you have problems or questions with anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM! Jun 3, 2016

    1. Drhitshot
      I got MVP+ 3 days ago, how long does it take to get a rank?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Drhitshot
        I contacted them 4 days ago, they still havent responded and I still haven't received a rank...
        Sep 2, 2019
      3. skyerzz
        it can take a bit of time for them to respond, as they're catching up with the backlog of tickets
        Sep 2, 2019
        Drhitshot likes this.
      4. Drhitshot
        Ok, Thanks for your help!
        Sep 2, 2019
    2. wzyvlone
      Can you show me my complaint, please?
    3. TigerOfek
      if u not want to unban me maybe u can reset my account in hypixel and all the bad thing I make be deleted and even the other thing I am just want to come back to this server I am really writing this from my heart pls admin pls
    4. TigerOfek
      I got banned from 2 years ago and I don't know why now I am now able to play again I even try to send an apology but it was denied. why the staff still ban after 2 years I learned my lesson I am never gonna hack again after the ban I removed all the software My name now is TigerOfek it was adir1133 the ban id is#55B36E8 I wish I get unbanned all my friend now play hypixel but somehow I still have ban..
    5. Phantomgaming
      can u help me? I got ban 2 years ago for hacks. I don't hack anymore and I wanna get unban can you help me because it wont let me make an appeal.
      1. Infource
        If you've appealed already and it's denied, it's their final decision to leave you ban. Your fault that you hacked, you shall face the consequences.
        Aug 26, 2019
      2. Phantomgaming
        its 4 ever I have been waiting for 2 years and I hoped that I could be able to play again.
        Aug 26, 2019
      3. Infource
        2 years isn't a permanent ban. IT'S FOREVER
        Aug 26, 2019
    6. Issec
      Hello Skyerzz, My account was banned over a year ago. i posted an appeal a year ago and now i cant appeal anymore. was going to see if there was anyway you could help me
      1. Trivin
        The appeals team decision is final, if your appeal was denied then the punishment cannot be appealed again.
        Aug 25, 2019
    7. MasterCake
      Hey a friend got banned today becouse he bugged in a wall can you do somthing please ? He send a ticket but it was cleared... the ingame name of my friend is _LittleBitLost_
    8. EnchantedMax
      i am soooo sorry i accidentally reported you when i tried to reply (it's 10pm and i'm getting tired) again i am soo sorry
      hey i have a question i got banned for watch dog it was my first time getting band but i got perm banned isnt it suposed to be 7days?
    10. TheOriginalXGHD
      hi this TheOriginalXGHD recently I have found that I am not allowed to join Skyblock but why am I not allowed to join the skyblock game again
    11. addicted
      Also, can i join your guild? :D
    12. addicted
      Mate, u want me to submit more bug reports? i sent 1 like ages ago and nobody responded.
      1. skyerzz
        if you dont get a response within 10 days, PM me the link to the report
        Aug 20, 2019
      2. addicted
        It was August 12th, i pinged you it
        Aug 20, 2019
      3. addicted
        but don't worry, it the one i sent u before u closed.
        Aug 20, 2019
    13. KevinDude07
      can you unban me plz cuz i didn't do anything i read the rules and i didn't do anything against them im using optifine it's not my fault that the server is lagging and my ping over 300 plz unban me i don't have money to buy a new acc look at my skyblock island im not crazy to use hax or something while i have so many thing is skyblock that i took ages to get them plz my name is Dante0527
    14. _iFuturePotato
      Hello, I heard that if Nobody has responded to my support ticket within 48 hours just send the support ticket ID to you. Well, nobody has responded to my support ticket (Over 3 days now) so here's my support ticket ID 174214. If you can could you please make sure someone gets to me quickly. Thanks
    15. AlexBellaPlayz
      Hi I got a message from you that my bug report about me getting scammed was closed! I asked many moderators if it's bannable they said yes and it's almost been 4 weeks of nothing happening! Can I get my 500K from the guy that scammed me back?
    16. ManuFloso
      Hi, in Hypixel SkyBlock i'd like to recive the item Game Breaker because I reported a bug and staff solved it. Please contact me.
      1. skyerzz
        the game breaker item can only be given out by admins , when they so choose
        Aug 16, 2019
    17. hsawires
      Hi I have purchased a 1x VIP Rank [Lifetime] as a minecraft user (Ramez) and till now I cant access the server (Failed to connect to the server). please advice. now it has been 5 days and no one is responding !!! please help
      1. _iFuturePotato
        Have you changed your username recently?
        Aug 17, 2019
      2. _iFuturePotato
        If so, sign out of your minecraft launcher and sign back in.
        Aug 17, 2019
    18. ZeinaWaleed_YT
      hello that my first convrtion in this server i join hypixel and said double losg in after that i got ban watchdog cheating and i appeals in hypixel and deniced can u tell me how i use hack reach or what??? !! and my client badlion i dont have in it any hack i have many staff in my freinds
    19. Roan
      Congratulations of 5k positive ratings :)
    20. Ninjaking312
      Is it OK for my brother and I to log onto hypixel with the same account but with different computers and different ips?
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