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If you have problems or questions with anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM! Jun 3, 2016

    1. farmxr
      What do you rate me? ;0 (if it’s over 0 I get a follow)
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      3. farmxr
        Yes I get it...
        Sep 13, 2019
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      4. Curator
        I know you got it, I just had to say it.
        Sep 13, 2019
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      5. Pe4cock
        Sep 30, 2019
    2. oliverwendtn2004
      hallo dude I've been ban for 5 years for watchdog and I can't make a ban appeal so you might get me unban because I really wanted to play on your server today
    3. Aquiferous
      Please help me get back my mats from a scammer in skyblock pleaseeee?
      1. Aquiferous
        Please can u tell him to give me back my stuff my discord id xZSHOTx#2182
        Sep 11, 2019
    4. Tiomthy
      I appealed and got denied and I think it’s because I accidental said no to accepting the rules button. I can’t apply again and I really miss hypixel and want to become active on it. Is there anything I can do?
    5. Amoura2000
      Your status is so old...
      1. skyerzz
        fits me, doesnt it?
        Sep 8, 2019
      2. Amoura2000
        Oh noes, don't say that :<
        Sep 9, 2019
        skyerzz likes this.
    6. ballj200000000007
    7. cookie_yt__
      hey so I was banned for auto clicking because I was on cps page and it said I only had 18 cps so I was like ok that's not to bad and I did a few games and got banned and I just got the badlion client today and found out that I have 30cps and it is a button on the side of my mouse that is doing it so I got rid of the mouse and bought a new one I was just wondering if you could un ban me
      1. cookie_yt__
        or can we have a chat about it on discord if so here is my discord 1wheel_cookie#5376
        Sep 8, 2019
      2. Bmonsters

        Hypixel has a team dedicated to Ban Appeals. If you would like to appeal your ban, please do so here:
        Good luck, the Appeals Teams' decision is final.
        Sep 8, 2019
    8. thebest89
      hello my name is thebest89 i got banned for cheating i was using miniplayer and a health stats mod i got banned for 300 days for cheating please unban me ill never the mod ever again
    9. Hirukim
      I was banned for not knowing and not reading the rules of mods and etc, I was using betterSprint and some pvp mods that I use, I thought I could because I saw several youtubers using and were never banned, I was banned for 30 days. the dream has always been to have original minecraft and play on hypixel there when i realize this dream because of a mod i am banned, i learned the lesson on hypixel continuation in desc
      1. Hirukim
        i will never use mod that is forbidden i didn't know that this mod was forbidden if i could disband
        Nick: Hirukim
        Sep 5, 2019
      2. Bmonsters
        Sep 6, 2019
    10. MV76_PRO
      Hi someone hacked my account idk how to back it plz help me i think i will buy new one and has a rank and good stuff so if i buy a new one can admin give me my skyblock island? plz! or help me to back my account mojang won't help me i sent to them my messge for a long time someone for 1 month and no back so if u can help me msg me in discord MV76_PRO#8192
      1. skyerzz
        You'll have to contact mojang support to get your account back, we cannot help with that
        Sep 5, 2019
    11. DiddyLox
      Happy birthday
      1. skyerzz
        It's not my birthday, but i appreciate the effort!
        Sep 5, 2019
        DiddyLox likes this.
      2. DiddyLox
        Sep 5, 2019
    12. MrJelle03
      My friend saw playing a bit of skyblock with and me and he came to visit my Island and he got glitched in the air and he could not do anythin about it so he got banned by watchdog of you would kindly help him get unbanned that would be amazing thanks
    13. KINGBOY937
      pls unban me ive learnt my leason it was 1 year ago cmon now ive sent to 1 other person and ban appeald it realy means alot i enjoyed every minute of playing on there
    14. Quipis
      skyerzz I have a friend banned on his main account for cheating his account was hacked and the person who signed on got the account banned. I and my friend were on a different game at the time because we were in a call when he was banned and were playing. his ign is boilled but when he was banned it was boill please msg me in-game so we can talk about his ban because I wish to get him unbanned. thank you and bye.
      1. skyerzz
        Sep 2, 2019
      2. Quipis
        oh, he has already appealed when he got banned like a year ago and didn't make seem real.
        Sep 2, 2019
    15. benjaminsavage
      my name is superproking101
    16. benjaminsavage
      the lever in the nether is broken and i want to collect the fairy soul its hiding can you come and fix the redstone or at the very least destroy the block thats hiding the hole
    17. Jaco_Black
      I'm rating you 5/5!
      1. skyerzz
        aw, thanks!
        Sep 1, 2019
    18. Polars2
      Hi. i was perm banned for account security and then i appealed and then it was put to 29 days and they told me to change my email, put on 2fa, and i even put on my phone number to secure my email and i put more 2fa on my minecraft account and im still banned for 29 days can you please help? my ign is beastlytuck
      1. Bmonsters

        Unfortunately, the 30 day 'cool down' period after an Account Security ban is unable to be reduced, you'll need to wait out the rest of the ban. Sorry.
        Sep 1, 2019
      2. Polars2
        thanks mini modster
        Sep 1, 2019
    19. IamAngrySoul
      Good days/night I posted so many bug reports and received none answer from anyone about them The last I posted says I cant join Skyblock because it gives me a mistake. I would really appreciate someone can look at them and give me a solution! Thanks
    20. badcps_
      hey or i will ban you i know every think about him his ign is 7yz his discord name is WhoStoleMyChips#3890 i didnt charge back he did so i dont deserve the ban so help me please check please and today i try to buy a rank im banned from the store
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