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If you have problems or questions with anything, dont hesitate to send me a PM! Jun 3, 2016

    1. 5tycost
    2. RainbowFireball
    3. RainbowFireball
      Dm me if u want to hear
    4. RainbowFireball
      I have a glitch to share
    5. Bansheelol
      I have been banned on hypixel for auto click, though it was on skyblock. I have looked over the rules and this does not break them. Because it doesn't give me an unfair advantage.
    6. lightlysalted12
      I have been banned for a month from the hypixel network for auto clicker for a month but never knew it was bannable,I have made an appeal but not gotten a response,does this mean It was denied?
    7. Gage1691
      Hi, I havn't been active in quite some time but I was banned for, Security Reasons? I appealed it and it successfully went through but I now have to wait 30 days in order to play with a few of my friends online. This is a big misunderstanding and most likely a watchdogs error as I find hacks to be not enjoyable. I would really appreciate If you could help me out.
    8. _MangoSmoothie_
      There's a hacker with the username "sslaughter" who was using speed, fly, AntiKB, and KillAura in Duels, and me and a few friends who witnessed him a bit ago all watchdog reported him, but since then he's been messaging us bragging about how he cant be caught. Was wondering if you could do something about it. I apologize if Im doing something incorrect with this report, I just saw your description and assumed.
    9. 0ooEdwardoo0
    10. AmazingBazinga
      Hi, how long does it take to get unbanned if you are innocent?
    11. DiddyLox
      Thanks for the bug rating I love you now
    12. Slender88
      Bonjour je voudrais savoir ci se serait possible de me rembourser car en prenant mon casque de dragon protector dans une item frame celui ci a disparut et il ma couté tres chère (repondez moi au plus vite j'ai un discord:Slender#1852 et des preuve: screenshot
    13. ZirronixYT
      I lost 400k because i withdraw it from my bank and got kicked... Pls give me my money back i would really appreciate it!
    14. OhRayane
      Hi. Today i Was Minding My Own Thing And I Got Kicked From Skyblock When I Joined Back I Lost 1.7 Mil From My Bank It Just Got Deleted And I Have A Proof What Should I Do To Get It Back ?
      1. ZirronixYT likes this.
    15. LLamaBoyMC
      Just lost 500k on skyblock after receiving all the money from the bank going to the dark auction and getting kicked to lobby, reloged onto skyblock and all the money is now gone, please help no helpers online!
      1. ZirronixYT likes this.
    16. Gr_ilyGenjiHK
      Hey Mod someone scammed me on hypixel skyblock .i have photos and evidence.can u help me please?
    17. emilynnn
      Do you know if there is a way to talk with hypixel staff like through dms? Because ive been having lots of problems with hypixel and its getting really frustrating.
    18. vI_SurReal_Iv
      ym friend bought me mvp++ for 1 extra month (for no reason) and he refunded it NOW IM NONE RANK WHERE IS MY MVP+!!?!?!?!?!?
    19. Stefan456789
      Hello, yesterday I got banned by watchdog for cheating, I used only NoFall in hypixel skyblock!(I swear and I wont do it again) And I got banned for four weeks! And it was my first ban ever! And when i appealed my ban it was denyed. I swear i uninstalled my hack client and i wont do it ever again! Please help me. Username: Stefan456789 (Sorry when my english is not very good my main language is german)
      1. Stefan456789
        Or can you please make my ban less violent. I am really sorry. I swear I wont cheat ever again! I was never banned on any server before please I want to play with my friend. Please! :(
        Oct 13, 2019
    20. Txcm
      Hi, do you know when skyblock will be back up and running for all the people trying to play but are ‘unable to find a skyblock server’?
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