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If you're banned, I can't help you. You should go here to make an appeal: https://hypixel.net/appeals/create - appeal decisions are final. Nov 12, 2018

    1. Endermane
      Can you pm me I have an idea for a new game mode and want some developer feedback
    2. kobti113
      i have a bug that when i am moving my mous speed goes very high i tried ti on diffrent servers and privat world in normal vanilla minecraft and it only happens on the hypixel network
    3. Minot
    4. ZMOR
      Yo. I just wanted to say. I love the stuff you are doing mate.. be sure to check some of my ideas maybe. i got some good stuff. the newer ones are much better
    5. gavigogogogo
      @Riari i thick u should delet this trend with kevincool at the top of the page and in the spoilers at the bottom of the page theres 2 spolier with him https://hypixel.net/?page=85 and pls dont ban me pls for bring him up
    6. Smn_Playz
      Hi. My name is Simon. I got banned for 30 days and i have no clue what i did, i relaxed watching youtube and playing skywars on the other screen i have no idea what i did i just got banned. My friend was also banned for 30 days and happend exatly same thing and he got unbanned. so im asking you if i coud be unbanned. ly :D
      1. Tipex__
    7. Ironspider_48
      Is there an estimated time for the skyblock maintenance?
    8. SnitchyPoo
      MVP+ but an admin heh. noice id like to friend a half rank
    9. Brano
      yo did the forums just get the database dumped?
    10. FrostGaming123
      a glitch happened and i lost 550k skyblock coins. it happened when i tried to bid on something and it said an error accured , your coins will be back to you. but it didnt give me back my coins. can you pls help?
    11. Tristan99112
      Hi, sorry to bother but I just lost my runaans bow when going from the blazing fortress to the spider's den I was just moving it from my inventory to my hot bar then it just disappeared. Please help I paid a few millions for that bow.
      1. Tristan99112
        Please answer as soon as possible
        Dec 6, 2019
    12. Mikauo_Xblade
      Hello, i am not sure if this is the place to be, but i would like to make a suggestion for skyblock. I think it would be nice if players would be able to change the spawn point of their private island using jerry. (similar as how you can move jerry, with and egg or something) This way it is easier to make nice builds where people spawn where you want them. Thanks for readin, -Mikauo_Xblade
      1. ImDying_ likes this.
    13. PrincessTrunks
      hello i just lost coins by trying to withdraw them from the bank. It was like the Halloween event it ended when i went to the spawn took my sum eye out of ah deposited it then went to withdraw some money to buy a stuff i wanted then it lagged when the Halloween reward came and i was just withdrawing money from the bank and boom its gone i looked 0 coins in the bank when i had around 4,6 mil coins please help. :(
    14. greatestmaneverrrrr
      hey recently i brought a few NFA and to play but i found out that that is useless cus the security ban ban mt alt and when i switch to my main account, it still ban me bc of security problem can u help me fix it?
      1. greatestmaneverrrrr
        and i got 2 main may i get them unbanned ?
        Nov 25, 2019
    15. 2_ted
      can you help me?
    17. SnitchyPoo
      Hi Admin Abuse? or Dev Abuse idc
    18. InSickoMode
      I was wondering if i could get my coins back, i was spamming the sirius in skyblock but i guess i didnt have enough coins, it sent me in the door and i suffocated and lost 100k coins, i have a screenshot if needed.
      1. Crafter0800
        Sep 16, 2019
    19. Crustacean33
      i cant join skyblock anymore i am getting this message when i tried to join skyblock:''something went wrong trying to send you to that server if this keeps happening please report it'' i reported the bug still haven't patched yet i cant play skyblock wich i spent so much time on it
    20. Deluze
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