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If you're banned, I can't help you. You should go here to make an appeal: https://hypixel.net/appeals/create - appeal decisions are final. Nov 12, 2018

    1. 2_ted
      can you help me?
    3. SnitchyPoo
      Hi Admin Abuse? or Dev Abuse idc
    4. InSickoMode
      I was wondering if i could get my coins back, i was spamming the sirius in skyblock but i guess i didnt have enough coins, it sent me in the door and i suffocated and lost 100k coins, i have a screenshot if needed.
      1. Crafter0800
        Sep 16, 2019
    5. Crustacean33
      i cant join skyblock anymore i am getting this message when i tried to join skyblock:''something went wrong trying to send you to that server if this keeps happening please report it'' i reported the bug still haven't patched yet i cant play skyblock wich i spent so much time on it
    6. Deluze
    7. fons001
      1. CookieBilly
        Aug 3, 2019
      2. fons001
        I did. No response yet.
        Aug 3, 2019
    8. ch1eff
      Hey, today I got banned for a security alert.I know nobody is using my account because I didn't get any alerts in my gmail.I sometimes switch between my WiFi and Ethernet so I can have less ping.I sent an appeal to support and they said I'd get unbanned in a month.Could I have gotten banned because I was changing between connections and is there a way to lift/shorten a ban because I really don't want to wait 30 days?
      1. CookieBilly
        Mojang doesn't send you email alerts if you were compromised.

        Secure your account and wait until your punishment expires.
        Aug 3, 2019
      2. ch1eff
        But I don't know why I was banned, at the time the account was only a few days old and I don't think anyone could've broken into it. I'm legit scared now that someone has access to it and I'm gonna somehow get banned again.
        Aug 10, 2019
    9. Findinq
      can you help me i got ban and my appeal pending can you help pls staff ban me cuz my minecraft freezing when waiting player for skywars they think im using new hack
    10. _MissEnjoy
      Hello, my account is banned on hypixel , i buy this account last week and the last person using this account already create an appel and doesn't get unbanned. Can u do something ? Thanks a lot.
    11. phillipkowski
      Hello, I was banned for watchdog, I was a VIP+ and played alot with no cheats installed( I don't even know how to install). My original hypixel account can't be logged into so I made a new one to create an appeal but once i typed my name in it stated that the username was already linked to another account. Please help me either log into that old account in order to appeal or somehow to be unbanned !
      1. CookieBilly
        Jul 17, 2019
    12. EnvyusPug
      Fix watchdog for it to actually be useful for 1.14 thanks! (Too many false bans) and actually, provide watchdog evidence so you don't get backlash from people. Just some advice /shrug
    13. Xthornblue
      Hi Riari, My account was blocked by the watchdog, but I didn't use the plug-in maliciously. Can you help me lift the ban? ID: Farlotte
      1. Enixa
        Look at his forum status...
        Jul 16, 2019
    14. ClueLessCoffee
      I have been trying to join skyblock for almost 24 hours now getting the same message "This game has already started! Please try again! I made a bug report and have gotten no responses to that and I want to play the game.
      1. Iqrte
        It probably means the game is full and you have to buy a rank to join the server since it's full. Sorry mate.
        Jul 10, 2019
    15. AllKnowingWhale
      Rirai Can you help me out with something important
    16. CookieBilly
      Old guild forum information display system? Nostalgic :p
    17. Maysoof
      hi i posted a thread and no one saw it so i came to you. i have some cosmetics ideas and i would be happy to say it one of them is in the thread! =D
    18. Maialino8
      hello where can I post a skyblock? Because the skyblock section is missing
    19. fghgf345245464546
      1. Messisteve
        you decided to change your name to something inappropriate. deal with the consequences
        May 22, 2019
    20. ThankfulKitty551
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