Aug 28, 2013
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Moderator | Bugs Team

    1. s2eforme
      Hello there. Just to let you know, I am coming to beat you in post counts. MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA
    2. Steven_1632
    3. Cr4zyLlama
      Please have mercy.. it was 3 years ago i understand what i did was wrong but i Will never do it again and be a very good player and do nothing wrong.. please forget about the “ban appeal deny rule” and have mercy on me please :(
    4. CrazyAaron
      Hmmmm are you truly a nerd?
    5. BavthGC
      So there's nothing I can do about a complete unfair and with literally NO GROUNDS ban? Not even complain? That's how this servers work?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. BavthGC
        dude, don't you get this is literally stealing? I just bought a membership yesterday and got banned with no grounds and nobody's taking my word. It's just ilegal. And you know as good as I do that a complain about the system isn't gonna do anything right now
        Aug 22, 2019
      3. BavthGC
        I wouldn't mind getting banned for cheating or even if I couldn't prove I wasn't cheating. But I literally can prove I wasn't and this is a mistake...
        Aug 22, 2019
      4. RapidTheNerd
        Please read through our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to remove players from the network if they break our network rules regardless of how much money they have spent. Again if you have a complaint please speak to the staff managers through the support system.
        Aug 23, 2019
    6. DontSayFricc
      can I get hypixel admin it seems cool
      1. RapidTheNerd
    7. MTTMDemon1376
      thanks for your help dude also didnt know about the mute id thing sry lol (fell asleep when u fixed it)
      1. RapidTheNerd likes this.
    8. Catalino
      Hey want to follow 4 follow? I've always wanted a staff member's follow
    9. MeleePlz
      Mega walls players would love it if you came to them yelling “THIS PLAYER HAS BEEN BANNED” that would actually make us happy and the disconnect between what we want and what staff thinks we want is real, and very unfortunate :(
      1. RapidTheNerd
        We can't just prioritise mega walls, there are many games and other areas over the network that we have to be in. We do the best we can but most people forget that we're actually volunteers and have lives outside of this position.
        Jul 4, 2019
    10. Lunar_
      Thank you for replying! <3
    11. Zack
      somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me
    12. MicrosoftWindows
      1. Catalino likes this.
      2. MicrosoftWindows
        Thank you!
        Apr 29, 2019
    13. qLime_
      in west philadelphia born and raised
    14. CoderJumbo
      always :clap: blame :clap: rapid :clap:
    15. TheCakeisALie
      There wasn't a bug
    16. MrDisliked
      thank you for replying to my thread about the server being down. i made the post so there weren’t so many people asking if the server was down. and thanks for locking it to prevent not necessary comments.
    17. LucasSport
      Rapid, Sorry to ask again but how come bans work completely fine in other housings but not mines? It's getting annoying because people are taking advantage of this like yesterday I had to keep kicking a person for 15 minutes because they were annoying other players and ban didnt even work because they were still able to join back but when I get banned from a different housing it works just fine.
    18. LucasSport
      When will bans be fixed
      1. RapidTheNerd
        Read the reply to the last post you put on here.
        Mar 15, 2019
    19. LucasSport
      Hey can you reply to the bug report
      1. RapidTheNerd
        Please be patient with us, we have a lot of reports to get through. We will always be able to review, maintain and respond to your report/queries it just may take a little bit of time due to the number of reports we get.
        Mar 11, 2019
    20. PhoenixMetzger
      Hey I got perm banned for cheats which I have never used on hypixel. I bought a tank before this happened and everything I was wondering If you could send me in a direction to help me with this? I've already tried ban appeal and it was just denied. I really want to get back on the server it's been over a year since I've been able to play. The weirdest part is it happened well I was at school.
      1. RapidTheNerd
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