Jul 4, 2013
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I'll try to get recent stuff implemented ASAP, sorry for delay just getting back from holidays and such :) Jan 4, 2019

    1. NoHacksJustVP
      can you friend my friend? his ign is plqnes plzzz
    2. Zeptora_YT
      I recently moved locations/houses and I was wondering if you could help me with some questions I have regarding ip change.
    3. RemyGN
      can u delete my Hypixel forum account please.
    4. datmd
      Hello hypixel moderator I am currently stuck in a deathloop dying every .1 seconds in skyblock, ive tried hypixel unstuck server but it does not work, can u reposition my character to my skyblock platform
    5. ToffyLoser
      hey, i accidentaly dropped my spicy aspect of the end inside the bank. can you somehow help me?
    6. Dr3gle
      hi can you help me i dropped my sword by accident and the double q pluggin didnt work in skyblock can you pls give me it back i have screen shots
    7. RobotHanzo
      Hello plancke, may I ask if taping my mouse or putting heavy stuff on my keyboard bannable
      1. negativeviibes likes this.
    8. OldMen
      Nearly 1 year ago i banned from your server . I tried clear ban at that time but it did not work . Also i think i banned for nothing , i did not cheat . ıI hope you understand me . My minecraft nicname is OldM3n . Bye Bye
    9. R4m
    10. cijaye
      Hello one plancky boi. I am here to tell you that you cannot see your upgrades / stats with the classes from the mega walls update! This is on your playerprofile and not on leaderboards. :)
      1. xNova8 likes this.
    11. futr
      Hey, on in achievements there are not ones for Skyblock
    12. Sythe334
      Hey on your website for some reason it is only showing less than half of my friends and Idk why it only shows I have about 95 friends when I count them and but 235 (my actual amount of friends) as the number on the side this is a weird bug which I have only seen happen to me.
    13. Dresik
      Hi Plancke, on your website my Mega Walls upgrades dont really match those in-game at all so I'm looking for a fix here
    14. Seafood
      Sorry if this is a wrong place to say, and sorry if its annoying for you too. I have a friend that wants to invite me to a co-op but all the co-op members must join and accept the invitation too. The problem is that one of the members is inactive, and another one is banned for a year I think. Inactive guy: koseryk Banned guy: WatchdogX Co-op name: Strawberry Co-op owner: LizlyCraft_XD_YT Thanks
    15. Valaksar
      Hey Plancke, I have a suggestion for the plancke website. Can you please add duels to the leaderboards that includes melee hit/miss ratio, win/loss ratio, wins and losses. Would be nice to see seperate leaderboards for different gamemodes. Thanks!
    16. Footbirdge
      hi plancke ,The leaderboards of uhc solo game will be stuck at this time. No matter how many people you kill and how many wins will not be counted, it has been like this for two consecutive days, so I want to ask for help because I have a lot of victories and kills. Not counted on the solo leaderboards!
    17. EagleZ
      Is joining the hypixel server and doing /discord the only way of getting invited? I wanted to join it but I got banned so i cant join the server ;-; (I wanted to join to talk with a staff member as i cant talk with one in the forums)
      1. Pleb
        Aug 6, 2019
    18. TBNRDino550
    19. HVRSkyblock
      Hello Plancke, do you think we can set up a quick call on discord regarding some business relations between Hypixel Network & Hytale? Javen#1584
    20. IEatSpleens
      Hey, on, I can’t seem to find quests completed for specific players, only in the leaderboard Edit:: Found it nvm
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