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Customer Support, Banning Haxors

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Customer Support


Customer Support Agent for the Hypixel Network. Contact us at https://support.hypixel.net! Jun 2, 2018

    1. Zarkiee
      Hey pjoke my ticket has been unsolved for over a month now my ticket ID is 173783 can you look at it please
    2. Anticz
      Ich wollte fragen warum man wenn man sich den VIP Rang kaufen will seine Adresse angeben muss?? Finde ich ein bisschen merkwürdig. Ich hoffe du kannst mir schnell antworten Vielen Dank LG Anticz
    3. adbo
      PJ! You're admin too now?! Congrats!
      1. PJoke1 likes this.
    4. orioncraft90
      Good morning, Please help me i get banned for nothing !!!! I don't understand, i don't have any cheat on my game !!!!!!
      1. Bmonsters

        If you want to appeal your punishment, you can do so here: https://hypixel.net/appeals where the Ban Appeals team will view your punishment and make a final decision on whether you will be unbanned or not.
        Sep 9, 2019
    5. badcps_
      hey please help me i get banned for chargeback i create a ticket support 14 days before and i have no reponse please help ticket id : 179044
    6. KINGBOY937
      pls unban me ive learnt my leason it was 1 year ago cmon now ive sent to 1 other person and ban appeald it realy means alot i enjoyed every minute of playing on there
    7. Thometz
      Hey Pjoke! I was wondering if you could please take a look at my support ticket. its been over a month since I sent it in, and I would really love to play on Hypixel.
      1. Bmonsters

        Due to the recent surge in players on the Network, the Customer Support aspect of the server wasn't ready unfortunately meaning that you will need to expect delays on your response. Hopefully it will be soon though :D
        Sep 2, 2019
        Thometz likes this.
    8. AntiRix
      Hi PJoke1, important message in your PMs; please address asap
    9. w1nst0n
      About to post on this profile? This mad lad has the most helpful and detailed responses to support tickets... if you’re about to say that a reply to your ticket is LATE... give it some time! Only bump your ticket every month. The support team is very busy with the recent increase in players, so it only makes sense to give them some leeway in terms of response time!
      1. PJoke1 likes this.
    10. TalkedHydra3495
      Hey Pjoke1 I knew u review my conversation on the hypixel support team can u plz help me with it and resolve it plz
    11. Nieo
      Hello this may sound like I’m just trying to get a free rank but I actually lost my mvp+ rank and I have all the emails sent to me saying I have bought the rank and all my stats have also been reset I have bought the rank on the 12th of August and I can send screenshots of my order receipt my ign is ToiiletPaper and if u want me to give any more proof I have it all this is my conversation Id:174314
    12. Klevyke
      It says I can't appeal because I m not banned. But if I want to go up and play it, I'm banned forever. Is this something that can be solved? Klevyke
      1. Aemmo
        This most likely means you have already appealed that punishment and it was rejected. Unfortunately, appeal decisions are final, therefore your punishment will not be revoked.
        Aug 16, 2019
    13. Filbert1984
      Hey so I was banned on Hypixel, believe its a 4 week for cheating? I'm not entirely sure. The only problem is, I don't think i've ever been on Hypixel. If i have, it would of been years ago. i submitted an appeal but it got rejected, saying i may of been indirectly cheating. I only have 4 days left on it so it's not a big deal, but it just seems like somethings wrong.
      1. Aemmo
        Appeal decisions are final, therefore your punishment will not be revoked.
        Aug 16, 2019
    14. Advairules10
      PJoke1 I changed my atack keybind to attack and got banned can you help
    15. FiXZD
      Hey, im on a bugged server in skyblock, I cant tp out of it, please help.
    16. coppycat
      so I was making a farm for endermen and for bones but when I placed a minion it only placed the head only and it counted as a minion and I destroyed it and the head when to the hoppers and despawn so now I cant place a minion plz help
    17. natfre
      hi I have been banned on the server and did an appeal but it got decline is there any way in getting a new appeal or am i banned on the server forever now?
      1. Aemmo
        Appeal decisions are final, therefore your punishment will not be revoked.
        Aug 16, 2019
    18. ReelMC
      hey PJoke1 I have sent in a reply on my support ticket sir
      1. Salaminops2000 likes this.
    19. ReelMC
      Hey PJoke1 not sure if your one of the Admins that looks over support tickets but I have made one and would like to have an asnwer as soon as I possibly could pls and thank you!
    20. EagleZ
      Hello good sir, could I talk with you in a private chat about a problem I'm having? Thanks for reading.
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    Customer Support, Banning Haxors


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