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Customer Support, Banning Haxors

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Customer Support


Customer Support Agent for the Hypixel Network. Contact us at https://support.hypixel.net! Jun 2, 2018

    1. yaboiafraid
      dang I still remember when you were helper, quit 2 yrs ago when you were mod and now your admin
    2. pzp_
      please respond my support ticket!
    3. ItsGosho
      21th day my sister TinaBG is waiting a response in the support! I`m really disappointed!
    4. Apple_iPwn_U
      PJoke1, My friend on skyblock left the island and cannot join back because of the 48 hour wait time, is there any way you can add him back for me? I also suggest to remove the 48 hour wait time because i dont think its necessary. thanks!
    5. peqazarvatif
      Bruder ich hab gelesen das du deutscher bist und naja ich warte seid 6 Monaten auf eine Antwort auf mein Profil und das bugs Team antwortet einfach nicht - kannst du mir weithelfen danke
    6. mugman6324
      Hi remember my issue with the store? We'll i wanted to know why did you close it?
    7. ItsGosho
      Today my sister is waiting her 15th day to get a response from your support team.Great job!
    8. YaSyTeQ
      hi dear helper and man, I apologize for using cheats, unban me please, I just almost filled the gold division and I was banned, I deleted the mods and deleted the cheats, thank you very much for your understanding! I promise I won’t play with cheatam anymore
    9. ItsGosho
      It says that you will respond within the 48 hours last time I waited 11 days ,now my sister is still waiting her 5th day for your response in the support.hypixel.net ...
      1. Crimsidian likes this.
      2. ItsGosho
        6th day and counting...
        Jan 7, 2020
    10. preston20078
      hello I was trying to buy vip and it said I was banned from the store even though it was my fist time ever trying to buy anything can you help or tell me who to talk to, to get help.
      1. HypixxelExpert
        Jan 2, 2020
    11. vI_SurReal_Iv
      and just griefed me i worked sooo hard for those Things and now they're gone i may aswell just quit skyblock cause you cna't give me anything back and do i really want to work day and night to get those back. NO! so i ask you, please, im so mad and i can't just let them get the cheese and get away With it.
    12. vI_SurReal_Iv
      my Coop just took all my enchanted lava buckets, all my super compactors and alot of my minions, it was like 13super compactors, 13 enchanted lava buckets and 3minions, it was very expensive minions tho, oh and i know what Your gonna say to this, Your gonna say please make a report ticket and no it won't change anything he used MY Money to buy him good stuff
    13. gavigogogogo
      @PJoke1 i got mvp++ for 1 month and i thinck it past 1 month and i think its keep charging me agning avy month now. can u speak to me about it pls tk by hope u could help or anothre admin could pls help
    14. MosTKillerman
      hi, i have a huge problem, i explain on skyblock, a few time after the spooky event, my inventory was totaly gone i try a lot to conctact support to recover the biggest of this clear i have totaly no reponse about this, that's a shame. how to recover or totaly refund my MVP ? because it's not normal to support this thank you
    15. Hoodpipe
      Hast eine PN wegen eines Bug/Problems
    16. juano0611
      Pleaaaaaaaaasee, I'm trying to make someone help me and no one answer the things that I write since months ago, please. I was banned and I have no idea of what is the state of my appealing, I made it a few months ago. No one answer me
    17. Feyenoord
      Could you please check my PM with you, I really need you, thanks in advance
      1. CIloOnYT
        He’s is probably busy all the time due to the Skyblock community being toxic I guess? Idk how to desribe it
        Dec 2, 2019
    18. wiljoda
      Hola muy buenas tardes o noches. Le quiero avisar que estoy banned de su server y yo recien me doy cuenta porque esta cuanta la compre hace unos dias y no me dejo entrar nunca y el dueño nunca me dijo que esta banned mi name : Darkknighs
    19. IvandaKing11
      Sooooooo, a long time ago I was banned for security reasons. I followed all the rules and such afterwards but I didn't respond to the person messaging me so now I can't submit another ban appeal. Yes I changed my password, and I think I know why I was banned in the first place. I was at my little cousins bday and we were playing on our pc's and on the same network. Weird stuff happend and we both got banned.
    20. awesomeBlade226
      I was told I would get feedback for my ban appeal within 48 hours and it has now been 73 hours with no response, I'm not impressed by the lack of monitoring done on this website and for that I will be looking into this issue with any feedback you may give me to help my search for answers.
      1. CIloOnYT
        Hypixel staff has been busy all the time so wait patiently and one day you will get unbanned :)
        Dec 2, 2019
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    Customer Support, Banning Haxors


    Customer Support Agent - Contact us at https://support.hypixel.net
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