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Pizzarator | Moderator

Hey guys, I got demoted the other day for inactivity. It's been a fun last 40 or so months on the team but eventually everything must end. Jan 14, 2020

    1. PizzaPockets
      Hey guys, I got demoted the other day for inactivity. It's been a fun last 40 or so months on the team but eventually everything must end.
      1. SimonCowell and xMdb like this.
      2. SimonCowell
        Thanks for always being such a great moderator and a friendly guy. You will definetly be missed.
        Feb 5, 2020
        Ferrothorn88 likes this.
    2. TimenTale
      Hello sir.SO I bought your bandle 4 with the hypixel GOLD and i got EVERYTHING without the GHOST COMPANION.Please I want my ghost companion or refund the gold.I can show u I have the bundle things without the GHOST COMPANION.If you want to help please contact me.Thank you :3 <3
    3. JacobM937
      Hey can we please talk in a DM or discord or something, it is really important and I need help with something. Add me on discord please. I am Dank Boy#7245
    4. LikeClean
      ples unban me i got banned fdor 1 year for no reason i was brigdeing to a island mid way trough i got banned :(
    5. Cam
      Can I eat you?
      1. PizzaPockets
        nu pls
        Aug 22, 2019
        Cam likes this.
    6. LovelyKitty551
      Your username makes me hungry ;-;
      1. PizzaPockets likes this.
    7. NoHacksJustVP
    8. PizzaPockets
      add stonk rating
      1. Cam and WaningMatrix like this.
      2. Cam
        No add pizza rating!
        Aug 21, 2019
      3. FlexSealKittee
        I agree with both of these
        Nov 14, 2019
        Cam likes this.
    9. SquishySenpai
      I have a question: I bought MVP++ Like 10 minutes ago is it true it take 3 hours to update my rank on forums and IG?
    10. Kift
      "PizzaPockets"...."Pizzarator." Oh got it. You have pockets full of pizzas and you rate them. incredible
    11. Ayeza
      hawt name all the staff are so hawt tf
    12. LavaBucketGamer
      I've never seen a name so beautiful lol
      1. PizzaPockets likes this.
      2. King_of_ducks
        Thank you kind sir
        Jun 23, 2019
        SalazarsRevenge likes this.
    13. MicrosoftWindows
    14. xBloodyPanda
      Wowers, no time no writing on your profile :o. So I have heard about Pizzas in pockets. Can you store pockets in pizzas? That would be so useful.
      1. PizzaPockets
        May 18, 2019
        xBloodyPanda likes this.
      2. xBloodyPanda
        Sorry, I'm tired so I really don't know what I am typing. With "no time" I meant "long time" lol. How are you actually?
        May 18, 2019
    15. BenjiRTP
      set the status to @Saffio loves TCM
      1. King_of_ducks
        No. He should never update his status like me with my 2015 status
        May 16, 2019
    16. unrash
      once i had a hot pocket in my actual pocket and my friend tripped me and it started pouring out.
      1. PizzaPockets
        May 11, 2019
    17. Stefw1
      Hello PizzaPockets, I am banned for no reason . I think there was somebody who logged in on my account and used hacks because I am banned for hacking but I never used hacks and I totally want to play on you're server because all my friends are playing on Hypixel. I already tried a ban appeal but I didn't got an answer. Can you please take this ban away?
      1. auggiie
        Hey. You may have to wait for awhile for your ban appeal to be answered, you have to be patient.
        May 15, 2019
      2. Stefw1
        I appealed it 3 months ago. Nobody reacts to me
        Jun 3, 2019
    18. theseal12
      Hello :) staff has yet to reviewed any of my ”report rule breakers” threads. I’ve made four so far and all of them are unchecked. I was wondering why this is and if you can ask someone to look at them :D
      1. FunkyPickle3
        posting here wont speed it up and actually reduces the chances it'll be reviewed
        Apr 29, 2019
      2. theseal12
        I didnt say i wanted them to speed up the process i was just wondering if staff is taking a break since none of my post had bern revowed for quite some time compared tp the usual time
        Apr 29, 2019
      3. theseal12
        Also how would it reduce the chances... where from do you refrence this knowledge i would really want to know provide a link if u can
        Apr 29, 2019
    19. Imogenary
      Opinion on Pineapple Pizza? :'D
      1. memer1 likes this.
    20. Gabby_Craft
      A pocket full of pizza
      1. memer1 likes this.
      2. PizzaPockets
        Apr 14, 2019
        Gabby_Craft likes this.
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