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Aug 3, 2014
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New York
College Student

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Been fairly busy with college life, but overall am waiting on the heads up when the update starts getting worked on. Sep 28, 2019

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Nov 22, 2019 at 1:45 AM
    1. Piano
      Been fairly busy with college life, but overall am waiting on the heads up when the update starts getting worked on.
      1. galactus, ImWithSmart, Trivin and 2 others like this.
      2. Kift
        Best of luck with college life, Piano. Wish you the best
        Sep 29, 2019
        Piano and Briqht like this.
      3. Trivin
        best of luck
        Oct 1, 2019
    2. Trivin
      piano is a living deity
      1. Kift likes this.
    3. Bakura1
      You have a lot of staff ratings.
      1. Caleb
        Not really lol
        Aug 12, 2019
    4. Bakura1
    5. Piano
      While the MW update is in the works, I've been playing Starfighter Infinity a bunch on steam. Highly recommend the game.
      1. Briqht likes this.
    6. DoubleYouPanda
      Is adding weekly lead boards and monthly lead boards going to be added from what you know? (Asked here cus don’t want to make a thread)
      1. Piano
        Yeah, that's planned for phase 3.
        Aug 4, 2019
        DoubleYouPanda likes this.
    7. NetherNitre
      Sing us a song, you're the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well, we're all in the mood for a melody And you've got us feelin' alright
      1. Bakura1 likes this.
    8. Enixa
      wanna join my forums guild
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Enixa
        Joshua and PostFarmer found it with me
        Jul 24, 2019
      3. Piano
        still no
        Jul 24, 2019
      4. Enixa
        well i guess you have your own
        Jul 24, 2019
    9. Piano
      Got to level 173, nearing 7x.
      1. Kift likes this.
      2. Kift
        wow nice :o, also sick ign dude
        Jul 24, 2019
    10. BlakSoul
      just wondering, ik if i shift in spider i have the old leap system but there is some chance to get a option that without shift get the old leap system and shifting the new? (normally forget shift and fail)( Im good with old system but dont have the time to practice, im asking muxch??? just wondering in jumos you just cant shfht and go too large distance wiyh old like before, i say by this
      1. Piano
        Jul 19, 2019
        BlakSoul likes this.
      2. BlakSoul
        my bad, nice
        Jul 20, 2019
    11. Piano
      huh, have 6 days of battle pass mvp++ cool
    12. Stracciatella
      i want your ign :)
      1. Piano
        I'm keeping my IGN, thanks.
        Jul 9, 2019
    13. Piano
      Well I just hit level 172, so closing in on 7x.
      1. MrEevee7 likes this.
    14. Piano
      1. MrEevee7 and Traw like this.
    15. CqlaBear
      Are the costs of prestige's going to be lower or are they going to stay the same?
      1. Piano
        They're going to stay the same, we won't be modifying coin values for prestiges as we aren't planning any form of coin reclaim.
        Jun 30, 2019
    16. Piano
      Playing mafia significantly boosts your post count, wow.
      1. MrEevee7 and CanadianAirForces like this.
    17. ShinkoNet
      whats ur discord name/id?
    18. Piano
      Huh, hit 9,000 agrees recently. Must've missed that.
      1. MrEevee7 and logslogslogs like this.
    19. Croatia
      okay, so what's happening to legendary skins? I don't understand what shelving means. Are they not getting added or are they not going to get released for a while?
      1. MrEevee7 likes this.
      2. Piano
        We're going to keep it at 14 F/A as the requirement for legendary, and shelve the idea of CP-related achievements/skins for a later update or something extra if we have the capability. But likely it would be for sometime after the current update that's planned.
        Jun 10, 2019
        MrEevee7 likes this.
    20. Burrows
      1. Jovihi likes this.
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      3. Piano
        The level situation is beyond my control entirely, it's an internal matter. I will still be trying to come up with alternatives to deal with hackers, but a level minimum is not on the table.
        May 30, 2019
      4. Burrows
        Right, I feel like that wasn’t clarified enough, thanks anyway for looking into it.
        May 30, 2019
      5. Oculism
        Please give us a reasonable explanation as to why the level minimum will not work.
        Jun 24, 2019
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    Home Page:
    New York
    College Student
    Hello, my name is Piano. I'm a well-known forum member of this community. You will most likely see me within Mega Walls as of late, but I may appear every so often in other minigames. I'm proud to have donated with the intention to support the server, by purchasing my VIP rank. I'm proud that I've not used any personal benefits in the game for almost 4 years. I'm not one who likes 'memes' or somewhat inappropriate jokes, so if any of your posts are deleted on my profile, it is most likely for that reason. Besides that, have a nice day.

    Helper from April 25th 2015 @2:00PM to May 14th 2015 @7:00PM.
    I was demoted for 'inappropriate conduct' while on duty (as in, I was quick to say messages of annoyance in chat if I died in blitz, nothing major nor was there anything that broke any chat rules or related). That and there was one case with an old rival guild conflict that came back when I was staff.

    How I acted back then does not reflect how I act now.

    Critical BSG Guild Member from March 14th, 2015 @7:00 PM to June 9th, 2015 @9:30 PM.
    Balanced MW Guild "Honorary Member" from June 8th, 2015 @7:00 PM to June 9th, 2015 @5:15 AM.
    Balanced MW Guild Member from June 9th, 2015 @5:15 AM
    to June 31st, 2015.

    @Mew's Guild Member from July 15th, 2015 to September 19th, 2015 @3:00 PM.
    Off The Scene Member from September 19th, 2015 @3:30 PM to December 12th, 2015 @12:00 PM.
    Off the Scene Officer from December 12th, 2015 @12:00 PM to January 12th, 2016 @3:30 PM.

    Smite Guild Officer from January 12th, 2016 @5:00 PM to July 1st, 2016 @12:00 PM.

    Oops Guild Member from July 1st, 2016 @12:00 PM to August 21st, 2016 @9:30 AM.
    Eridanos Guild Member from August 25th, 2016 @10:30 AM to January 19th, 2017 @10:30 PM.
    Sass Guild Member from January 19th, 2017 @10:30 PM to February 6th, 2017 @9:00 PM.
    Meme Machine Guild Member since February 8th, 2017 @6:00PM to May 7th, 2017 @4:30PM.

    Currently the Guild Owner of The Ensemble. Created December 30th, 2017 @2:00 PM.

    64th Tim X [3.0x]
    28,000 Kills
    1,900 Solo Wins

    Smash Level: 477
    16,000 Kills
    2,400 Wins

    Prestige 4 Shoop [5/24/16]
    5th Prestige 3 Green Hood [8/29/16]
    4th Prestige 4 Green Hood [9/30/16]
    Prestige 5 Green Hood [8/11/17]

    Prestige I


    Prestige III

    Prestige I

    Fully Maxed Shop

    Other info:
    I have friend requests disabled, but direct messages in game are open. If I know you from in game or in the forums, I might add you as a friend, depending on situation.

    Generally a Solo player, and striving to not have any personal bias for classes. My goal is primarily to get every class or kit up to a usable level before focusing on any one class, so I can experience and compare the power of each class without "picking favorites". That's why in a lot of cases, my stats are somewhat lower than others.

    Official changes which I helped with in MW Pre-HPC:
    -The Class Weighting based Team Balancer that was implemented in February 2016.
    -Base Coin nerf for kills and assists within enemy spawns.
    -Helped in balancing discussions for Herobrine in December 2016.
    -Buffing coins in your base by a 2x factor.

    Part of the Hypixel Player Council since 8/19/2018.

    Forum Achievements:
    Reached 1,000 posts [12/15/14]
    Reached 1,500 posts [1/21/15]
    Reached 2,000 posts [2/25/15]
    Reached 3,000 posts [4/25/15]
    Reached 4,000 posts [7/16/15]
    Reached 5,000 posts [8/14/15]
    Reached 6,000 posts [9/14/15]
    Reached 7,000 posts [10/21/15]
    Reached 8,000 posts [11/21/15]
    Reached 9,000 posts [1/2/16]
    Reached 10,000 posts [2/5/16]
    Reached 11,000 posts [3/28/16]
    Reached 12,000 posts [4/24/16]
    Reached 13,000 posts [6/9/16]
    Reached 14,000 posts [9/24/16]
    Reached 15,000 posts [12/18/16]
    Reached 16,000 posts [6/3/18]
    Reached 17,000 posts [5/24/19]
    Received 1,000 positive ratings [1/13/15]
    Received 2,000 positive ratings [2/15/15]
    Received 2,500 positive ratings [3/7/15]
    Received 3,000 positive ratings [3/22/15]
    Received 4,000 positive ratings [3/27/15]
    Received 5,000 positive ratings [4/14/15]
    Received 6,000 positive ratings [5/8/15]
    Received 8,000 positive ratings [6/24/15]
    Received 9,000 positive ratings [7/9/15]
    Received 10,000 positive ratings [8/4/15]
    Received 15,000 positive ratings [10/27/15]
    Received 17,000 positive ratings [11/26/15]
    Received 20,000 positive ratings [1/2/16]
    Received 30,000 positive ratings [9/1/16]
    Received 40,000 positive ratings [1/18/19]
    Received 1,000 likes [1/13/15]
    Received 2,000 likes [3/8/15]
    Received 3,000 likes [3/24/15]
    Received 5,000 likes [5/17/15]
    Received 7,000 likes [7/16/15]
    Received 9,000 likes [9/6/15]
    Received 10,000 likes [10/3/15]
    Received 12,000 likes [11/8/15]
    Received 15,000 likes [1/5/16]
    Received 18,000 likes [4/18/16]
    Received 20,000 likes [8/14/16]
    Received 1,000 agrees [6/12/15]
    Received 4,000 agrees [3/5/16]
    Received 5,000 agrees [5/12/16]
    Received 6,000 agrees [9/1/16]
    Received 7,000 agrees [11/16/16]
    Received 7,500 agrees [12/24/16]
    Received 8,000 agrees [2/5/17]
    Received 9,000 agrees [6/13/19]

    VIP+ was gifted by @sykese on 12/30/2017.

    Updated 6/13/2019.


    Network Level 170 ---- MW HPC ---- 6,600 Achievement Points
    Mega Walls Goals: Pres IV Arcanist {253k / 750k}
    Pres IV Creeper {0k / 1,750k} ---- Third Pres IV {0k / 2,000k}
    Blitz Survival Games Goals: Armorer X {732k / 1,000k}

    Tim X, Armorer IX, Hunter IX & Spel IX in Blitz SG. ---- Archer VII in Skyclash. ---- 80 Paladin & Shaman in Warlords.
    Prestige III Arcanist, Prestige I Creeper & Hunter in MegaWalls. ---- P4 Shoop & P5 Green Hood in Smash Heroes.
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