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Retired Pizzarator

Back in action! Feb 1, 2018

    1. JoanHyp_
      Hi, i need help! My appeal was denied and i think that is not fair.
    2. ThatsW0lfy
    3. Kartya-
      <| free pizza
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    4. CanadianLunaPogi
    5. TheOtherJam
      totinos totinos
      1. TheOtherJam
        how did you know
        Jun 28, 2018
    6. CalebYT_MC
      Hello I hope your having an amazing day:D (If possible could you get on hypixel for a screenie) ;P
    7. mymiddlenameisgarbage
      Hot Pockets are better
    8. _Sergiio_
      how is it going today neno? ;)
    9. Philip96
      Yo! I got perm banned.. i dont know what to do i apealed and they denied. I realy want to play on hypixel and i wont use any modifications. I dont even know why and how i got banned, first a bridge mod for a month then directly when i tried to connect with just optifine it said i was perm banned. Help please i beg you!
    10. Llamas_
      Hi. I don't know if you are the right person to go to for this, but there is a user named Logancrafter123. He has been in many alts, but he often acts rude or obnoxious and likes to get into flame wars in the Smash Heroes forums. He was called Lumbercraft before, but i'm just letting you know so if he does something rude or obnoxious you could potentially block him
    11. IndyJacksonTT
      I had my account permanently banned for using blacklisted modifications, I have never hacked any server in my life. I've also never played on hypixel before. You could check my profile on planet minecraft (I'm sure you're familiar with that site), I'm no hacker.
    12. ItzWolfZTakuBW
      Hey plz help i got ban for no reason! im just jitter/dragclicking and someone report me when im appealing hypixel denied me and he say im using autoclicker! can u help me plz? and i have the vid proof on youtube! go check out : ItzWolfZTakuBW
    13. Des
      Hello! How are you?
    14. BreeZaps
      i like pizza
      1. TangJin, SirFrasier and Neno_ like this.
    15. 0ms
      I got false banned for hacking and appealed, I got denied soon afterwards. I know there isn't any point in saying unban me because there is the same saying: "Appeals teams decisions are final. Also, appeals are only for the innocent. And Hypixel only perm bans after the second or third offense. You've had chances to learn your lesson." Do I stay banned forever?
      1. Des
        May 25, 2018
      2. 0ms
        basically until the end of time?
        May 25, 2018
      3. TheOtherJam
        permanent means permanent
        Jun 28, 2018
    16. Blitzle
      1. Neno_
        Pizzarator! reporting for duty!
        May 15, 2018
        Blitzle likes this.
      2. Blitzle
        Now I want pizza =- =
        May 17, 2018
    17. FINMIKUZ
      I need to get on hypixel and i have hacked almost 3 years ago and i have perma so i cant appeal anymore so can you unban me? i have been banned before and im now 12 and mineplex is too easy so i need a good server and i understand why not hack so i wont ever touch hacks even if i dont get unbanned...- or can i buy unbans somewhere?
      1. PacificMC
        Appeals teams decisions are final. Also, appeals are only for the innocent. And Hypixel only perm bans after the second or third offense. You've had chances to learn your lesson. Also, Hypixel can't sell unbans. You can check out why here in my thread
        May 14, 2018
        Neno_ likes this.
    18. iaweiss
      A mod told me to appeal when i already did now my friend wants to come over and play hypixel and it would be embarrassing if he found out i was thinking what if depending on the ban appeal it they could shorten down the ban based on if the appeal was good or not I am perm banned so i spent about $60 on this server i will even spend more if i was down to a monthly ban thanks for reading this and i also just lost MVP++
    19. WouterVI
      Hello everyone. I'd like to ask you guys something. Is this where you write your appeal if you got banned or something? Because a friend of mine really wants to know. He got banned for speedbuilding so you get why. If not so, pls tell me where he can write an appeal and if it is even possible to come back on to the server. The in-game name of my friend is Basniwa07. Thx for your understandment, WouterVI
      1. AquaHeart_
        May 11, 2018
      2. WouterVI
        Well he didnt hack so, he is innocent. So he doesn´t deserve it
        I was sitting next to him when he got banned.
        May 19, 2018
      3. WouterVI
        So does he have to appeal himself or what? Can he already join Hypixel again? He really wants to get back online, because there arent any other good servers.
        Jun 1, 2018
    20. Vqlue
      Hello I just want to say thanx for your awesome work you are doing on the hypixel appeals team. Good job keep it up :)
      1. AquaHeart_ and Neno_ like this.
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