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Back in action! Feb 1, 2018

    1. Ishaan231
      I hope I can get unbanned, 2 years ago watchdog perm banned me for using an auto clicker, I appealed twice.. the first time I explained what happened and how I didn’t have any auto clicker,and it denied, then after the reset I applied again
    2. Ishaan231
      ,but this time I lied and said I did have an auto clicker in hopes that they thought I was lying in the first appeal, but there was no luck it was denied, If you could unban me I swear that Ihave no hacks and I will positively contribute to this community
    3. Destiny9274
      Excuse me Neno_ Could you help me out with a wrongful ban that has been inflicted upon me? It was a Watchdog ban and it was dished upon me unfairly.
    4. zombiemark1234
      i need help with a ban appeal that got denied can you pls help me
    5. Spirit_Wolfy
      Hey, i need help with a ban appeal that got denied for something i haven't done. I have evidence and i cannot ban appeal again. Please message me and ill show you the evidence i have gathered up. I would really appreciate it because i really don't want to wait a year to get back onto the server for something i have not done.
    6. CoolJordan64
      I need help with a denied ban appeal. Its been some years and I really want to get back on the server.
    7. EGA_Matsu
      i need help.
    8. DanishGamer2K
      Hey mate, can you msg me i need some help :D
    9. xDeneyKurdu
      Hello, I am trying to appeal my ban for about 3 years. I think I was banned unfairly. My internet connection was very bad (like 1000ms delay). I have tried a lot of way to appeal my ban but they didn't worked. Can you help me? I am not guilty,
    10. RoothLachapell
      My ban appeal was denied. help me please I didn't notice bridge mod in my mod folder but i didn't use in hypixel and hypixel games i use that before only my single play i'm already delete bridge mode now.. but i can't appeal again i swear i didn't use bridge hack in hypixel server please help me to unban me.. my ban ID is #D7BD2714 and my in game name is 'RoothLachapell'
    11. TechnoHalo
      Please I Got Banned I Tried To Appeal But They Denied So Please Help Me I Know What I Did Was Wrong But People Doughting Me About Not Being Good Just Bugged Me So I Got Better With Hacks And I Know This Was Wrong But Imagine People Never Inviting You To A Party And Imediatle Kicking You.So Please Help Me
    12. Noah_3479
      I was banned a while back for using cheats, and I tried to appeal for a banned saying sorry for what I did (which was use xray a long time ago) but it told me I was banned like a week before logging on and i hadnt logged on in months before I saw I was banned
      1. Runejoe67 likes this.
    13. killer_men
      my friend cant send a ban appeal , can you please content him trough discord , discord name is RoXen#7011 ty
    14. red_dragon_06
      I posted a ban appeal and it got denied what do i do now? I got banned for flying and i actually didn't fly Please help me old name:red_dragon_06 new name:volkanaybar old user name:weaponaa ban appeal red_dragon_06 (ban ID: 86140065).r
    15. thecatgamer_12
      can i have mod i am waiting to apply for staff pls can you give it to me i swear i would apply or just trial
    16. BonnieTheWolf
      My account got hacked and then minutes later, I receive my account and got banned on hypixel for watchdog.
    17. MosaabBdh
      هلى نينو أنا عربي و مسلم أرجووك أرجووك أنا آسف شغلت هاك في هايبكسل أنا جد أسف و الله أحسن سيرفر تعدبت لكي أشتري في اي بي الله يرحم والديك حيدلي الباا ن أسمي في اللعبة : iiMosaab_
      1. Ssnakee
        أعتقد أنك ربما ثمل مثل أي شخص آخر أيضا أنا أستخدم ترجمة جوجل لذلك ليس لدي أي فكرة عما كانت هذه الجملة كتبته لأنه أفسد بضع كلمات ولكنني أحصل على هذه الفكرة. هل هو حظر بيرم؟
        Dec 22, 2018
    18. Nakedderpyman
      Hi. My ban appeal has just been denied, WITHOUT any meaningful reason or whatsoever, My ban is #C5A97C0F and it says that I created a build or drawing which is not allowed on the server. Even though I didn't create one, I am insisting that is the player JessicaWifi. I am trying to get rid of it. But there is no helpful answer of how I get rid of it.
      1. Ssnakee
        not a clue what to do in that case guess ur screwd like the rest of us
        Dec 22, 2018
        FMinus likes this.
    19. Cleeps
      Hey Neno_ I would like to know if this guy called Wedgeetable was banned (I don't its spelled like that but, something like that) One time in bedwars 2v2v2v2 Right after I got 2 pieces of iron he suddenly appeared at my island and broke my bed. Thanks! :)
      1. ThatsW0lfy
        Moderators aren't allowed to give this out because of privacy. sry
        Nov 1, 2018
        Cleeps likes this.
    20. Cleeps
      Hey, I have a question do Helpers, Moderaters, and Admins Play games? Seems like I have never seen a good bedwars Moderater or Helper player.
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