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    1. Yoong_Jin
      Hello, I just recently got banned by watchdog detection and my recent appeal also got denied. I don't have any macros or binds on my mouse/keyboard, nor do I use any external programs to play Minecraft. The only modifications that I ever used were from the badlion client, which I have removed: I don't know where to go from here, this is my first ever offense and I need your help. Thanks
    2. kraftland
      Hello there... Well i've got banned years ago for watchdog detection and I'posted appeal but that was denyed... I can't send any more appeals and that last I sent year ago... I'd like to play on Hypixel ever again :(... I won't hack anymore. I understood by this I don't have to...
    3. AldiWifi
      hi there I recently got banned for using an auto-clicker when I indeed wasn't. I sent a ban appeal but it got denied and them saying that I was using "modifications not allowed on the server". I sent them proof (youtube video) aswell but they still denied it Thank you and I hope you will get back to me Proof:
    4. kingjordygIsMyMCName
      Hi, I got banned around 4 years ago for self promoting a website that dosent exist saying " sub to me " cause me friend dared me to, instantly got banned, my username is kingjordyg, and I've played Hypixel for along time before I got banned, I understand if you dont believe me, but please help I really love that server, thanks! :D
    5. 016Hiro
      Hi I'm 016Hiro , I'm here wanting to talk about my watchdog ban i got over a few years ago for using an autoclicker. I created an appeal admitting that i was indeed hacking and I was denied. I knew i was in the wrong when writing the appeal but i gave it my all in trying to get appeal and I was wanting to know if you can see into my case and give me a chance to prove myself. - rOm3x
    6. Dzomble
      everyone talking about appeal denied so do i, i was banned for hacking and i admit it but when i hacking i only 7~8 years old, yes im 12 yr now is there anychance to get unban? i think not but at least try it
    7. PoZ_Soul
      Hey I was banned for 4 weeks, 2 days on Augest the 17th, it has been nearly a month and theres still 22 days left.
    8. NegusMaster69
      @Neno_ I am currently banned for "watchdog detection" even though I wasn't cheating. I was banned before and accepted it as I was using "illegal" modifications, but this time I wasn't cheating! I even cleared my pc of all "regedit" modifications before I joined the server as I heard it can result in a ban. I wrote an appeal but it automatically got denied. If you can, please look in to this, thanks in advance.
    9. TheBeave
      hi @Neno_ i was watch dog banned a couple of years ago and i didn't play minecraft after that and i am asking if you could go ahead and see whats the problem i showed proof and i have stopped hacking i hope to be unbanned i really miss playing on the server not that there is skyblock i really wanna play it but i can't because i am banned hopefully you see this and look into my ban appeal thanks and have a good day
    10. Mabe51
      Good Morning, @Neno_ hope you see this, i need a little help with my case, i appeal a ban 2 or 3 years ago bc i got false banned for the WATCHDOG, back in those days i had a really bad internet so i was always lagged in the server, one day without alert it says that i was permantly banned for no reason!!, hope you can see this and try to help me at least to get a 2nd chance to appeal
    11. lilyay
      Hi @Neno_ I need a unban for cheating i was ip ban but that was two years ago and i was wondering if i can get a unban I have want to play ur game once a again umm u can email me at [email protected] and the account i want to be unban is lilyay or tbnrico i dont know if its by the name u banned it on or the something like that but i want to be unban ill be so happy to be unban thank u so much !
    12. Namechange 1309
      Namechange 1309
      Hi please, I need unbanning for cheats for gapixel, but the administration doesn't want to unban me. Please Wake me up! My nick - Shadowbeard.
    13. papa123
      Hello there @Neno_ I was banned a couple of years ago for hacks, and I honestly don't even remember but my ban appeal got denied and I don't see the reason why since I don't use or got hacks anymore (new pc) and people are able to change behavior I was 10-12 at the time. So please give me a chance I really really wanna play on the server. Best regards luka2822
    14. FabulousCreator
      Hey, @Neno_ , I was banned about a year or 2 even though I did not use any blacklisted modifications, and about a week ago I learned that I could appeal but when I did it was denied for using Blacklisted modifications which I did not do and I attempted to re-appeal but my ban appeal did not allow me to reply or re-appeal with evidence to help my case and would like help with getting unbanned from Hypixel.
    15. gibbo23
      Hey i got banned apparently for hacking and I've never been banned before and my appeal got denied and i just want to play on the server with my friends and their wasn't even a reason for my ban. Thanks Gibbo23
    16. cubecraftgalaxy
      I'm here for probably the same reason everyone else is. I hacked. I got banned. I lied in the appeal. I got denied. I just want another chance to be honest. I decided to hack for fun because I wasn't that good.Now there is skyblock which seems like a lot of fun and I really wish I wasn't banned so I could play it with my friends. I submitted an appeal but didnt know that you only have one shot because I was in a rush
    17. HackAttack123
      Hey @Neno_, I've seen people asking for unban here so I'm so desesperate i'll try, so I was ban 2 years ago, I totally assume I was hacking, don't remember how, but I did. I recently did an appeal because I miss so much your wholesome server, I promise, I'll NEVER cheat/hack on your server again. Here is my denied appeal : .
    19. Westtide06
    20. IIOwlsII
      @Neno_ I've been banned permanently without them showing any evidence to me. To tell you the truth I've been never online on Hypixel, I went on Minecraft to go on Hypixel and I discovered I was banned. I've applied to the Hypixel Forums and they only said I was denied and said I was caught using modifications on Hypixel or exploits. Thank you for reading this if you did, goodbye,
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