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Back in action! Feb 1, 2018

    1. DxG_Troy
      DxG_Troy this is a joke. I got muted for 3 MONTHS for having an argument with people using an exploit in my lobby and them ganging up on me. Why would this harsh of a penalty apply, and why would you mute me for that? Hypixel broke the explosive bow, literally every end lobby with a person using it has other players complaining about it, and we get muted if we do so?
    2. CykaBlyatPvP
      Hi Neno! I recently got banned on hypixel and my appeal got denied. The funny part is that i got banned for 1 year for wearing a pornhub logo on my skin. I am very sorry for "breaking your rules" but for real you could give me like 7 day ban or a warning. Now im very sad because i cant play on hypixel for 1 year. Its so long. Please make my punishment lighter. IGN: vinnep Discord: vinnep#6498
    3. MetalBlast
      I started a conversation about my ban appeal, it is not about accepting it, since one seems to believe me, its about it been extended by 4 TIMES, all because i use a PUBLIC alt generator
    4. HyperLexus
      help me my appeal got denied I wasn't hacking just playing ol' skyblock please help
    5. Sukhraj
      Hhey Neno i got banned for a false reason and i got my appeal denied too plse help couldnt play for 2years on the server
      1. HyperLexus likes this.
    6. Sukhraj
      My appeal got denied also and i could play over the christmas break plse help
    7. Sukhraj
      Neno i got banned of hypixel for doing nothing. I litterly just didnt play for a few days and logged back on and got banned plse help
    8. MetalBlast
      I think Neno_ is the best staff member in hypixel. Since he is an actual human being who listens to people, rather than looking if you picked yes or no, then if you say no INSTA DENIED
      1. HyperLexus likes this.
    9. KarlIsHere
      Hi, I recently got false banned, I only had optifine and skyblockaddons and watchdog banned me for reasons I don't know. I really like the Hypixel server, in fact, it's the only reason I bought Minecraft (had to use a friend's account recently). I am now banned for a month, and I was going to play over Christmas break, please look into this, a bot denied my ban appeal, and I don't want to be banned for no reason.
    10. JimHopper5albaniel8
      Hey Neno. I got banned a few years ago for unfair game advantages (cheats). I also have a second account (Yudiderp) were I learnt not to hack and played on there (still playing ) for a while. My ban appeal got denied and I think this is unfair because I got banned without a second chance. I'm now smart enough to know not to hack on my favourite server :D Hope you understand my perspective. -Jimhopper5
    11. IKiritoI
      Hello Neno. I got banned 5/8 days ago for unfair game advantages and my ban appeal was denied even though i havent done anything
    12. reluga242
      Hello Neno. A couple of years ago, i was banned from hypixel. Permanenlty. I was hacking and i am very sorry for what i did. And a couple of months ago i tried to appeal since i removed my hacks a long time ago. But it was denied, and i wonder what i can do now to get unbanned, i will never hack again. It was a long time ago. Please respond and tell me what i can do. :D
    13. NoahJuicyy
      I got banned on Hypixel Skyblock yesterday, and my appeal got denied. I haven't been Banned before. Okay, i'm not going to lie i used Macros and Autoclicker a few weeks ago, but i stopped using them and i deleted both a while ago. Is there any way to get unbanned after my appeal got denied? I really want to play Skyblock. I didn't do anything to get banned. Thanks in advance IGN : uJuicy
    14. Thegreenestdragon1101
      Hey Neno, I know that you are probably busy but I was banned by watchdog for using stuff like autoclicker, when I am being honest here, stink at pvp. I wasn't even fighting I was playing skyblock before I got banned. They denied my appeal, which stinks. I have never used hacks before so I was surprised. but when ever you have time, please help me Thanks in advance, ign greendragon1101
      1. Nether_Nitro likes this.
    15. ARandomMuffin
      I got banned yesterday, after I had been playing in skyblock. I was on my browser with mc open. When I checked back in, I had been banned for “unfair game advantages”. I don’t understand which of the rules I violated. I would like to understand why. I have never been banned before, and I have only been playing for a month so I am sure I did not knowingly break a rule. IGN-Tredecennial
      1. ARandomMuffin
        1. I don't know if this is this is the proper place to post this
        2. I have some idea's I think why I was banned, but after asking friends to check, I haven't come up with anything.
        Oct 24, 2019
    16. Mo_lian
      Today i tryed to use two mouse to clik, and i just join the skywars in the loading room and trying to hit the other players(no damage, just jump and butter fly with these mouses), even the game hasn't started, then i got banned by watchdog? I didn't cheat, and i will never use two mouse to play again. In my defence, i didn't know that dual wielding were banneble, if it even is, i didn't use a hack client see
      1. Mo_lian
        my evidence, from the earliere appeal they said(i don't even know about that is a robot or not), that i am still cheating, but where did i do it? I didn't kill the other players with it, or make the other have a bad Game experience, i remember i just have come up to 30 cps at time, what can 30 cps change in skywars?
        Oct 21, 2019
      2. Mo_lian
        Is that a "autoclilker cheat"? no matter how quick i can click on a second, i can still only hit 5 times max to the other. The only game who need a high cps in th hypixel, is "Duel Combo", and i have never play that in this week!
        Oct 21, 2019
    17. Kaezar13
      Hi, I got banned by watchdog for cheating, I was surprise but i dont rember to have ever play on this server, I just try to log in ant the ban appear, when i appealed my ban it was denied, i have never use any mod or something for cheathing. Please help me.
      1. IKiritoI likes this.
    18. LLamaBoyMC
      Just lost 500k on skyblock after receiving all the money from the bank going to the dark auction and getting kicked to lobby, reloged onto skyblock and all the money is now gone, please help no helpers online!
    19. Stefan456789
      Hello, yesterday I got banned by watchdog for cheating, I used only NoFall in hypixel skyblock!(I swear and I wont do it again) And I got banned for four weeks! And it was my first ban ever! And when i appealed my ban it was denyed. I swear i uninstalled my hack client and i wont do it ever again! Please help me. Username: Stefan456789 (Sorry when my english is not very good my main language is german)
      1. Stefan456789
        Or can you please make my ban less violent. I am really sorry. I swear I wont cheat ever again! I was never banned on any server before please I want to play with my friend. Please! :(
        Oct 13, 2019
      2. MetalBlast
        I am sorry for what happened, but hypixel has a strict policy. It is the opposite of Badlion client ban appeals, on hypixel, if you hacked, it doesn't matter how sorry you are, it doesn't matter if hypixel banned you on skyblock for double click, if you hacked, no mercy is made... Unlike balloon, which lets you apologize first.
        Jan 2, 2020
    20. KnowzHacqed
      Hello, a few years ago, I got banned by watchdog for cheating (I admit it), But I've got permabanned! I instantly realized how bad was cheating and uninstalled that client. So, I just left Minecraft as I couldn't play on my favorite server. Yesterday, I was back! I appealed my ban. However, a bot responded to my appeal, It just denied it. Please help me, my Username knowz_. Thank you!
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