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Back in action! Feb 1, 2018

    1. LLamaBoyMC
      Just lost 500k on skyblock after receiving all the money from the bank going to the dark auction and getting kicked to lobby, reloged onto skyblock and all the money is now gone, please help no helpers online!
    2. Stefan456789
      Hello, yesterday I got banned by watchdog for cheating, I used only NoFall in hypixel skyblock!(I swear and I wont do it again) And I got banned for four weeks! And it was my first ban ever! And when i appealed my ban it was denyed. I swear i uninstalled my hack client and i wont do it ever again! Please help me. Username: Stefan456789 (Sorry when my english is not very good my main language is german)
      1. Stefan456789
        Or can you please make my ban less violent. I am really sorry. I swear I wont cheat ever again! I was never banned on any server before please I want to play with my friend. Please! :(
        Oct 13, 2019 at 12:51 PM
    3. KnowzHacqed
      Hello, a few years ago, I got banned by watchdog for cheating (I admit it), But I've got permabanned! I instantly realized how bad was cheating and uninstalled that client. So, I just left Minecraft as I couldn't play on my favorite server. Yesterday, I was back! I appealed my ban. However, a bot responded to my appeal, It just denied it. Please help me, my Username knowz_. Thank you!
    4. Yoong_Jin
      Hello, I just recently got banned by watchdog detection and my recent appeal also got denied. I don't have any macros or binds on my mouse/keyboard, nor do I use any external programs to play Minecraft. The only modifications that I ever used were from the badlion client, which I have removed: I don't know where to go from here, this is my first ever offense and I need your help. Thanks
    5. kraftland
      Hello there... Well i've got banned years ago for watchdog detection and I'posted appeal but that was denyed... I can't send any more appeals and that last I sent year ago... I'd like to play on Hypixel ever again :(... I won't hack anymore. I understood by this I don't have to...
    6. AldiWifi
      hi there I recently got banned for using an auto-clicker when I indeed wasn't. I sent a ban appeal but it got denied and them saying that I was using "modifications not allowed on the server". I sent them proof (youtube video) aswell but they still denied it Thank you and I hope you will get back to me Proof:
    7. kingjordygIsMyMCName
      Hi, I got banned around 4 years ago for self promoting a website that dosent exist saying " sub to me " cause me friend dared me to, instantly got banned, my username is kingjordyg, and I've played Hypixel for along time before I got banned, I understand if you dont believe me, but please help I really love that server, thanks! :D
    8. 016Hiro
      Hi I'm 016Hiro , I'm here wanting to talk about my watchdog ban i got over a few years ago for using an autoclicker. I created an appeal admitting that i was indeed hacking and I was denied. I knew i was in the wrong when writing the appeal but i gave it my all in trying to get appeal and I was wanting to know if you can see into my case and give me a chance to prove myself. - rOm3x
    9. Dzomble
      everyone talking about appeal denied so do i, i was banned for hacking and i admit it but when i hacking i only 7~8 years old, yes im 12 yr now is there anychance to get unban? i think not but at least try it
    10. PoZ_Soul
      Hey I was banned for 4 weeks, 2 days on Augest the 17th, it has been nearly a month and theres still 22 days left.
    11. NegusMaster69
      @Neno_ I am currently banned for "watchdog detection" even though I wasn't cheating. I was banned before and accepted it as I was using "illegal" modifications, but this time I wasn't cheating! I even cleared my pc of all "regedit" modifications before I joined the server as I heard it can result in a ban. I wrote an appeal but it automatically got denied. If you can, please look in to this, thanks in advance.
    12. TheBeave
      hi @Neno_ i was watch dog banned a couple of years ago and i didn't play minecraft after that and i am asking if you could go ahead and see whats the problem i showed proof and i have stopped hacking i hope to be unbanned i really miss playing on the server not that there is skyblock i really wanna play it but i can't because i am banned hopefully you see this and look into my ban appeal thanks and have a good day
    13. Mabe51
      Good Morning, @Neno_ hope you see this, i need a little help with my case, i appeal a ban 2 or 3 years ago bc i got false banned for the WATCHDOG, back in those days i had a really bad internet so i was always lagged in the server, one day without alert it says that i was permantly banned for no reason!!, hope you can see this and try to help me at least to get a 2nd chance to appeal
    14. lilyay
      Hi @Neno_ I need a unban for cheating i was ip ban but that was two years ago and i was wondering if i can get a unban I have want to play ur game once a again umm u can email me at [email protected] and the account i want to be unban is lilyay or tbnrico i dont know if its by the name u banned it on or the something like that but i want to be unban ill be so happy to be unban thank u so much !
    15. SykaBlyat
      Hi please, I need unbanning for cheats for gapixel, but the administration doesn't want to unban me. Please Wake me up! My nick - Shadowbeard.
    16. papa123
      Hello there @Neno_ I was banned a couple of years ago for hacks, and I honestly don't even remember but my ban appeal got denied and I don't see the reason why since I don't use or got hacks anymore (new pc) and people are able to change behavior I was 10-12 at the time. So please give me a chance I really really wanna play on the server. Best regards luka2822
    17. FabulousCreator
      Hey, @Neno_ , I was banned about a year or 2 even though I did not use any blacklisted modifications, and about a week ago I learned that I could appeal but when I did it was denied for using Blacklisted modifications which I did not do and I attempted to re-appeal but my ban appeal did not allow me to reply or re-appeal with evidence to help my case and would like help with getting unbanned from Hypixel.
    18. gibbo23
      Hey i got banned apparently for hacking and I've never been banned before and my appeal got denied and i just want to play on the server with my friends and their wasn't even a reason for my ban. Thanks Gibbo23
    19. cubecraftgalaxy
      I'm here for probably the same reason everyone else is. I hacked. I got banned. I lied in the appeal. I got denied. I just want another chance to be honest. I decided to hack for fun because I wasn't that good.Now there is skyblock which seems like a lot of fun and I really wish I wasn't banned so I could play it with my friends. I submitted an appeal but didnt know that you only have one shot because I was in a rush
    20. HackAttack123
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