Mar 29, 2014
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thanks Aug 23, 2019

    1. galactus
      welcome back. i think.
      1. Kift likes this.
    2. amitt
    3. Motofreakz
    4. TheSweetBruh
      Hey Dude how do I get sand on SkyBlock .
      1. Motofreakz
        Jul 4, 2019
      2. TheSweetBruh
        I meant like Hwat area because HENCHEN isn’t telling me where
        Jul 4, 2019
      3. Motofreakz
        Jul 4, 2019
    5. Oculism
      get into wynncraft
    6. gufi
      hello sir what’s the texture pack u use
    7. Pazolite
      Reported for rate spam
      1. Motofreakz
        May 22, 2019
    8. AntiWhiteKnight
      shut up
      1. Motofreakz
        Apr 29, 2019
        R4m likes this.
    9. Twootle
      1. R4m likes this.
    10. Likespammer9000
      What a waste of time.
      1. memer1 likes this.
      2. Motofreakz
        L :)
        Apr 19, 2019
    11. Motofreakz
      1. Oculism and memer1 like this.
    12. Oculism
      1. R4m likes this.
    13. Motofreakz
      1. R4m likes this.
    14. Skrimiche
      1. R4m likes this.
    15. altnumber68
      hi want to date me motof reaks >?
      1. altnumber68
        uwu i think you have large PENIS
        Feb 18, 2019
    16. LovingDaddy
    17. Skrimiche
      1. Motofreakz likes this.
      2. Motofreakz
        yes that is me!
        Feb 10, 2019
        Skrimiche likes this.
    18. Motofreakz
      pokemon reborn is fun
      1. R4m likes this.
    19. Motofreakz
      if anyone wants to play EPIC GAMER SMP
    20. Sesame
      ily moto
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    don't @ me
    Hello LEAPY.
    This is my experience for LEAPY day LEAPY LEAPY in our daily LEAPYs, which include our LEAPYs, LEAPY and our LEAPYing field. I am a 36 year old LEAPY, LEAPYing in LEAPY currently for an agency which i will not name. Reason for my following recounts (which may seem depressing) is that the playerbase of LEAPY itself is largely represented here´and that is my target audience.

    Real LEAPYs as you may know them from TV or other LEAPY media dont exist, they are pure Fantasy. Why?
    Its because LEAPY day LEAPY promotes self interest due to our LEAPY market strategies and LEAPY. If a corporation fails to LEAPY with others, it will die. This however has also gone to our heads, our LEAPYity has gone down. To illustrate what i mean, i will give you an example. You LEAPY in a normal, everyday LEAPY with decent income. You may think at a young age that your parents love you and treat you well because of that,
    Most LEAPYday families have to follow forced LEAPY restrictions, like getting a LEAPY is a must for any well respected academic LEAPY(or any LEAPY that should wish to become one). So if they do get one, they dont treat you well because they love you. They have to due to LEAPY LEAPY and to represent a good LEAPY outside to the judging LEAPY, basically a LEAPY LEAPY where if you dont have a academic LEAPY + wife + son = Disgrace. Within the LEAPY you may have a tyrant (in the worst cases someone who severly mistreats you), but they wont mistreat you outside because that would have consequences.
    In less severe cases you have verbal mistreatment, however you must do what your LEAPY or LEAPY says because you are their LEAPY or should i say their LEAPY until you become 18. Outside of house, you may notice things that hint at this, for instance lets take Food.
    The LEAPY doesnt want to eat an icecream at a vendor. Fair enough. But the LEAPY himself wants to eat one, so what happens? The LEAPY has to eat one, because it cannot be that a LEAPY has icecream(LEAPY for properity or luxury or pure pleasure, either way something you would normally see a LEAPY with) so the parents are worried that people might notice the fact that they might be cheating the LEAPY out of such a LEAPY. They dont really care about the LEAPY or what he wants, they want to represent a normal LEAPY to the outside world.

    A simple thing i admit, but hints like These make you more Aware of what is Happening. Its your LEAPY versus all the other competition, same Thing goes of Course for collegues etc.. but i will be going in depth on that later. Tolerance, LEAPY state?? Who are we kidding, we have the most LEAPY LEAPY of the world for our LEAPYS AND LIVLIHOOD.

    Luckily for me i wasnt such a case. My LEAPYs were a different matter though, most of my advice derives out of that. LEAPYs that you meet at an adult age are usually nothing good, since they already have been marked by the LEAPY.(Haha a pun and a reference, is thekillaskillah crazyy??) My advice : LEAPYs you meet at adult age usually suck and Abandon you should you have any severe Problems like Depression.(Exceptions: Hippies, Renegades, NERDS). IF you still choose to get any adult LEAPYs, choose People who are removed from LEAPY and any economic or academic LEAPYs, they will have a more unbiased opinion of you and your skincolor. For instance nerds, they know they are nerds and this arent fit or healthy. But they are intelligent and question Things and most importantly, they are rather removed from LEAPY. Thus they wont constantly compare themselves to you and think, HUH, i am so much better than you mate.

    LEAPYs you meet at a young age usually stick around and can put up with any screwups you do and they help. However, of Course there is a Limit. For some it might be when you lose your LEAPY and Need help finding one, for others it simply may be a distance Limit or they LEAPY LEAPYs which require 24/7 Attention. Particularly so in this day of age, where flexibility and mobility are highly praised values.

    My boss( oh no, i dont want to hear this) actually kicked me out from a toilet stall whilst i was taking a dump. And this happened in lunch break and still happens, It was in a 20 Minute break, so in the first 5 i was like , yeaaahhh..... Keep it going. But in the seventh every stall was full and my boss came in and for some reason yells out my name and tells my to immediatly get out and let him do his Thing. And you have to put up with this because you cant afford to lose the LEAPY. Stuff like this might happen to you too, EVEN IF YOU STUDIED AND GOT A LEAPY. Intelligence doesnt protect from LEAPY. (Inb4 Soviet memes come, i must say that i am not a Fascist or a zealot).

    SO my conclusion for you out there playing LEAPY carelessly not studying, its not an Appeal to study. Its an Appeal to think whether you want to be wasting time playing this(which isnt bad, i use mc for a distraction from LEAPY) or do you want to be thinking about your later LEAPY LEAPY? Independence is great, but happiness is better, LEAPYs arent as important as LEAPY, i would like to say that. Of Course there are many generalizations and young People like you shouldnt really have to think or reead this if you feel oppressed or that i insulted you and your LEAPY, sorry but this is reality. You may have as a young Reader have a hard time believing this, but this is how our LEAPY wants it, it is a lot better than the middle ages thats true. But its far away from principles like freedom and tolerance.

    You think about it, you dont have a LEAPY or any of the LEAPY LEAPY LEAPYs i mentioned, you are hosed. Without LEAPY you cant be happy, at least if you plan one living a "normal" LEAPY. But you hopefully get my meaning when i say normal. IF not, you may be too young to understand this or too distanced from LEAPY, which is good!!! And where to get LEAPY?? LEAPY = Competition. After a while your mindset is so changed from LEAPY, your LEAPY LEAPY takes influence and you might become racist when you become old or xenophobic. A worrying trend.

    I mean, you can act like you're God all you want, Motofreakz, but at the end of the day you and your friends are just weak little sadists who only find your sense of accomplishment and personal security by beating down people who genuinely want to be nice. :D Seriously--
    Note: Even if you were not prendo yourself, given that your bestie Leapy highly encouraged him at the time and regularly references him every time he hacks on me, and the fact that you shared a screenshot that showcases me being insulted (let alone in a channel seemingly made for comedy), it's pretty evident there is at least some connection between you and the incident.

    If you were as absolutely divine as you claim to be, would stooping down to insult someone's family really be necessary? Or those cheats that you and your buddy Leapy constantly use? Or your general arrogance and asinine behavior? Look at all the actuallygood people, the ones who earn their place legitimately. They don't bash people for not being on their level, at least not to your degree, because they know it takes work to even get halfway there. You, with your client, you have no grasp of what work even means.

    Hell, while I'm here, why do you hate me? Is it that you just dislike my inability to put up with your constant BS? Or is it that you're putting on a front for attention? Or, maybe the most likely... that while my stats aren't as good as your client's stats, people actually want me around? For you or your friends or whoever to jump to such childish behavior and for all of you to encourage it and laugh over it, obviously there's something. Yet, I never did anything explicitly rude to you, particularly never on this level. It makes no sense, are you just that bored?

    Get it through your thick skull, we don't want you here, killing our community, buddy. All those Prestiges won't save you from being literally the most hated piece of scum on this network, possibly behind Leapy but no further down.
    I've tried to be nice to you before, heck, friendship with anyone is cool by me, but since this cheating and harassment nonsense, I think we have good proof that anything you say on this server is irrelevant. Act like you're Jesus Christ himself all you want, but at the end of the day, you're just that sad guy who only finds validation by being a complete jerk to everyone around you. :rolleyes: We won't miss you when your cheating catches up to you.

    Lastly, while normally I'd say nothing personal is aimed at the you behind your account, ever since prendo... pffft honestly I more feel sorry for you than anything. If that's how you find your entertainment, what was your past like? By all my guesses, it's tragic and depraved, just like your general behavior would indicate. I hope you someday find enough peace to feel good about yourself without putting everyone else down, I really do; at this rate, you're just... a sad case. And the biggest let down is you were once genuinely good, now you're reliant on the machine to do it for you. You're just a shame these days.