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Apr 16, 2019
Oct 7, 2016
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Changed my avatar to match the color of my moderator rank frame! Only took me a year :P Sep 18, 2018

MistbornArrow was last seen:
Apr 16, 2019
    1. Worked4it1
      Admins idk what to do I got banned on the pit for accidentally turning on a auto clicker key-bind that I use for survival world grinding, I forgot about it and I got banned could you clear it. It was a all around mistake.
    2. wickedhorror
      can you add me? as a friend ill give you pizza and cookies
    3. TheGrandmaster
      Have you read the Mistborn book series? :P
    4. Shqrk
    5. Asyme
      I've been enjoying your pretty old YT video's lately, thanks for making those! :)
    6. PlasmaGhost
      do you watch the flash
    7. ooGhstly
      hey mod i wanna know what i did wrong in my report because i report like that and other mods dont have a problem with it
      1. MistbornArrow
        I don't know which report you're refering to but if I give you feedback on your report it's simply to provide you information on how to make it easier and faster for us on the staff side of things.
        Jan 24, 2019
    8. mohamad_craft_19
      1. MistbornArrow
        Please don't ask non-appeals to review your appeal. I Moderator that is a member of the appeals team will respond as soon as they get a chance
        Jan 23, 2019
    9. mohamad_craft_19
    10. KiCoTenGaming
      Hey Mistborn. I heard you accept friend request cause you got auto accept can I friend you?
      1. ooGhstly
        Jan 23, 2019
    11. xX_zClass_Xx
      Hi MistbornArrow can we talk in private now?
    12. yazan_alqady123
      MistbornArrow I apply for helper rank can you help me for get it plz iam soo good and iam 16 years old plz <3
      1. CaptainSonic
        Jan 20, 2019
    13. yazan_alqady123
      1. MistbornArrow
        Jan 18, 2019
    14. YASSSSSS
      @MistbornArrow i recently bought an account off someone and logged onto hypixel to see i was banned due to a watchdog cheat detection. i can't link the account to my forums so i can't appeal the ban... what do i do?? :/
      1. MistbornArrow
        Hey there :)
        Sadly if an account is banned, that punishment stays with the account no matter who owns the account.
        Jan 14, 2019
      2. YASSSSSS
        oh okay thanks anyways :(
        Jan 14, 2019
    15. Fabian
      Happy birthday :D
      1. StopChqtting likes this.
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      3. Fabian
        is there anything else I should congratulate you for today? I wrote "congratulate mistbornarrow" in my calendar a while ago and I don't remember why lmao, I think we joked about something xD
        Jan 4, 2019
      4. MistbornArrow
        Maybe I'd been a mod for a year, got mod december 2017
        Jan 7, 2019
        StopChqtting likes this.
      5. Fabian
        Nope it was for January 4th, I'm confused now xD
        Jan 7, 2019
    16. SlenderManGames
      MistbornArrow you're friend LapisChest was just banned on 1/3/2019. I just can't believe my friend LapisChest who told me that you friend people had got banned i^i
    17. simonno9
      i saw youre picture youre a arrow fan thats nice! the only stupid thing about arrow when the alies came :P
      1. MistbornArrow likes this.
    18. VampUchiha
      Hey Mistborn! It's been a long time since I've last talked to you. I THINK you remember me, I was like the 14th person in your old guild, Mist, and my IGN is VampireGamer7. I just wanted to check out how well your doing! Keep up the GREAT work with your Hypixel Staff Rank!
      1. MistbornArrow
        Hey buddy! Good to hear from you, and yes of course I remember! I've been doing great, been busy with getting started with college and all that good stuff, how are you?
        Dec 29, 2018
      2. VampUchiha
        I'm good! I've been getting busy with Middle School :)
        Dec 30, 2018
        StopChqtting likes this.
      3. StopChqtting
        *cough* I enjoy Flash more, don't hurt me.
        Jan 4, 2019
    19. _RBZ_
      Hello can you please help me?
    20. DeerPark121
      hello xd
      1. MistbornArrow likes this.
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    To be great
    There are infinite ways for someone to be great. There are those who are great through stength, through various skills and so much more. But when it comes down to what really maters, the greatest people aren't the ones who can create something complex from something simple, or those who have the strength to accomplish magnificent feat. The greatest people are those who simply effect others around them and change their lives for the better. This greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. It ranges from running into a blazing fire to save a life, to being there for a friend in a time of need, or just being a light in a strangers day by showing a smile. This greatness can be accomplished in real-life and over the internet. Either way, it can effect more than you would believe. Because by you performing an act of kindness regardless how big or small, you're encouraging that person to be better themselves. Your ONE smile or your ONE act of bravery can have the impact of ten, or a hundred, or maybe even a thousand.
    Someone had once told me that at the end of the day, it doesn't mater how big your house was, or what kind of car you drove. If you had a positive effect in another persons life, you have made them better, and maybe even great if they chose to take that kindness and keep passing it forward. That's how you change the world!

    I encourage all who read this to be great in their own way!