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Jan 29, 2013
Nov 4, 2012
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MasterCJ99 was last seen:
Jan 29, 2013
    1. herobrine persson
      herobrine persson
      do not worry i herobrine will play with you!
    2. Eli W.
      Eli W.
      hey man i hear you got no one to play with on wrath of the fallen, well neither do i :) if you'd be willing to make a server i'd be more than happy to play with you :D but the only thing is i dont have a mic D= anyhow i hope to hear back from you, Thx my minecraft usernmae is "exeliph" btw
      1. MasterCJ99
        Don't worry i just finished playing the map :/ sorry, but you can play alone on easy mode, you will die a lot but its still freaking amazing. Sorry bout' that...
        Dec 12, 2012
      2. MasterCJ99
        thanks for taking an interest though
        Dec 12, 2012
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    Hello I am MasterCJ99, one minecraftian who has not been noticed, yet. I have many plans and can make a great storyline/blueprint for a map i just can't put them into action on my own.