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Staff Manager


Hi everyone :D Jan 14, 2018

    1. TooMuchBlack
      I really need some help
      1. xNinjax10
        If you still need help feel free to start a forums convo with me :)
        Dec 8, 2019
    2. xVibez_
      I was online minutes ago and was recently scammed by Wipewithhand for 102k he was muted at the time so he was using signs and gave me 6 frags as safety ( i thought this was sketchy but I was okay because he seemed cool) spoiler alert now I have no money and didn't get the Old Dragon Chestpiece i was interested in Scammer: Wipewithhand Rank: none (btw i have screenshot)
    3. HySuck
      I doubt that "he might have not seen the messages" is the issue if the person actively went out of his way to prove in the same thread that he is totally aware. But your staff deleted the thread with your message a day later, when it got uncomfortable, so i guess you also saw that it was wrong.
    4. daber123
      Can I please talk to you it's about something about my account
      1. LordofTears
        If you have an issue that needs an admin, try going to and they can help you. Admins don’t usually operate from their profile wall
        Dec 10, 2019
    5. _Cosmic
      Can i just congratulate you on always staying calm, dealing with things fairly and respectfully, and being like the sole active staff member on the forums?
    6. JvstDanny
      You are a saint
    7. Newing7
      Hello I have a ban that ive received for what I assume is random (maybe a glitch) ive turned in a appeal, but I think I may know what happened, I tried using a new vpn (I forgot to turn it off) I think the server thought it was something bad instead of just a vpn. Please help, Ive played on this server back when there were only a couple thousand playing during peak hours I love playing this server.
    8. Adameq201PL
    9. kiko99
      i have a ban for 30 days but i would like to be playing with my friends before i move across the country please understand
      1. Cliped
        Hey mate the appeal team decision is final
        Nov 24, 2019
    10. kiko99
      i would really like to talk to you even thru email.
    11. kiko99
      Hi i recently submitted a ban appeal for a security alert, turns out it was false. then staff gave me 30 day ban. i dont want one false accusation to ruin the time i use to have fun with friends please review my ban.
    12. leafghost
      Hey, I need to talk to an admin, not sure if this is how I directly message
    13. Vampirical
      Hey Kessie... I've been trying to reach you on twitter, could you please start a conversation with me on here.. I have something I really need to talk about with you. Thank you.
      1. Cliped
        Contact support unless it has something to do directly with her
        Nov 24, 2019
    14. JusticeIsServed
      please ban blackvolf and poi_kai_ni for cross teaming, proof is in the forum report i made
      1. Cliped
      2. JusticeIsServed
        i mean if you could read you could clearly see that i made a forum report
        Nov 24, 2019
    15. Finvolers
      Chinese hypixel has a particularly serious mistake. After the bed is removed, the character will not die. I hope I can solve it. I also want to know if the hypixel team is still managing or upgrading Chinese hypixel? Is it no longer operating china hypixel this year?
    16. amasterfulj
      hey i have made some reports of players hacking and scamming, i waited over 3 months and yet didn't got a respond, please help i have video evidence of a man clearly hacking and no one was even bothered to check , if so why is this the only way to report? i have video evidence of a man scamming me in ah (sb) but i am not sure if i should put a report again.
      1. Cliped
        you will most likely need new evidence as it has a time period as where evidence can be used
        Nov 24, 2019
    17. Drex
      Your pfp looks like the face I'd make when I realised I was eating a raisin cookie and not a chocolate chip cookie. I love it. Modern art.
      1. voidy likes this.
    18. ImTyan
      Check my support ticket please
    19. Crazy_Gamer_488
      I was just brewing potions on hypixel skyblock and then i got false watchdog detection and banned for no reason ...
    20. Crazy_Gamer_488
      So today I just woke up started playing on hypixel skyblock and I was just brewing some potions for summoning eye grind and then all of a sudden a message appeared that watchdogcheat detection and then I got banned for no reason. I have been playing on hypixel quite a lot and never cheated on hypixel or used cheats or any blacklisted modification
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    Staff Manager Of Hypixel since 13th of August, 2016
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    Proud Helper of the Hypixel Server since 19th Feb, 2014
    :oops: Keep calm and Carry On Quakecrafting.:D Hypixelian Magic ;) Spoilers Sweetie :p <3 Arena :rolleyes: Trekkie o_O #RAU ;)