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Staff Manager


Hi everyone :D Jan 14, 2018

    1. ImTyan
      Check my support ticket please
    2. Crazy_Gamer_488
      I was just brewing potions on hypixel skyblock and then i got false watchdog detection and banned for no reason ...
    3. Crazy_Gamer_488
      So today I just woke up started playing on hypixel skyblock and I was just brewing some potions for summoning eye grind and then all of a sudden a message appeared that watchdogcheat detection and then I got banned for no reason. I have been playing on hypixel quite a lot and never cheated on hypixel or used cheats or any blacklisted modification
    4. HeyZeus_18
      Hey, I got false banned by watchdog. I think this happened because of my internet being laggy. I use 1.8.9 optifine. It’s really unfair that I am being banned when I was following the rules. I hacked before because I didn’t know better, this was 2 years ago, I’ve learned my lesson and haven’t hacked since then. Please understand I feel it’s unfair that I can’t play for 30 days when I followed the rules. Thanks.
      1. HeyZeus_18
        One thing that could be evidence is that I played a moderator in bridge 1v1 duels a little while ago, if you ask them they will say I wasn’t hacking.
        Nov 7, 2019
    5. Evlil
      1. shimon15
        You can create a report at and include there evidence
        Nov 5, 2019
    6. ExplodingBn
      Hey, i have been banned for 5-6 years now. im kinda sad because im older now and ive already applied to get unbanned but i never got accepted, it would mean the WORLD to me if you could help me with that im sorry for what i have done now i have a new pc and stuff and i hate hackers and or hacking*, i wish you could help, if you can please message me back.
      1. Segji
        You were banned a year ago nice lie
        Nov 4, 2019
      2. shimon15
        Appeals team decision is final and cannot be changed, sorry
        Nov 5, 2019
    7. Fyyre
      Hello :D
    8. 0ooEdwardoo0
    9. Silverdragon98
    10. Firewarrior4444
      All those people begging to be unbanned, it ain't gonna work
      1. Segji likes this.
      2. HeyZeus_18
        Mine is legit :( I got banned by watchdog while using optifine only. I see people saying they were false banned by watchdog but they were all using mods, I was only using optifine so I don’t understand why I would be banned. But the thing is nobody is gonna believe me.
        Nov 7, 2019
      3. Firewarrior4444
        Well there's nothing I can do
        Nov 8, 2019
    11. 10x
      I just got banned for 180 days for no reason can you please unban if you are able to please and thank you :(
    12. Shiner6
      Gamer. Aww man
    13. Slgnal
      I got scammed 7mil. Made report almost 3 weeks ago no response till.
      1. ExplodingBn and Mordom_Official like this.
    14. Fyyre
      Heyo, hope you're doing fantastic. :)
    15. Chur21
      Hey could you please start a conversation with me regarding a watchdog ban as I need the watchdog logs to be checked as I believe it was a mistake due to laby mod sending an irregular packet.
      1. Panophobia
        not kessie, but labymod is use at your own risk. staff wont ban you for using it, but if watchdog bans you, you wont be unbanned.
        Oct 21, 2019
    16. 2_ted
      Hi LuckyKessie! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE your pfp?
    17. TheseLions
      Hey, i have been banned by watchdog the bot flew arround me and i started hitting it. after the bot was gone i mouse abused on my friend (~20 cps) and got banned PLS healp me i even played with badlion anti cheat DM plsss
    18. Unsympathetic
      hi, i was banned a little over a year ago, since then i have learned my lesson, i was hacking at the time yes but i have grown over that, i got leaderboard on mineplex for cakewars duos, i stopped cheating and became a legit mineman, and i started youtube and would love to film on the server, anything i can do to get unbanned?
    19. Wipeb0nes
      Hello, i have been permanently banned for no apparent reason and i want to know why i was banned and what cause the banned as i did not do anything as i was playing with my friend yesterday some bedwars and today when i try to login i saw a message of why i was banned and i was confuse as i did not do anything or have broken any of your server rules.
    20. Soggraaaaaa
      I'm gonna kill my self because my account got banned
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