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"When someone tells me 'no,' it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them." - Karen E. Quinones Miller Mar 11, 2018

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Viewing member profile Leafeon, Mar 24, 2018 at 9:03 PM
    1. Vulpixel
      Hello, long time no see
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      3. Vulpixel
        c: Good to see you again, how is everything?
        Mar 19, 2018 at 5:13 PM
        PlasmaWarrior and Leafeon like this.
      4. Leafeon
        I'd say it's going pretty well. How about you?
        Mar 19, 2018 at 8:14 PM
        PlasmaWarrior and Vulpixel like this.
      5. Vulpixel
        Thats good to hear, not bad over here
        Mar 19, 2018 at 8:30 PM
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    2. Hazard_DutchAngelDragon
      Thought i would pop by to say Hai
      1. Leafeon likes this.
      2. Leafeon
        Hello to you too c:
        Mar 18, 2018 at 11:46 AM
    3. tawaii
      If all of the eeveelutions had megas and they all needed stones so this will be Leafeon's mega stone name lol
      1. Leafeon likes this.
      2. DarkiusMC
        I prefer mega eevee, myself. It’s ability comes in handy really often.
        Mar 16, 2018
        SharpBladeMC and Leafeon like this.
    4. DarkiusMC
      I want to evolve an eevee into a leaf eon and name it after you... but then I wouldn’t be giving it a nickname.
      1. SharpBladeMC and Leafeon like this.
      2. Leafeon
        You could call it Leaf - that's generally what people use as my nickname.
        Mar 16, 2018
    5. Zacklikethat
      1. Leafeon likes this.
      2. Leafeon
        Mar 14, 2018
    6. PlasmaWarrior
      Hello, thank you for liking my thread. Your reward is a good anime suggestion! ~ Cowboy Bebop ~
      1. Leafeon likes this.
    7. Leafeon
      "When someone tells me 'no,' it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them." - Karen E. Quinones Miller
    8. SharpBladeMC
      That Tinman should've seen what was coming to him! >:D
      1. Leafeon likes this.
      2. Leafeon
        Poor guy cx
        Mar 11, 2018
        SharpBladeMC likes this.
    9. TUF
      Add me pokémonzzzz
      1. Leafeon likes this.
    10. LolUmbreon
      Eeveelutions for the win!
      1. Leafeon likes this.
    11. AwakenedBahamut
      Goku dies wtf.
      1. Leafeon likes this.
    12. BunnyBoss123
      i swear your name used to be leafeonite ... (froums)
      1. OhioPing and Leafeon like this.
      2. Leafeon
        Never was, how odd
        Feb 21, 2018
        BunnyBoss123 likes this.
      3. BunnyBoss123
        or I associated too much with the fall leafeon pic!
        I left smash so I get a little confused xD
        every so often I check the forums and its a little odd seeing people that used to be p1 when I played that have 2 ms XDDDD
        Feb 21, 2018
        Leafeon likes this.
    13. Leafeon
      Blue Again cx
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    14. DrRheumatologistPhd
      i ran out of leaf lol
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    15. mahboi
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    16. Canticle
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    17. LeSmellyBacon
      dragonite i choose u
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    18. xNafis
      my eyes hurt from finishing shinmai mao help me
      1. Enera, xMdb and Leafeon like this.
    19. mchalifoux
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    20. I-I
      kobayashi's dragon maid ^^
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  • About

    Home Page:
    The United States
    Hey everyone, it's Leafeon here!

    I am currently accepting Fursuit PMs!

    Send me a PM about Fursuits if you'd like and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

    I can currently:

    -Help you design or come up with a Fursona.

    -Help you design or come up with a Fursuit idea.

    -Help you decide what kind of Furry accessories would be right for you.

    -Provide bases for a better idea of how your Fursuit/Fursona looks.

    -Answer Questions about the Furry fandom as well as Fursuits.

    -Chat about whatever you'd like :p


    Q: What is a "Furry"?
    A: A Furry is either an animal that has anthropomorphic characteristics, such as walking on two legs, talking, wearing clothes, etc. or a person who is interested in anthropomorphic animals and considers themselves a part of the Furry Fandom.

    Q: "Furry Fandom"? What's that?
    A: The Furry Fandom is a group of people that come together as a community to discuss, create artwork, create costumes, and other things that relate to their interest in Furries. Something to note is that the fandom is largely based on artwork. It's okay if you're not an artist, though, as many Furries just prefer to enjoy the art rather than creating it.

    Q: What is a Fursona?
    A: A Fursona is a combination of two words, Furry and Persona, and is usually considered a way Furries like to be seen as in the fandom. A Furry's Fursona usually represents their personality or someone they'd like to be.

    Q:What is a "Fursuit"?
    A: A Fursuit is a Furry costume designed to represent how a Furry sees themself in the fandom. Fursuits are usually worn around conventions, but many Furries also like to wear them while just living at their house. The design of a Furry's Fursuit is often based around their Fursona.

    Q: What is a "Fursuit PM"?
    A: I'm currently open to private messages regarding Fursuits. I'm here to help you design, scout out a price, and find someone to comission a Fursuit from.

    Q: Do you make Fursuits?
    A: No, but I plan to start within 2-3 years.

    Q: How does a Fursuit PM work?
    A: Simply send me a Private Message saying something along the lines of "Can you help me design a Fursuit?" Or "Can you help me find a price for my potential Fursuit?"

    Q: Do I need a Fursona to start a PM?
    A: No, I can help you design a Fursona if you would like.

    Q: What is a "Dutch Angel Dragon"?
    A: A Dutch Angel Dragon is a made up creature created by Deanna Biesemeyer (Ino89777). These creatures are structured similar to horses, but have wings, paws, claws, and other features. You can read more about them and their lore on Ino89777's website: http://www.dutchangeldragons.com/

    Q: What is a "Sergal"?
    A: Sergals, or サーガル ("Sāgaru"), are a fictional alien species created by Mick39. A Sergal's specific race relates to the region where they live, which are the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western regions. Sergals usually resemble fluffy raptors with noses resembling sharks, but they also share traits from other species such as kangaroos. You can read up on Sergals here: http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Sergal

    Q: You said Digitigrade and Plantigrade... What does that mean?
    A: Those two terms are referring to your Fursuit's legs. Digitigrade means they will be more animal-like, where as Plantigrade means they will be more human like.

    Q: I want a Fursona/Fursuit design, but I can't draw! What do I do?
    A: If you cannot draw, it's fine. I can provide a multitude of bases for your Fursona's species, and Color Schemes as well.

    Q: Ew, Furries are weird, why bother?
    A: Thanks for the feedback! I respect who you are, but please refrain from harassing others. I may be able to take hate, but not everyone can. Please be respectful to others as well!
    ---USEFUL STUFF---
    Necropost, Noun

    1. A post on a thread that is a few months to even years old.

    2. The art of bringing a dead thread back to life by posting on it.

    3. Posting on a thread that has lost relevancy.

    Ie: "Please do not Necropost."

    Synonyms: Bringing a thread back to life, trollposting

    Antonyms: Not Posting on old threads, relevant posting

    Other Forms:

    , Noun

    1. A person who necroposts.

    Ie: "All necroposters will get the thread locked eventually."
    Necroposting, Verb

    1. To necropost, often frequently.

    Ie: "Please stop necroposting."
    3DS Friend Code: 3067-9734-8316


    <> 4 Year Hypixel Veteran<>
    Need answers to questions involving Fursuits, Fursonas, or the Furry Fandom?
    [The Trashman (Smash Heroes Addon)]

    All Heroes currently Prestige 2 or higher.
    Master Skin Karakot, Tinman, Bulk, Shoop, Botmon, and Cryomancer.
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