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wtf pokemon sun and moon is getting released tomorrow in Europe and I already got it shipped to my home Nov 22, 2016

    1. Booster
      1. Latios-
        how did you even find this
        May 23, 2019
    2. AlolanRaichu
      Well this place is a little bit inactive..
    3. Berr
      Haha so cool classic lobby came out
      1. Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
    4. Squag
      1. Latios-- likes this.
    5. Berr
      please stop the arena forumers we need you back
      1. PaulaDeen and Latios-- like this.
    6. Kiv
      ur an OP Black Kyurem counter in 1v1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
    7. yaboiafraid
      R u timidlatios
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      2. yaboiafraid
        oh u megalatias timidlatios is megalatios
        Jan 3, 2017
      3. Latios--
        Jan 3, 2017
        Berr and Leafeon like this.
      4. Hinawa
        Jan 6, 2017
        Berr and Leafeon like this.
    8. FishingRqdCqmbo
      Pokemon sucks Doraemon is better my favorite Doraemon is Gengar ;)
      1. Latios-- likes this.
    9. Type-Moon
      Pokemon is the best game :)
      1. Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
    10. Ken_M
      where ur 3d sun i shall goes backs to y now
      1. Latios-- likes this.
    11. KorraAlone
      why cant we catch you in sun and moon :(

      well we probably wouldnt be able to mega evolve you anyway since sun and moon is racist against megas
      1. Leafeon, KittyMastah and Latios-- like this.
    12. Mettox
      1. Latios-- likes this.
    13. jockthegamer--quit
      Thanks for following!
      1. Latios-- likes this.
    14. NoPingJustDerp
      Hey i play pokerman son and mom too!
      1. Berr, LatiaZ and Latios-- like this.
    15. PaulaDeen
      Kingtopia has 3 rudes and was the original forum warrior
      1. Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
    16. A_C_MacD
      I have your sister in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
      1. Leafeon
        Dec 15, 2016
        insta and Latios-- like this.
    17. WavY-Royzide
      You a hottie
      1. Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
    18. Latios--
      wtf pokemon sun and moon is getting released tomorrow in Europe and I already got it shipped to my home
      1. Leafeon likes this.
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      3. MegaLatios
        Fair enough, Sun/Moon do have a ridiculous amount of tutorials on the first island, you get way more freedom on the second though. Probably the only bad part of the game, alongside the stupid framerate issues with totems, double battles and z moves
        Nov 26, 2016
        Leafeon, PaulaDeen and Latios-- like this.
      4. PaulaDeen
        Theres also no 3D in the game at all, a tleast not on mine. Also, is the game easy if you use the exp share. Or hard if you ise the exp share
        Nov 26, 2016
        Leafeon and Latios-- like this.
      5. ItsBeen30DaysNow
        "Theres also no 3D in the game at all"
        it still has better graphics then ORAS.
        Dec 4, 2016
        Latios-- likes this.
    19. Garbaga
      u spelled expect wrong in ur signature
      1. Latios-- likes this.
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      3. Garbaga
        no because you also put "motivating "signature instead of "motivating" signature
        Nov 19, 2016
      4. Ken_M
        I will only be 'Happy' if you stop commenting on my threads.
        Nov 20, 2016
      5. Latios--
        Nov 20, 2016
    20. Relevancy
      Idk whether it was on purpose or not, but you spelled "expect" as "except" in your sig
      1. Latios-- likes this.
      2. Latios--
        you see how much I care
        Nov 18, 2016
        JellyBeansGirl likes this.
      3. JellyBeansGirl
        Sorry Relevancy but you just got roasted xD
        Jun 29, 2018
      4. Relevancy
        Yes, "just" got roasted 2 years ago yes yes
        Jul 3, 2018
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    • Thomas Edward Watson JP Has been three times President of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce. President of the South Wales District Committee for home supplies of coal and coke, and of the Committee for war supplies of coal to France.
    • Herbert James Whiteley MP Unionist member for Mid-Worcestershire since 1916, and for Ashton-under-Lyne 1895-1906. Ex-Mayor of Blackburn and High Sheriff of Worcestershire, 1913-14.
    • John Wood MP Unionist MP for Stalybridge since 1910. High Sheriff of Herefordshire in 1900. Strong supporter of the Unionist cause in North Derbyshire.
    Knight Bachelor
    • Robert N. Anderson, Mayor of Derry and a member of the Irish Convention
    • William Nicholas Atkinson, LLD lately Divisional Inspector of Mines. A leading mining engineer who has contributed largely to a knowledge of the dangers of coal dust in mines. Joint author of a well-known book on explosions in coal mines.
    • Dr. Barclay Josiah Baron MB CM Twice Lord Mayor of Bristol and an energetic promoter of the War Loan.
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    • John Galsworthy, novelist and playwright of much distinction. Since the war, he has written in the public service on behalf of various patriotic and humanitarian objects. (Declined knighthood.)[10]
    • S. Archibald Garland, Mayor of Chichester 1912-18.
    • Charles Henry Gibbs, Mayor of Lambeth in 1907-08 and 1914-16. Leader of the Unionist Party in Lambeth since 1900.
    • Ernest W. Glover, worked at the Ministry of Shipping since its formation, having previously been a member of the Admiralty Transport Advisory Committee.
    • William Henry Hadow MA MusDoc Principal of Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne. Member of the Council of the Royal College of Music. Edited, and wrote one volume of the Oxford History of Music. Member of the Commission on Welsh Education.
    • Anthony Hope Hawkins, novelist and playwright, known as "Anthony Hope" to his readers
    • Thomas Jeeves Horder MD Has made valuable contributions to science in bacteriology.
    • John Morris-Jones MA Professor of Welsh at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. A member of the Carnarvonshire Education Committee and the Anglesey County Council Has written extensively on Welsh language and literature.
    • William F. Jury, Organized a supply of cinema films of the war on the Western front and did work for the last War Loan and in organizing war charities.


    Did you expect me to put a "nice" and "motivating" signature just to make people like me for being someone fake in a block game forum? Probably not, but if you did you were wrong.