Jul 17, 2013
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Game Designer


Thanks everyone! I'll always try to stay as close as possible to the community as this is where I'm coming from. We will do great things! Nov 12, 2015

    1. Krepstaaah
      Hey Jaya could you look at my bug report named Skyblock nothing else, it has a game breaking bug that could easily be abused
    2. Kostiushko
      I accidently deleted the coop profile and now my friends cant add me back since it says im already on the coop list.. can it be fixed somehow
    3. TopShagger
      Are we allowed to afk mine if all me get is cobble and no xp or collection
      1. Zackaria
        I do not believe this is allowed and would not advise you to do it. Please make sure with an in-game staff member before doing it!
        Aug 7, 2019
    4. Magikernn
      Would love my 5mil back that i lost in the AH becasue you guys disabled it.
    5. Sh1r4n
      Check dms please
    6. The350
      Hello there, im the one that made the exploit on Skyblock (the burning sand one) no need of investigating, i admit the crime and consequences
    7. JuliusVer
      Hey Jaya, can u pls tell me why you guys nerfed the shiny blocks so badly? i mean like, its the end right? in the end you should get better stuff right? i mean 7K coins on average for mining a shiny block was maybe a lil too much but like now u only get 500 coins its not even worth going for them anymore, atleast buff them a little bit, nobody is happy about the nerf.
    8. Lgius
      What's the state of patch notes right now? (Are they still relevant or is the time just not enough to add them?)
    9. AxCastillo
      Hey! do you think it's possible to add this recipe in a future?: 6 Stacks of sugar cane (First 6 slots) = 2 Enchanted Paper. It's really frustrating to craft stacks of enchanted paper hahaha
    10. NotFunny
      your island is noice :)
    11. ItzSavageGeN
      I’m having issues on Skyblock. Blocks keep glitching and there is lots of lag. Can you please do something to fix that or get another staff member? Thank you <3
    12. Laevatain
      today is basically over can u respond something if have to delay four weeks
    13. 39fps
      Thanks for all your hard work, same for the rest of staff :)
      1. Arti_Creep and Thomas like this.
    14. TarSeelie
      Unlike the rest, I do not ask for an update, I only ask that they put a list of rules for skyblock, many people are asking for it. Thank you for reading.
    15. JuliusVer
      I've been seeing you a lot on the Hypixel skyblock forums, but I just can't figure out what your profile photo is, please tell me what it is I'm going crazy
      1. TarSeelie
        right click, search image in google: dune sandworm
        Jul 31, 2019
    16. Oooooook
      Hi, I have a question about skyblock afk its rules. Does using alt account to just afk and do nothing on mid account's profile is allowed? This alt account will not gain anything but mid account's server will still running its time, if this island have an arm farm will let the machine keeps working.
    17. BigoNicko
      Plz can you add /coopadd <player> for solo players
      1. KamalLp likes this.
    18. kingschool9
      Do you happen to know why mobs suddenly became "fat", meaning they could no longer fit in 1 block wide holes
    19. augieee
      all hail the glorified mod jayavarmen
    20. xGrounder
      Yo, Skyblock need minions for diorite, granite and andesite (and maybe dirt?). These blocks are great to build ^^ Btw can you add and /setspawn command? Thanks, -xGrounder
      1. elliotsupergamer likes this.
      2. Jayavarmen
        You can already craft all those blocks.
        And setting spawn should be happening soon.
        Jul 23, 2019
      3. xGrounder
        I didnt know that.
        Can they get added to the trade menu? (with a suggestion to buy more than 1) Sure you can craft them but you can also trade leaves (although you can farm them) , so why not?
        Jul 23, 2019
        elliotsupergamer likes this.
      4. xGrounder
        Or add these block to the shop?
        Jul 23, 2019
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