Jul 17, 2013
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Game Designer


Thanks everyone! I'll always try to stay as close as possible to the community as this is where I'm coming from. We will do great things! Nov 12, 2015

    1. gulid_233
      I played Murder Mystery in Chypixel and encountered a mountain Bug. Please fix the Bug of the mountain. At 6 o'clock in Beijing time today, I met two people who made pictures. The Bug of the picture is very serious. And no one has ever fixed the Bug of Murder Mystery's mountain on Chypixel. The guild on Chypixel has been feedback to Netease many times.
    2. rednaxelaz1222
      Could you please help me with a bug
    3. AxCastillo
      Heeeeyyy, what about adding smth like “When your coop has been offline for two months you can kick your partner if you wish so” (in a two member coop; this can be upgraded but I don’t think it’s that needed atm). GL and Have Fun both in life and in the game :D
    4. maximilian123
    5. AxCastillo
      It’s not possible to use minion chairs in coop
    6. ZuseYT
      Hey, is it possible to give the players some kind of ETA on the next skyblock update, so we know when to expect something new instead of 40000 wondering/complaining about when the next update is? Either way, Thank you for everything that you have done for the community <3!
      1. RogueVI
        Weeks later, and at last no NEWS yet
        Oct 7, 2019
    7. Kanpo1
      pls accept discord invite
    8. gulid_233
      Sorry, the administrator, bothering you with a problem, the map of Murder Mystery's mountain map on Chypixel has never been fixed.
    9. NoRankNoSkin
      The nerf was proposed to make them 25% worse, right? Just make them have 25% less speed, it’s much simpler than not splitting or not growing etc.
      1. Labron1975
        But then people who want to use magma minions normally are hurt badly
        Sep 21, 2019
      2. NoRankNoSkin
        But the 90% of us who use them otherwise outweigh them
        Sep 21, 2019
    10. NoRankNoSkin
      Jayavarmen I have a question that may make the magma minion nerf easier
    11. UltimaGamer3000
      I am unable to pm you how i feel, but I can do this! For the past 5 years I have been so angry at the pessimistic, apathetic, uncaring jerk that is Jayavarmen for shooting down whatever neat idea I had to Balance Arena Brawl, and then goes to explain that having OP skills is ok... when it is NOT.
      1. UltimaGamer3000
        He failed to be open minded, look at my perspective, and only cared about himself and his own opinion. Nothing you say will not defend your actions, nor deny my genuine feelings for a unsympathetic person such as you.
        That is all.
        Sep 19, 2019
    12. Poggersninja
      Buff Pigman Sword
      1. Shiner6 and Ah_ri like this.
      2. RogueVI
        Oct 7, 2019
    13. ninjalen55
      Pls I need help I accidentally cooped with the wrong person can you uncoop me?
    14. Kalip
      Hello there is an issue with hypixel (idk if everywhere it happened on skyblock for me) when you add someone as a friend you lose your xp (ign: Kalipa1337)
    15. pastard
    16. pastard
      pls make it so bidder cant claim back their item because itis a maintance! and they get refund.
    17. CakeCombo
      Hey Jaya, I posted in round 1 of the skyblock ideas post with tier 10 collections and one of them happens to be leather 10 which is in the game now and the item I suggested but I haven't gotten the Creative Mind item yet. So if I could be able to get it soon that would be great. Thanks for your consideration. -Cake P.s. my IGN is uwuSeason
    18. Jerryng331
      Hey jayavarmen I have a question, server update yesterday right,when I join skyblock I lose everything stuff expect enderchest and talisman. @Jayavarmen
    19. 69420IQ
      Can you confirm if reforges of the same talisman family line are supposed to stack? Is this an intended feature or a bug?
    20. 88superguyYT
      how do i report someone for scamming me?
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