Jul 17, 2013
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Game Designer


Thanks everyone! I'll always try to stay as close as possible to the community as this is where I'm coming from. We will do great things! Nov 12, 2015

    1. That1Peoples
      Hello, I have noticed that after dying to a mob, that i cannot instantly warp back home or to the hub, because of it saying that I am still in combat. I just wanted to know if this was intentional or if it is a bug.
    2. Duckz__
      Hi, I found an exploit similar to the one where you could fall in the lift and reach areas. I posted it yesterday in the bug forum but it still hasn't been seen so could you give it a check?
    3. d0s3
    4. DarkVoid64
    5. Beliaal
      Hello, i found out that you can boost to other islands from the lobby with the grappling hook, all the blocks in those islands are unbreakable. You can also boost up in the middle of the colosseum with the hook.
    6. Sweatily
      Hey I found an issue on SB and I'm not sure who to contact about it since it's in regards to items and a farm crystal dissapearing from my island
    7. WhiffySteve
      What's your discord name? I need to talk to you about the dupe glitch you messaged me about
      hello Jayavarmen, please help me. At yesterday,suddenly can not join SkyBlock. massege is "This game is already started! Please try again" and "Cannot join SkyBlock for a morment! (Queue join cooldown)". Other game is fine. only skyblock. What should I do? I like SkyBlock very much.I want to play fast. Please,Please help me.
    9. amgo
      Why i am banned in hypixle i tryied to join hypixel but i am not connected to hypixel in my life why i have ban and my name is heliumix i dont find my name in anywhere in this hypixel net i wanna play awesome skyblock i am tested it in my friends
      1. Skatato
        You may have gotten a security ban if so set your security questions on mojang.com then put in a ban appeal on the forums and you should get unbanned
        Jun 28, 2019
    10. Dual
      rod dmg still registers no matter where u are
    11. Infource
      You liked my thread!^▽^
      1. Tsubasa0504 likes this.
    12. lopen
      You said sweet rewards to peeps who got exploit info, I've reported 2 via bug reports, does that count :p
    13. IanTech
      Absolutely amazing job from you and the team with SkyBlock! I have now found my favorite game on the network :D
      1. LadyHestia and voids like this.
    14. Zekeplayzz
      Yo game designer? Niiice I know from experience that’s hard gotta cover so many different outcomes and save inventory and all that MAN it can be frustrating any tips?
    15. MysticWell
      I have much info on dupe exploiting, if it’s possible, create a conversation with me or dm me on discord at Omgitswarp123#5194
      1. Helium_1s2 likes this.
      2. Jayavarmen
        Anyone can message me on discord, my PMs are opened.
        I read everything but don't answer to everything.
        Jun 11, 2019
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    16. stantheman2011
    17. NoHacksJustLuck_
      I love this admin, i usually see many posts from you, no negative ratings
    18. hypov
      An admin that is 1. nice 2. good perfect
      1. memer1 likes this.
    19. Wolf
      Love you, don't let the salty members of the community get to you <3 Games like UHC and The Pit need big changes, you're doing perfectly.
    20. 5uperLegit
      Dear Jayavarmen , Today, on the account that keeps the guild, the ban has flown for a year, and while I am trying to find out the reason and the solution to this situation, I would like to ask you whether you can transfer the guild leader autonomously To another account, and how I can do it, thanks for your time.
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