Jul 17, 2013
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Game Designer


Thanks everyone! I'll always try to stay as close as possible to the community as this is where I'm coming from. We will do great things! Nov 12, 2015

    1. Ornithology
      You’re actually amazing . You have to put up with so much negativity, I wish people would be open to change and realize that the only way to find out if something could work in a game is test it out; nothing is permanent and you’re just trying out new things to help grow games. I love all the stuff you’re doing and how much you’re listening to the community, so big thanks
      1. xHexical, GeoPaladin and Jayavarmen like this.
      2. GeoPaladin
        Agreed. I may not always prefer the direction taken, but you're a cool guy and I appreciate the effort you're going to here. I've enjoyed these temporary modes as a change of pace.
        Dec 20, 2018
        Ornithology likes this.
    2. Enwrathed
      Remove brawl. No one wants it. Get your shit together
      1. LordofTears
        i want it ;-;
        Mar 23, 2019
    3. deactivated1
      wowzers an admin that actually talks to people? impossible i call hacks
      1. xPartyLlama and GeoPaladin like this.
      2. BulbJake
        I agree
        Dec 18, 2018
        xPartyLlama likes this.
      3. xPartyLlama
        Ikr. Very refreshing
        Jun 11, 2019
      4. deactivated1
        Jun 12, 2019
    4. Ornithology
      You actually interact with the community and stuff yay
      1. GeoPaladin and xHexical like this.
    5. StevenR8
      Hi I created a conversation with you about something
      1. xHexical likes this.
    6. MIHAID
      Hello, I left minecraft for a while, and I got stuck for a few days to come back to this game again and enter the server * HYPIXEL * AND I WANT TO VAD IF YOU ARE CODEI WHAT ARE EVEN ON RANKED SW! AND WHAT WE WILL BECOME PERMANENT BAN ON RANKED SW, WHY? AND HOW CAN I SCOTE?
    7. altrana
      This probably sounds like a strange question, but is your picture from the movie Dune? It looks exactly like one of the worms in it. Ps: if it is, glad to see another lover of crappy horror movies
      1. LovingDaddy
        yeah it is
        Dec 4, 2018
      2. Jayavarmen
        It is from Dune indeed. However it is not a horror movie.
        Dec 4, 2018
        GeoPaladin likes this.
    8. Weslife
      stop it wtf
    9. Supergoed1
      Have you seen suiteys pit thread?
    10. mirracle <3
      mirracle <3
      An admin that actively looks at a communities suggestions! Although I’m only on the uhc forums but still! You seem pretty cool :)
      1. GeoPaladin likes this.
    11. Maple39
      Hey dude a child at my school claims he is you.
    12. ChampionWolf
      Nerf sharp 3 rushing a bit. Maybe just make it 3 sharp books at Max since having a sword that's 2x better then most new players at PvP is unfair
      1. GeoPaladin and BulbJake like this.
      2. BulbJake
        I agree
        Oct 29, 2018
    13. BulbJake
      Is there anyway that you could make uhc a little easier for low stars, cus getting killed by a full diamond with tarnhelm, dragon chestplate, hide, and seven leagues and a sharp 3 dragon sword is not fair at all
      1. Intentaste
        u just need skill
        Dec 5, 2018
    14. OptiQueen
      Hii! I need some help , and for that maybe you could go on my account and start a converstation? i will tell you there more. Thank you!!!
    15. pixelmemered
      was there a gexp patch making it so some guilds don't have a cap on weekends? I've just heard this from a friend and I want to confirm it xd
    16. SimonCowell
      What is your profile picture? It looks like a cinnamon stick to me
      1. Jayavarmen
        You are the 20th player to ask that on my profile!(for real) Congrats!
        It's a picture from the movie Dune, featuring a sandworm!
        Oct 10, 2018
    17. DKodaa
      Hey, so my guild is almost a year old, but we're still working on it and I'm thinking of some ranks to add. So is there a whitelist and/or blacklist for rank names? e.g: Captain, or Serpent.
      1. Jayavarmen
    18. WorthyIsVape
      1. Jayavarmen
        I can assure you 100% that the appeal team read it. You should not be surprised.
        Sep 25, 2018
      2. WorthyIsVape
        I swear a god the didnt read my appeal . Pls go to check with yourself because there is no reason can denied my appeal
        Sep 26, 2018
    19. Illuminxti
      Wool Hunt has been great so far imo. I've seen some good ideas here and there, but it's hard to tell what's planned / already been added. Is there going to be a roadmap or something anytime soon? Maybe after a couple more days of suggestions, I suppose.
      1. Illuminxti
        Anyway, are there any Wool Hunt Discords yet? If there aren't I might go ahead and make one, it should be more useful for ideas since it's easier to connect & collaborate
        Sep 24, 2018
      2. Jayavarmen
        I’ll pin the important threads. And I don’t believe there is a community discord yet.
        Sep 24, 2018
      3. Illuminxti
        Alright, thanks
        Sep 24, 2018
    20. Stannya
      I'm sure you have seen my guide on Wool Hunt. Anything I can improve?
      1. Jayavarmen
        Yep I saw it. Once the game is a bit more complete I'll sticky a guide in the sub section for everyone to see.
        Sep 23, 2018
        Stannya likes this.
      2. Stannya
        Sep 23, 2018
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