Jul 17, 2013
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Disband me please PLEASE
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Game Designer


Thanks everyone! I'll always try to stay as close as possible to the community as this is where I'm coming from. We will do great things! Nov 12, 2015

    1. Iron_Worriar
      help there is a server in the blazing fortress that is nameless (null) plx respond we cant leave by re logging, the teleport pads dont work cause its nameless same go's for the return to island option in skyblock options, help SOS we're stranded thank you
    2. samir1111111
      is the beahded horror as rare as the reaper sycth ? pls respond
    3. atitii
      On my forum page, there's a post about a person scamming, and a bug that happened over a month ago. You could look at it, if you want.
    4. Squidol76
      Make snowman pet rideable, I want to ride it and not being made fun of for not being able to ride my pet
    5. pinguinboi
      jayavarmen is a casino is skyblock illegal i have searched for some threads about casino being illegal or legal but the answers where divided so i thaught that maybe you would know the answer
    6. Qywn
      Please help my summoning eye I had on auction disappeared
    7. old_juice
      randomly my items will just disappear I had a medium backpack filled with heaps of tools and armour and my best fishing rod and then when I teleported to the hub it just disappeared
    8. taco54231
      idk if you can do something but I got scammed and just wanted to ask if I can do anything to get my stuff back the name of the scammer btw was stui
    9. _Retroo
    10. Stink_Breath
    11. TaxCollector
      Thanks for everything you have done for Hypixel
      1. Sayny likes this.
    12. connorneedshelp
      mmmm seems about right
    13. I_am_a_girl_2
      I have started a conversation with you because i need help. Is it OK if you would have a look.
    14. Rojoranas
      I don’t know where to post my idea but I will post here. I spend too much time condensing blocks into their enchanted form. I have been trying to get all of the wood for the wood singularity and I have bought most of it and it is a pain to craft 1600 enchanted wood blocks. Could you add a command like /condense and condense everything in your inventory to their enchanted form.
    15. ChocoDonuts199
      Are AFK pools bannable on hypixel skyblock. Thanks
      1. pinguinboi
        no they are legal
        Jan 13, 2020 at 12:58 PM
    16. SakuraTb
      help my solo profile deleted itsef My solo skyblock profile i spend alot of time on got deleted suddenly overnight. No one is replying me in email/support convosation. it has been afew days and im getting desperate pls help this is the convosation ticket this is the ticket ID: 233466. This issue has been on for about a week and no one seems to get back to me please help.
      1. Clarker
        It seems like you've been insided. What this means is your account's security was breached! Sadly, nothing can be done to bring your account back to how it once was. However, the best step you can take is to change the password for your accounts to something that won't be guessable- think "Ji298fgh(QH5op)#-" instead of "av0cad0t0ast1337".
        Jan 1, 2020
      2. SakuraTb
        is there a way to retrive the lost data in the profile tho thx for ur reply
        Jan 2, 2020
    17. Kincli
      @ jayavarmen i lost 20m when u cancelled my auctions u think i can get them back?
    18. Nathan912
      @Jayavarmen so i love this skyblock game its amazing but i was wondering can i get the map source so i can try to play it solo?
      1. pinguinboi
        Jan 13, 2020 at 1:01 PM
    19. fluffydogminer
      I got scammed out of full strong dragon armor i have the video evidence and the like to it is below..Can you plz do something about this. I worked so hard to get this and if this were to go unnoticed or not dealt with I think that i would quit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu1gpR2YXeU
      1. Iota
        what was the offer for the armor anyways

        also, don't think they'd do something about you getting scammed, they only do things if it was a server problem, like if it crashed or loosing money from a banking glitch or something
        Dec 30, 2019
    20. Skeppy_Girl
      Hey I got scammed out of full ender armor and ember armor it shows on my recent post please read
      1. KiiperIsTemmie
        That stuff is worth nothing xD
        Dec 27, 2019
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