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Grateful for the opportunity to return to the staff team! After a brief hiatus, I'm back as a Moderator :) Jan 13, 2019

JakeDaaBud was last seen:
Nov 12, 2019 at 10:28 PM
    1. TSkiller99
      plz help me ive been banned for literally no reason
    2. Jaco_Black
      Why are you lowercase:thinking:
    3. xXPlasma_JellyXx
      Can you please review my ban appeal and maybe make it shorter? I am a good person, I really love hypixel and I am sorry for what I have done. Thanks
    4. EugiBuster3000
      Please answer the Conversation i started with you.
      1. JakeDaaBud
        There's a reply waiting for you in your inbox.
        Oct 20, 2019
    5. HuskyVgodz1234
      someone scammed me for 8 each lava bucks and a super comp his name is blackjesus90000 sorry to bother u but i need help and thats my only money maker
    6. HuskyVgodz1234
      sir am sorry to bother but i need help right now
    7. 2_ted
      Hey! (For once not a ban appeal) Nice pfp!
      1. JakeDaaBud likes this.
    8. YaBoyWhaley
      Hello. I was craft scammed on Skyblock at around 6:30 CDT by someone with the IGN RealBanks who had MVP. I was wondering if there was any way that I could get the items that were stolen from me back. Thank you for your consideration and if you could, may you please update me on the situation. Sincerely, YaBoyWhaley
    9. LordDarkfFire
      hi i just got banned for having a mod in my folder without using it and i want to say im very sorry about my mess up i was using the smart moving mod in a friends server and didn't take it off before i logged on to hypixel and i would like to b unbanned to help my friends in hypixel my ign is horat1o_humble i just thought i should tell a mod before a full appeal
      1. _Gingey_
        Contacting a moderator is not a way to get unbanned, you will have to make an appeal via the forums.
        Oct 4, 2019
    10. sportsmachine99
      I need help, i was in skyblock with all my money in my inventory because i was buying stuff from the auction and then the server kicked everyone and i lost all my money in my purse.
    11. Gaming_Overload
      Hey i am banned on haypixel. I send a unban application i say in ther that i had used hacks but i dont use them anymore. And one of the serverteam was thinking that i sayed i never hacked before . That the reaon my application is declined. Now i cant send a other unban application and i ask you if there is a possibility to be unbannd. I swear i removed my hacks! Sorry i am from germany i cant really good english
    12. ParkiMC
      can we talk on discord its a longg story discord: Parki#5120
    13. awais05
      awais05 awais05 hi I need help no one said any thing back to my hypixel support for 1 month please snet someone please fix my support my conversation id is 172984
      1. JakeDaaBud
        Passed this along, thank you for your continued patience.
        Sep 13, 2019
    14. PrestonOpart
      i have a prosthetic arm will i get banned if i use it to play? i need to use the mouse :(
    15. KingGaryIsKai05
      My Account got banned because I had a vpn, but it was my first time playing on a minecraft server can you plz help
    16. Grangur
      Please, I broke up a long time ago and I am very sorry, I don't remember doing any of the "selling" I might have done any of my 2 sisters, I'm really not sure, but please I'm sorry if that's what you want to hear, because it's I'm really sad,
      1. Grangur
        I want to play on the server again, I like it a lot and I've been playing here for many years. Please give me another chance, I assure you that you will not regret it, please I ask you on your knees. Many thanks.
        Aug 23, 2019
      Aye yo could you check and see if a staff member could read my application thanks <3 ur daa Best Mod
    18. MrClaudinho
      Hello, can you help me pls? I was banned by an injustice. The server thought that i used hacks but is fake. i made an appeal before and the admins denied that. Can you help me pls with this situation? i love the server and i never used hacks.
      1. shimon15
        Appeals team decisions are final and cannot be changed. They got evidence against you.
        Aug 13, 2019
    19. Overkiller
      I dont know if this is going to do anything but i tried to appeal for a ban a very long time ago and never got a response and I never understood how i got banned because i have never used hacks before on minecraft, unless i was playing a mod pack, i hope you see this and thank you because i would love to play some uhc, now that it is fully developed
    20. bobden
      I was banned three years ago and my appeal hasn't been responded to. Can I please get an answer so I know if I need 27 dollars to play hypixel again because I was a 12 year old who wanted to be a hacker?
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