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I haven't updated this in a half a year, hello! Mar 27, 2019

irlHamster was last seen:
Viewing thread [BLOOD] The BloodLust Official Guild Thread | #3 on LB| Applications OPEN, Jan 22, 2020 at 11:03 PM
    1. AidenPlayzGamez
    2. xLK1To
      Hello, is it possible to file an appeal again since I did not correctly indicate the reason.
    3. Amoura2000
      You better be doing great.
      1. boomer9 and irlHamster like this.
      2. irlHamster
        would be better with my wave buddy!
        Jan 3, 2020
        boomer9 likes this.
    4. PrinceMRG
      This is all one thing but it was too large to fit in one box. By SuqIt
    5. PrinceMRG
      His IGN is GoDoScooterAnkle and mine is SuqIt if I am ever needed to be contacted on Hypixel. This has really lowered my enthusiasm to play hypixel but I do really want to continue playing on the server as a happy person. Thanks in Advance!
    6. PrinceMRG
      I then try messaging them and they both have me ignored and I was never payed my money but they still had my wise armor. In conclusion I was scammed and would really like staff help getting my stuff back and helping stop this scammer.
    7. PrinceMRG
      He said we should use a skyblock middle man, I said sure and I give my armor to the middle man he has partied and i put something on my auction for them to bid on when i say in the party chat bid on it, they say nothing back
    8. PrinceMRG
      Hello Mr. Hamster so I was just playing skyblock and a kid said in chat "I will buy wise set for 3mil." I immediately partied him and he said I will pay you 2.6 mil for the set, the price changed but that was still money for me so I said sure.
    9. Mitch8778
      Hey i just logged in after being gone for a while and all my money is bid on an arrow and my weapon and armor is all gone. I am not banned just all my stuff I have worked for in skyblock is gone and I dont know what to do.
    10. NinjaGhost1752
      Need help at Mini24f, Mass cheating going on by the Red Team to artificially enhance their kill count by not ending the game and spawn camping
      1. Drex
        Last I checked that wasn't against the rules.
        Dec 21, 2019
        NinjaGhost1752 likes this.
      2. NinjaGhost1752
        Thanks for checking. I'm still newish, so still learning all the rules
        Dec 24, 2019
        Drex likes this.
      3. Drex
        Dec 24, 2019
        NinjaGhost1752 likes this.
    11. 10KitchenGadget
      i share my account with my friend because he dont have an account and we are new and didn't read the rules my friend that they might though we were boosting but hell no we dont even care we just want to play but now my friend got an account and mine is banned i need hlp
    12. monster_maher17
      Okay soooooo... ive been banned for two years and i was wondering if i could get an unban/appeal becuase since i did it the day i got banned (2 years ago) and it still wont let me make another appeal i enjoy this server so some help would be nice thx
      1. Drex
        No. This is not a possibility. Only one appeal is allowed per punishment, and it doesn't matter how much time has passed this rule will always be heavily inforced.
        Dec 7, 2019
    13. Peachine
      Hello irlHamster! I don't mean to bother you but, I got scammed earlier by two guys, 8675 and PepperPotts0331. Pepper told me he'll pay me 2.3 mil coins for my Young Dragon set. Of course i agreed because the whole set is worth 1 mil. He brought a "middle man" to tell me how this whole thing works. So I agreed. But right after I gave the middle man the armor, he's suppose to give me the coins on the auction.-
      1. Peachine
        -But instead he, kicked me out of his island and left the party. I also have screenshots if you want proof. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
        Nov 29, 2019
    14. Caleb
      Congrats on 2 years <3
      1. irlHamster likes this.
    15. SupeRainbowMob
      hello irlhamster can you please help me. I cannot join hypixel because it always just says "Failed to Authenticate your Connection." Do you know how to fix this?
    16. Shiyn
      Thanks so much for playing with me a few days ago!
    17. PandaAveryy
      Hey, irlHamster, I might have to get off in a few mins, so hope you see this before that, but I have a problem with my friend 's housing where it got griefed and the griefer did the water glitch where it's out of the plot, and if there's any way to help her, her username is Sheepzila. Thank you! And she just got offline ;-;
    18. Cherub
      Beep boop
      1. Fyyre and irlHamster like this.
      2. irlHamster
        Boop beep!
        Oct 10, 2019
        Cherub and Fyyre like this.
      3. Drex
        boop beep beep boop!
        Nov 20, 2019
      Hi irlHamsterr, sorry to bother you, but i got scammed on SkyBlock and I tried to report him, but it said that i had no direct messages with him in the past 15 minutes, but I was in a party with him. Is there anything you can do to help me? Or do I go to someone else?
    20. BlitzenDark
      What is with Armed? Why did they removed it? It was so great!
      1. BannerSnake9402
        The bedwars dream mode cycles between 5 different modes; Armed, lucky block, voiceless, 50vs50, ultimates. They cycle round each mode once every month (ROUGHLY) do I’m assuming that armed will appear in like a couple months or so.
        Oct 25, 2019
        BlitzenDark likes this.
      2. BannerSnake9402
        When I’m online you can party me (my name is BanneSnek) and I can do a private game of armed if you enjoy it.
        Oct 25, 2019
        BlitzenDark likes this.
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