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Oct 7, 2015
Apr 27, 2015
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:/ Aug 2, 2015

IndesorGamingYT was last seen:
Oct 7, 2015
    1. HayDereImPunneh
      Are you really Clyo_? Sorry, I really wanna check.
      1. TheHandyCrafter
        He is Clyo_
        Oct 22, 2015
    2. Penguins
      Hey Indesor. Bella says you quit. Why?
      1. xBeast_Gamerx
        He didn't quit he changed his name because of "bullying" but I'm not gonna say what he changed his name into.
        Aug 6, 2015
      2. xBeast_Gamerx
        But he bullied other people too so karma got him
        Aug 6, 2015
    3. SwampGamer
      Why did you remove me from your friend's list also? .-.
      1. TheHandyCrafter
        He removed me from his guild: WarZone ( if it still exists)
        Oct 22, 2015
      2. SwampGamer
        Dude this was from Aug 2nd, ik the whole story now xD
        Oct 22, 2015
    4. IndesorGamingYT
      1. TheHandyCrafter
        What is (((((( :/ )))))))
        Oct 22, 2015
    5. xBeast_Gamerx
      Why did you remove me from your friend list ._.
    6. Havocdubstep
      hey Indesor nice CVC vid:D
      you got rekt by JaysJays though. Was pretty funny to watch, but I know it can be frustrating. lol
      1. TheHandyCrafter
        I keep looking for his channel but i can't find it or any of his vids! PLZ help
        Oct 22, 2015
    7. __Rexxar1408__
      Indesor Hey i'm xCuteRexZEE im muted for one day bc i was reported
      1. IndesorGamingYT
        I'm muted for 1 week :/
        Jul 17, 2015
      2. TheHandyCrafter
        Why do they report u guys anyway?
        Oct 22, 2015
      3. __Rexxar1408__
        Oct 23, 2015
    8. GarryTheLobster
      well welcome to hypixel m8, I am so honored to be your first follow and first comment from another person on your profile.
      Welcome to the clan of hypixel.............
      1. IndesorGamingYT likes this.
      2. TheHandyCrafter
        Good Job!!! :)
        Oct 22, 2015
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    Hello hypixel Members/Community!

    IndesorGamingYT here to let everyone on the server know that I have made a YouTube channel called IndesorGaming! I just wanted to tell everyone that I'll be starting a channel/series for gaming and alot of the recordings will be on CoC (Clash Of Clans) and Minecraft (Hypixel).

    About Me:
    My Channel name is IndesorGaming and you can refer/see me ingame known as IndesorGamingYT. I am a MVP+ (just purchased) and love to play minecraft/other video games which include Clash of Clans, maybe CS:GO, Minecraft, etc!. I have started to record videos of the server and me playing CVC (Cops vs Crims) and have started my first upload today! I will be starting many videos on Hypixel for numerous games/servers which may include; CvC, quakecraft, Blitz SG, paintball, Minigames, Galaxy wars, Etc! I didn't start my channel too long ago but I'm aiming to be great entertainment for children, teens, adults and hope to build a community and be inspirational to others who are going through hard times or anything! I hope to build a great community with my YouTube channel and will post videos everyday if I'm able to.

    Where can you find me:
    Well I'm basically all over the server, my timezone time is Mountain Time and as long as I don't have hockey, homework, etc I'll be on hypixel or CoC.

    Feel free to pop on clash of clans and join the clan I'm currently in called "DukeCityKnights"

    My guild:
    I'm currently in a guild called GoodFellas, but if by any chance you'd like/love to join our guild feel free to ask me or anyone that can Invite you to the guild and you can join us. :)

    What My Goal Is For Youtube:
    My goal for YouTube is to have fun, entertain others, build a community/ large family, and for you to be part of the Indesor Army! :D

    Some Heads Up Of What My Channel Will Be Like:

    P.S my first video for Indesor Gaming! :)

    Well thanks everyone for reading this and I hope you can be part of the Indesor Bro Army and I'll see y'all ingame, on CoC or in teamspeak or Twitch!

    Don't forget to Like, Comment, And Subscribe!


    YouTube channel Link: