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May 1, 2016
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Geckor Cheat Detection

Geckor was last seen:
Dec 6, 2019 at 2:01 PM
    1. ThankfulKitty551
      Hello! I like your pfp!
    2. JVSgamer
      this place is... rather dusty.
    3. Reflexian
    4. Ozpez
      hey so i made a ban appeal can you check it out??
    5. Segji
      GCD (geckor cheat detection)
    6. Thisismynameyeet
    7. Stefan456789
      Hello, I got banned by watchdog for cheating, I used only NoFall in hypixel skyblock!(I swear and I wont do it again) And I got banned for four weeks! And it was my first ban ever! And when i appealed my ban it was denyed. I swear i uninstalled my hack client and i wont do it ever again! Please help me. Username: Stefan456789 (Sorry when my english is not very good my main language is german)
      1. Stefan456789
        Or can you please make my ban less violent. I am really sorry. I swear I wont cheat ever again! I was never banned on any server before please I want to play with my friend. Please! :(
        Oct 13, 2019
    8. Pengu_nr1
      i would love if my ban could get less and be around 200 days please that would be great i dont suspect a 30 day unban bc it is a perma ban so please could you just sum it down to 200 days please
      1. Thisismynameyeet likes this.
    9. Pengu_nr1
      hi i am currently banned on the server for hacking im just curouis about the watchdog ban appeals there is an option to appeal but why is there a bot that auto denies the appeal like what is the point of the option to appeal if it just gets auto denied also please could you unban me im sorry i want to make another appeal but i cant so please if i get banned again ill never bother with hypixel or anybody again
    10. awais05
      hi I need help no one said any thing back to my hypixel support for 25 days please snet someone please fix my support my conversation id is 172984
    11. TheChronoblade
      Geckor Cheat Detection? More like trash cheat detection = Watchdog.
      1. Thisismynameyeet likes this.
    12. RyanRecon
      Hey I was perma banned for cheating on the server when I dont even know the last time I was on the server if I ever was, my friends wanted to play and when I loaded it up it said I was perma banned and my appeal was immediately declined is there a way you can actually find out why I was banned and if I can have a actual appeal thanks
      1. Bmonsters

        If you were banned for cheating and you don't suspect it was you, your account may have been compromised. Either way, your account is your responsibility, so the ban would still be upheld. Also, the Appeals Team decision is final. Sorry.
        Sep 6, 2019
    13. Trivin
      Is Geckor Cheat Detection in rivalry with Watchdog Cheat Detection for hackers banned? We need answers to critical issues like this!
    14. ciastko83
      Why my appeal is 'denied' i didnt have cheat i had only macro 67ms its normal click i use this becouse my wrist hurts me when i fast clicl becouise i had accident on the gym. Ehh i thin 67 ms i legal ehh sory
      1. SlenderManGames
        a macro is still a hack, they will just deny the appeal since they have no proof it hurts when you click fast
        Aug 27, 2019
    15. ciastko83
      Hi i have problem, becouse I got watchdog ban and I thinh its wrog becouse i didnt have cheat what can i do?
      1. xxm
        You can wait out your ban. :)
        Aug 21, 2019
      2. ciastko83
        Heh they denied my apperance hehehehe
        Aug 21, 2019
    16. ijoseph812
      hello I was using hacks but have now deleted them they did not give any help with the game it was only used to make a platform in skyblock I have made a ban appeal but it got denied this is th best sever I have ever played on I have been playing for a year now im super sorry for using hacks if u can please unban me I would be happy my username is ijoseph812 I have another 176 days
      1. xxm
        Well, how about you wait another 176 days? You're lucky it wasn't perm.
        Aug 21, 2019
    17. Comic76
      hey i really need your help and i was wondering if there was any way for me to contact you for a better reply
    18. Hacker
      Please help me ! I need you to activate the /f removeall . I want to reset my HyPixel Network friendships, why are you in a mess, sometimes I accept people to accept, but I want to reset my friendships and play alone! Please help me! JUST RESET MY HYPIXEL FRIENDS, PLEASE! I await your reply ! I love HyPixel: D
    19. LindonioG
      I got banned yesterday for cheating and exploiting even though I wasn't doing anything wrong. At the time I was watching videos on my second monitor while holding my mouse in my hand and holding down the right click to kill spiders with my fishing rod. The next thing I know I was banned. I appealed and explained why I didnt think I got banned in a fair emount of detail but was responded with a 'nope, you cheated'.
    20. parchibald21
      I was falsely banned for a year yesterday because I was suspected of having macros. I have a disability in my hand that doesnt allow my pointer finger to move at the joint, and had to remap my left click to middle mouse button. Not bannable, but I still was banned. I cannot appeal again. Please please please help.
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