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erosemberg was last seen:
Feb 24, 2020 at 1:57 PM
    1. AlexanderPerson
      Hi erosemberg, I've made a bug report on skyblock, please.
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    2. podcrash2000
      I am trying to appeal a ban but it says its linked to another forum account but I don't know what that is can you help me unlink it. Btw my username is __DwightSchrute_
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    3. TheOwlPvP
      can you please take away my false WATCHDOG ban from like 3 years ago? my account got hacked and got banned from several servers and i really wanna play skyblock on hypixel :/
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    4. itsHumble
      Congratulations on achieving the Developer position. Look forward to new updates in the future. And wish you good luck as a developer :)
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    5. Adlair
      Nice work on the magma boss! Gotta give credit where credit is due
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    6. ojwelsh
      I was banned a while ago for hacking and now I have changed dmy ways if you could unban me and give me a chance that would be great my ban id is #B15F23F6
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    7. EagleZ
      Hello, I have recently been banned for things I haven't done soo I wanted to know if there is a way to know what was the ip adress of the account when I was banned. Thakns for your time.
    8. ISBWH
      Is the magma boss broke?
      1. Kift likes this.
      2. Kift
        i believe it's disabled so it can get fixed!
        Jul 26, 2019
    9. LiftBro
      It was accepted but now it says I have to wait 30 days before I can get back on the server. Is there any way you can help or detect me to someone I can talk to about getting the ban drop completely sense the whole ban was a mistake in the first place. I've waited a long time to play on the sever already because of my internet and I was excited to get on. The thought of waiting another month is making me antsy XD
    10. LiftBro
      I haven't played on minecraft servers in a long time because I moved and didn't have internet. I just got internet and tried to get on hypixel (my favorite server and one of the only ones I ever play on) and it said I had a perma ban for security issues. There has never been anything wrong with my account but I went ahead and changed my password like it said and filed for the ban appeal.
    11. TheChronoblade
      you dont think i saw you abuse in main lobby 1? oh yes i did bruh
    12. AreYouEvenTrying
      aye i need some help can you dm me please its regeting mvp++ that i did not buy. im a mvp+ nomal and i got mvp++ somehow
      1. Des
        Most likely battle pass if it went away in a few days. Otherwise, if you get chargebacked contact support
        Jul 30, 2019
    13. freakyphoenix
    14. Tazing_
    15. MacNCheese3
      Hypixel Skyblock Boss: Anubis Health: 1.8 million Mob: Giant zombie Release: Probably 2 months
    16. CarsonDW
      Why can't I submit a ban appeal?
    17. OwenDude007
      Hi I was wondering if you could unban me please because I was in a skywars game and then suddenly I got kicked out for hacking? Please help im only 10. Thanks have a great day! :)
    18. Mladen_Ivanovic
      hi can u help me so my son bough a rank and I want I refound because he didn't ask for it please message me or something so I can explain all
      1. Pikadex
        Hi Mladen, I know I am not staff, but I can possibly assist you. If you click "Support" up at the top of the page, you can create a support ticket asking for a refund :)
        Jul 9, 2019
    19. Emby
    20. Elrohir_Sven2001
      Hey, i am Sven and i have a question
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