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Feb 24, 2020 at 1:57 PM
    1. MeggalBozale
      Why have you forsaken us with Bedwars: RDR Edition
    2. bezahlbrudi
      Hey, today i got banned for "Account Security Alert" created already an appeal for it. It got accepted but i have to wait now 30days... is there anychance that this 30days ban can be canceld or something else? I changed my minecraft mail/password/account questions already. Would be nice if u can help me there with my problem? any chance to remove 30day timer? :c
      1. Sr_endi
        Sep 30, 2019
    3. gulid_233
      Our Chypixel players have been commenting on Cops and Crims for a year that the material packs are not accessible. Please fix Cops and Crims on Chypixel.
    4. B4tx
      Hey, just saw youre online :) Already texted Donpireso, but guess hes offline... could you have a look at Conversation ID: 215667in your ticket system? im having issues with your tebex store and I really wanna play SB but can't buy cause tebex is doing weird things... Thanks in advance! Regards Batx
    5. FunnyLucky
      Thank you for ignoring common sense and making the best gamemode on the Hypixel Network. You, sir, have my respect. Cheers!
    6. Wolf
      "We had concerns... we just ignored them"
      1. MeggalBozale likes this.
    7. Harmonicss
      Do u know what i like most a report i did on forum skyblock /rule break for over a few days when i made the appeal me first appeal was 14 days no read like are the hypixel staff that rude and useless even a ban appeal is faster. i do not like this REPLY! im not waiting anymore im msg every staff
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    8. gulid_233
      Our Chypixel players have been commenting on Cops and Crims for a year that the material packs are not accessible. Please fix Cops and Crims on Chypixel.
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    9. GoHawksDoesMC
      Hello there! Are new SpeedUHC maps and/or a SpeedUHC update on the radar for future projects? Just curious! Thanks!
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    10. amgo
      Why i cant do new appeal i wanna get unban i am dosent doed anything wrong or anything to be banned my nAme name is years ago masterotto1 and now Herraviilea
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    11. sebastian1906
      hey just asking a quick question is their any chance i can get unbanned since i was banned 1-2 years ago and really wanna play on the server again
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
      2. BwShxdow
        than do a ban appeal.
        Sep 6, 2019
        Cloakaii likes this.
    12. BenjiRTP
      I need to get this boy in my guild asap
      1. Cloakaii and the_1nternet like this.
    13. fsck
      Love all the dev updates, custom file format changes, java heap optimisation, awesome stuff! Would love to chat about Java/Kotlin (JVM) internals on a large scale project like this, can you PM me? :-)
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    14. addicted
      Can i join your guild please?
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    15. Epicness250
      will hypixel be increasing the server player limit? because right as im typing this im 7,800 in queue
      1. Cloakaii and EmeraldCoder like this.
    16. legobuilder115
      Hey I've had a bug report up for about a day now about my island. All my items in my chests were wiped, my minions are gone, my portals broke, and all my minion chests turned into regular chests. Is there anything that can be done about this? I've been playing for over a month now and yesterday I lost all my stuff.
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    17. cmrainauds
      i cant get in hypixel im not ban
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    18. AlphaSlash
      The person under me WAS true, but I got out now using mushroom soup and some ender pearls. no need to visit the island now
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    19. Gamer3003
      I would like to have my forum account deleted, thanks.
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
    20. Pompiere2
      please can you read my bug report, it's important
      1. Cloakaii likes this.
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