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Aug 10, 2013
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erosemberg was last seen:
Feb 24, 2020 at 1:57 PM
    1. AyraRain
      You're doing great work keep going man!
    2. nolying
      Hey erosemberg, could you start a convo w/ me? I have a question
    3. MisterCheezeCake
      The tournament had not stopped on time
    4. CT075
      man_please_help+i_ve_got_a_security_aletrt_ban_can_you_help_me? I_tomorrow_played_on_my_frinend_accoutnt_i_Can_proof_this_
    5. Feyenoord
      you got loads of UHC stats, are you who I think you are? Gitlab?
    6. jsh8875
      hello what time does the tournament start
      1. Bonnii
        check the thread bud.
        Jan 24, 2020
    7. Bonnii
    8. SnitchyPoo
      Yo berg? can I have the pot potato gadget? [pass and pass the potato to me] party me my ign: SnitchyPoo?
    9. ppietsuu
      i cant log in in my main account it says my account doesent exist in here hypixel but i have bought mvp+ could you help me
    10. enjy
      i didnt know where to post this.. maybe you can make it reach some owners.. what im here to say is: there is a cracked server out there copying hypixel with almost every single minigame they have.. copied maps with all the small details.. they are a real scam.. and i got some screens if you would like any proof and i can give the server ip as well.. i hope you can do something about this
    11. MosTKillerman
      hi, i have a huge problem, a few time after the end of the spooky event, i just teleport between my home and hub and all my main inventory was totaly clear for no reason except lag. i lost more than 25M+ of stuff, how to recover this (or the biggest of this) ? Thanks
    12. KriXlux
      erosemberg can you help me in skyblock. What`s happen i want to craft me the revenent leggins i crafted it but where i craft it the Server kicked me and i lost every item for the reciept i farm the one stack enchanted diamounds self and the Revenant Flesh pls i Need help. I say that to Kualdir he send me a link i go there and whrite the bug 5 times and it dont work
    13. Cryphare
      Ive sent a appeal cause i got banned from watchdog i would appreciate if any mods or developers could look into it
    14. DA5H_
      Hello! (I am Japanese so I am not good at English sorry.) I reported many bugs and some of them was fixed. But I didn't get "Game Breaker" in skyblock. How can I get it?
      1. StopChqtting likes this.
      2. StopChqtting
        The "Game Breaker" is only for those who actually report a GAME BREAKING bug that would actually destroy the economy, etc.
        Now you never specified what kind of bugs you reported, but if they were game breaking then idkk man :P
        Oct 16, 2019
        Shiner6 and DA5H_ like this.
    15. one_funky_dude
      hey, ive been banned for a year and filled in my appeal. i cant do it twice so thats why im here. id like to see some proof of me hacking and if you have no proof then ill gladly accept a 31day bann my bann ip is #E0DB157D
      1. xNinjax10
        The decision on the Appeals Team is final and will not be changing -hence the only one appeal per punishment. We also do not disclose the evidence.
        Oct 13, 2019
    16. Harmonicss
      admin i still have no replys on me rule breaker reports this must be the worse staff team iv ever seen like ever!!!
    17. 2Fast_4You
      Hey erosemberg , i got banned for a YEAR, and Hypixel denied my appeal, i am so so sorry, i am so sad that i cant play skyblock anymore, i love Hypixel / Skyblock over all, and i would to anything that you can unban me, realy ANYThing, please
      1. ThirdNinja
        Appeals can only be handled through appeal submissions @
        Oct 6, 2019
    18. nolying
      armed is fun
    19. braindevdV2
      I posted a bug report 10 days ago where I lost everything I had and no one answered or helped me... I need my stuff back please check it... my other big report also didn’t get answered
    20. Tobyias2
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