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May 24, 2017
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Life. May 7, 2019

E1ghties was last seen:
Jan 23, 2020 at 12:58 PM
    1. TensiK
      Can you answer on discord TensiK#5044 If u can't idk how to contact you
    2. TensiK
      Hi, i'm TensiK on hypixel and in skyblock I'm in a null lobby with more peapole and we can't exit, we need help.
    3. Cam
      Nice pfp!
    4. ImBluey
      so sad how he doesnt reply to anyone
    5. GideonBuxx
      eighties can I talk to you in private?
    6. ____Linda____
      Hello. How i can change spawn location for my visitors in my island in Sky block?
    7. Ex0Sk3l3t0n
      Eighties, now everything is open to you to join us as Co-Owner and official advisor. I organised my guild in the way you needed to do the best job. We just need your final word and we really hope that it is positive because we worked a lot to make your life easier.
    8. MosTKillerman
      hi, i have a huge problem, i explain on skyblock, a few time after the spooky event, my inventory was totaly gone i try a lot to conctact support to recover the biggest of this clear i have totaly no reponse about this, that's a shame. how to recover or totaly refund my MVP ? because it's not normal to support this thank you
    9. MineFX
      Hello fellow comrade
    10. FrostGaming123
      a glitch happened and i lost 550k skyblock coins. it happened when i tried to bid on something and it said an error accured , your coins will be back to you. but it didnt give me back my coins. can you pls help?
    11. Travails
    12. _Mohamed_Max_
      i will be offline for a momont ok ? so pls
    13. _Mohamed_Max_
      hi can you ,pls unban me pls i apologiz i just want to play all my friends and guild are waiting for me pls i lied at the first time but now am siriosusername: DragoAskani
    14. Need_Not
      what's ur discord LOL
    15. Chxse
      my friend _turtle__ (now _BMO__) has been banned for having a compromised account, he said he was just messing with his friend pretending to be a spam bot, is that still a reasonable ban?
    16. greatestmaneverrrrr
      hey recently i brought a few NFA and to play but i found out that that is useless cus the security ban ban mt alt and when i switch to my main account, it still ban me bc of security problem can u help me fix it?
    17. Serial_Eater
      Hey, Recently I was playing Minecraft with a VPN to reduce my ping but then I got banned. My appeal was accepted but now I have to wait thirty days to get unbanned. The problem is my. dad gets home from work in 20 minutes. And he will kill me if he sees I have been banned. Can you help me at all?
    18. Kift
      My favorite thing about your new pfp is the shading. It really makes it feel cozy, especially with the background. I like it, cool change :)
      1. E1ghties likes this.
      2. Fyyre
        It's strange that 6mins after I said something about it, you said something. I think we've got a mystery case to solve on our hands scooby.
        Nov 18, 2019
        Kift likes this.
      3. Kift
        I think that’s my favorite reference from you ever. Amazing message haha. Maybe I was just checking Fyyre’s profile a bit, maybe not :p
        Nov 18, 2019
        Fyyre likes this.
    19. Fyyre
      I like that new pfp!
      1. E1ghties likes this.
    20. lilbabytorie
      Heyyy it's been a while. Like to see you still doing gfx and grats on helper!
      1. E1ghties likes this.
      2. E1ghties
        Nov 16, 2019
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