Dec 5, 2013
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Does things

    1. ItsSniiper
      Hello, I have a question about my island being rolled back causing an island member who was kicked to have stayed and taken all my money. Is there any way you could kick him so I can continue playing? Thank you.
    2. gulid_233
      Sorry, the administrator, bothering you with a problem, the map of Murder Mystery's mountain map on Chypixel has never been fixed.
    3. Hahajaj
      I’ll do it pls
    4. Reznak
      hello my friend was banned for a compromised account for 30 days. its only him and myself on the sky block. So its kind of boring grinding by myself but in order to add someone else to help me he needs to be online but hes banned. So basically I'm the one being punished instead of him which makes no sense. I was hoping a admin could help me add a new friend to the island just to grind with me
    5. 0P_F4CTI0NS
      Hello there, I got banned a couple years back as I was admittedly hacking, I believe I should be unbanned as I was very immature 2 years ago (I would have been 11) and I was wondering if there was any chance to make a new ban appeal? I'm not sure when I did my first probably terrible ban appeal, but it would just be nice to play the server again to see what changes have been applied
    6. MrMinerBlock
      Hello, someone in my game has broken a few rules I have someone screenshots of them (Btw they have some inappropriate content) So can I msg you?
    7. amgo
      Why i cant do new appeal i wanna get unban i am dosent doed anything wrong or anything to be banned my nAme name is years ago masterotto1 and now Herraviilea
    8. SonicPrince
      Hello, I was wondering if I could get an unban, I feel like it was an unjustified ban as I did nothing to try and get banned. Would I be able to get an unban? My username is Sonicprince. Please and thank you.
    9. furrydestroyer69
      hey i tried to appeal for a ban but it wouldnt let me appeal because i changed my mc name and i cant link my account cause, yknow, im banned :/ is there any other way i can try appeal
      1. BwShxdow
        do you tried your old name. cause it can be that u must use your old name for the ban appeal(the name with you got banned)
        Just a hint :)
        Sep 5, 2019
    10. ByQuentrix
      I got Banned from hypixel for autoclicker. but i was legit i can easely make a proof video if u want to proof that i can make really high clicks per second only with my mouse(one mouse) and my hand(without any buttons that make 10 clcks per click) I would he happy if u read this and i could get the chance to proof that im legit.
    11. dollphins
      I'm having difficulties joining TeamSpeak, may you help me?
    12. moistyL
      i lost my golem sword when i was using the launch pad to the deep cavern is there anyway to get it back
    13. Salvatore_BOABA
      So one of my members from island got banned and i wanna add one of my friends how can i add him if the member can t be online can i kick him from my island or should i make a ticket to hypixel staff?
    14. InspectorRex
      I like dis man
    15. tusubasa2
      Hey! I was hoping I could get in contact with you and ask you some questions? I really don't care if you don't know the answer to them but I really need a help from an Administrator. Thank you!
    16. TornSG
      Yo, can you make a conversation with me as soon as possible, it's regarding me not being able to join the server It's really important, thanks.
    17. MasPot
      Hi ! Im need help with skyblock i have a bug ! I lose 7 enchanted diamond blocks . The Quiver Arrow in the inventory eliminate my medium BackPack with my 7 enchanted diamond blocks I need your help this bug has happened to me many times ! Pls i need help!
    18. lightBulbEvan
      I need help with skyblock
      1. lightBulbEvan
        pls help
        Aug 7, 2019
      2. Kift
        you should probably be more specific
        Aug 7, 2019
    19. Drag0n0fRa
      A while ago I accidentally broke my hub portal. before this update, I had a 2 by 3 portal to the hub. now I can't get rid of it with jerry option and there's a portal that does nothing now. and I can't get the hub portal bad in the trade menu
      1. Drag0n0fRa
        username (Cryptic_Drag0n)
        Aug 4, 2019
    20. MrRandomyGuyManThing
      Best profile pic every
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