Dec 5, 2013
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Does things

    1. mjfun12
      how come you got rid of King of the Hill, but you kept tower wars and capture the wool. I'm just saying if the game got updated people would play it.
      1. Parka likes this.
    2. CrazeDonut
      make the melody easier for people with super high ping or far from the server host and fix the unstackable frags i cannot make dragon armors because of this like the 7 frag would not stack with the 3 frag
    3. Wolf
      Cat pizza
    4. OneMagma
      Can you fix unstackable frags in Skyblock PLS
      1. CrazeDonut likes this.
      2. CrazeDonut
        i have the same problem but i dont think they would care
        Nov 18, 2019
    5. Infinityplayz915
      Hi can you add a little way to craft shulker boxes on to the server because I like shulker boxes they are my favorite way of transporting things over to my friends on the server like on the end add a way to get shulker shells like shulker boxes hanging that you have to fight and they give you shulker shells to craft into shulker boxes thanks have a wonderful day
    6. awesomewill38
      I was in my pumpkin farm very close to the void I was being attacked by some zombies and skeletons and they hit me in the void. While falling into the void I accidentally dropped my medium backpack. It had a full maxed ended set, a miner set( the haste II one), a maxed lapis set, my guardian chestplate, half maxed endstone bow, a couple enchant farmers rod, a infinite quiver V book, and a maxed golden pickaxe. Help
      1. awesomewill38
        P1 Not sure if you can help but that’s mostly what I had other than my weapons and some of my tools in my hotbar. I don’t know if you can like check what I had before the time when I dropped it to trust me. I’m not sure how to send a screenshot or anything of that sort but I could check if I have a screenshot of the items.
        Oct 27, 2019
      2. awesomewill38
        P2 And I don’t have skyblock Addons because my computer is slow and I can’t download anything including forge. If you or another admin can help me in any way I would greatly appreciate it.
        Oct 27, 2019
    7. Squidee_
      1. Zekeless95 likes this.
      2. Zekeless95
        Yup I'm very mad about this problem ngl.
        Oct 28, 2019
    8. Rayquaza5
      Is there a way you guys can make my private island in skyblock into a coop without me losing anything? I want to invite friends and I also don't want to start all over. Please make my private island a coop. My IGN is Delutor you could start a conversation and tell me if it is possible.
    9. Rit12
      I’ve been ban for a reason for I think is unfair, after appealing for the reason I thought I got banned I was told it was for another reason although the other reason (auto clicking ) was something I don’t use. Is there anyway I can prove that I’m innocent? It’s now a week holiday and I’d love to spend it playing sky block on your server. Thanks!
      1. Rit12
        Edit: I've been informed by a friend that I have a burst clicker, which I originally though was just another left click. I had no idea what or how to use it and I can buy a new mouse (Edit: without a burst click) if it's required for a second ban appeal.
        Again, thanks. I hope you can help me out a bit, even if it's just a response.
        Oct 26, 2019
    10. Byzerma
      Hello, we found a duplication bug related to a "rare" object we can normally unlock only one per person but we found a bug that allows to have it 4 times per person without difficulty which removes the rarity of the object and we would like you to correct this We saw that this discovery and this report we can win a game breaker, can we know how it will happen?
    11. Atacking
      Hello Hypixel I Got Banned For (Your account has a security alert, please secure it and contact appeals.) Hypixel You Reacted My Little Brother was very Happy That You Fixed It But He Has Now No School. He Changed He's Password Everything You Asked You
      1. Atacking
        Take The 30 Day Ban To Secure He's Account But He has Only 4 Days Left For The School Begins Again He Realy Want That the 30 Day Ban Will by unbanned And He can Play just now Or He will need to wait Till 22-11-2019 He Realy don't Want that To So Could You Guys Just Unban Him Directly. Minecraft IGN: deale_r
        Oct 23, 2019
    12. MilkDrinker
      is there a way to get my island/account reset so i can play? Im brand new to hypixel and really want to play here but my co op island was corrupted and now it wont let me play skyblock at all, i heard this was the best way to fix it
    13. Toastt__
      where did my minions go and my stuff in my Chests IN SKYBLOCK
    14. Elijahsmash
      Donipreso alot of these comments are scams and ban requests i wanted to make an appeal but i blew it i wish i could take it back but my 9 year old self was an idiot i regret it all and i miss hypixel please contact me sorry and thank you have a nice day.
      1. Elijahsmash
        If you see this i forgot to say my skype is Elijah w or elijah williams my discord is President toilet the 3rd,#6397
        please contact me at furthur notice.
        Oct 19, 2019
    15. dannyboys1
      I was recent scammed by THE_CARROW he had offered me a maxed leaping sword for two aoe. He had shown me the leaping sowrd and when i traded he traded a rogue sword please help me
    16. Rektah
      I've been banned for 3 years and can't unban bec im guilty I was literally 10 years old when I violated the system Then bedwars came out and all I wanna do it play it *sigh*
    17. TheLove
      I helped with the construction, but inssajagal maliciously kicked off the island and quit hypixel. Can you kick inssajagal on the islands of inssajagl and dimsuuum? Please help me
    18. TheBEGamer78
      donpireso can you please pm me i cant make a unban appeal on the forums its saying my accountname is linked already
    19. fallen_noob
    20. borgermaster69
      when can i join im not vip (when can i join in skyblock)
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