Dec 5, 2013
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Does things

    1. Naishe
    2. TMasterYT
      Hey could you please help me i recently got scammed and i dont know what to do about it Flixerx Scammed me out of old dragon helmet and boots My username is TMasterYT so could you please help me if you could? Thanks! (on hypixel skyblock)
    3. Internetwurm
      Hello im from Germany and my english is not good.Can you tell me how to apply for relief?
    4. Tobbl
      could you just reset my skyblock profile so that im able to create a new profile?
      1. xF1ason
        yeah could you just reset mine to so i can play i havent played skyblock in 2 weeks now
        Oct 14, 2019
    5. xF1ason
      i need help i cant join skyblock i have been waiting in 3 days now it says there was a problem joining skyblock try again in a moment my ign is xF1ason
      1. godlynamer
        does it say you need VIP?
        Oct 11, 2019
      2. xF1ason
        yes i have
        Oct 14, 2019
    6. Kiba_Star
      I have been looking for a place to ask for a while, but is there a way to get my island/account reset so i can play? I started on saturday and the roll back would have erased anything i had done anyway. Im brand new to hypixel and really want to play here... I understand others waiting for a fix, but my fix would be super simple, i believe. I just had really bad luck...
    7. Tobyias2
      when will the island currpet be fixed?
      1. jjdb2006 and timemode12 like this.
    8. jjdb2006
      Pls help my skyblock island is corrupted what can I do to be able to play again
      1. timemode12 likes this.
      2. FredGamerrrrsss
        U have to wait for them to fix :(
        Oct 2, 2019
    9. Thekiller30001
      idk who did the backup or whatever, but now 95% of my Minions on my Wall are Missing. ( i had a wall of Minions in frames ) Amazing day.
    10. FredGamerrrrsss
      Hello, Donpierso when i recently went back on skyblock i got this error "DYNAMIC_POOL_ERROR". I went on the forums and they said that i should contact you to get answers. Is there some posibility that you can fix this quick please? It seems like i only have this problem on my co-op account, pls help?
    11. B4tx
      Hey, Donpireso could you have a look at Conversation ID: 215667 im having issues with your tebex store and I really wanna play SB but can't buy cause tebex is doing weird things... Thanks in advance! Regards Batx
    12. CelestialSigil
      i lost an aspect of the dragons yesterday from an auction glitch, after i collected the sword, i was disconnected from skyblock and when i rejoined, the sword and my 7.4 million dollars i used to buy the sword were gone. i submitted a bug report but it is still open. any help would be greatly appreciated because i just lost an entire week of grinding.
    13. WaruiUsagi
      1. Poopdealerrr likes this.
    14. Poopdealerrr
      I am part of the 10% is there anyway to get my island back??
    15. Poopdealerrr
      Yesterday morning (9/28), I started playing skyblock. I played for about 5-6 hours and made lots of changes to my private world and unlocked several new minions. However once the update occurred my private island was returned to what it had been like at the beginning of the day. It is now 9/29 and my private island is still the same as it was yesterday.
    16. Qozay
      I lost 1.5m, my effort and time in the past week due to this rollback. I claimed the 5 enchanted lava buckets (I spent 1.5m for them) during that 2hr period I'm assuming , as when I logged on today I had 5 less enchanted lava buckets in my minions.
    17. Qozay
      Hello, I have logged on today to find that I have 5 less enchanted lava buckets. I had saved up the ingredients to craft 4 Greater backpacks over the last few days and once I unlocked the Greater backpack in the collection, I sold the them for 1.5m mil total. I used this 1.5m to buy 5 enchanted lava buckets and now they have suddenly disappeared. I would like help with this asap. Many thanks Qozay
    18. azaugust
      Yesterday i was able to join skyblock, im not part of the 10% with corrupted island, and i got the rollback... i have lost around 2.5millions coins (from items disappearing, not from the bank), but this rollback was much more than 2h.. can we have a word about it?
      1. Qozay likes this.
      2. MrMineman2009
        Yeah I lost 50million. Can I get that refunded? Lmfao
        Sep 29, 2019
      3. azaugust
        Hey monkey, i didnt ask for a refund, i asked for an explanation, as he only talks about a "2h rollback for ppl who couldnt join sb". Im not part of these ppl, i could join sb, and got at least a 10h rollback maybe more.
        Sep 29, 2019
    19. ItzJonDK
      lost 16 enchanted grilled pork if the admins doesnt gonna do something soon so peoples get their stuff back alot of poeples will quit skyblock me with them
    20. LeonPlayzHD
      Donpireso do i get something from my coins back that i put in magma farm? because i dotn have my famr anymore
      1. Crispiano
        This happened to me too
        Sep 29, 2019
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