Aug 7, 2013
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PogoMod | Bugs Team


I enjoy memes. Jun 29, 2018

    1. CappyTheHappy
      I would like to add something to the bug report of mine you recently closed
    2. helloimbrayden
      Hello, you have checked on my recent thread, i apologize im not too active, but all my problems are fixed, thanks for checking up
      1. Cham likes this.
    3. spencerpha
    4. Skullslice
      hey cham i dont think moderators handle bugs do they? im not sure why you replied to my bug report with something unrelated to the bug i reported. Also, i won't be screenshotting what your reply was, but simon already tweeted the opposite of what you said. Im going to believe simon over you any day bud. The Hypixel community knows watchdog is broken so stop the lies surrounding it.
    5. Zelda4life
      Dear Cham, thank you for responding to my bug report; note how delirious I was when I wrote (could you tell?) Next time I play I will be sure to record to see if I can replicate the bug I reported. Thank you. I appreciate and know how hard the mods work to keep Hypixel the top server.
    6. R3N3G4DE
      Hi! I have a question. I noticed that both my brother and I have both been banned in the last 2 days from " your account has a security alert" We are wondering if this has been caused by some sort of Ip flagging thing that you guys have or something. We just want to play the server and its really frustrating being unable to do so.
      1. Cham
        Sep 23, 2019
      2. R3N3G4DE
        We have both filed appeals, his has been accepted. Mine is awaiting as I just submitted it. However, it is increasingly frustrating as we intend to livestream on the server and are unable to do so now for thirty days. And even then there is the inherent risk that we will just be autobanned again for no reason.
        Sep 23, 2019
    7. NeohXVI
      I get banned like 3 years ago, can i get unbanned? LUL My nick is TheBraveEagle
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Cham
        Unfortunately since the appeal has been denied there is nothing I can do for you. Sorry.
        Sep 23, 2019
        NeohXVI likes this.
      3. NeohXVI
        three years D: i need to buy new account?
        Sep 23, 2019
      4. Synfiny
        No since that's bannable
        Nov 16, 2019
    8. AngelTm_
      Hi, could you please see my Appeal? I recently got this account and its banned, but i really wanna play on Hypixel... Nick banned: Artuiziu_Br Actual nick: AngelTm_
      1. View previous comments...
      2. AngelTm_
        bro, can you help me please??? My appeal was denied but i wasnt cheating! i recently bought this account from a friend (last week) and it was already banned. I just wanna play on the server, and i dont want to have to buy another account for that. It wasnt ME cheating, it was the old owner of the account. You can SS me if thats the problem
        Sep 5, 2019
      3. Cham

        Unfortunately if your appeal has already been denied there is nothing I can do as the appeals team decision is final.

        Sep 5, 2019
      4. AngelTm_
        you cant talk to them?? i bought the account thinking to play on the server and its unfair to be banned if i never cheated :(
        Sep 5, 2019
    9. TrashBlankets
      Hello! My friend iuggles had her housing griefed by Arampolo. Is there anyway to set it back to the way it was? Or check your logs to see if multiple people had done things? Please, and thank you!
      1. Cham
        Hey there!

        When you allow someone the ability to build on your housing you accept full responsibility for any thing that may occur so we don't restore houses due to griefing or similar.

        Aug 24, 2019
      2. TrashBlankets
        Okay, thank you.
        Aug 24, 2019
    10. SHI_DAN
      Hello, My item all disappear in the chest, would you mind helping me to reply the chest thank you.
      1. Cham
        Hey there!

        Could you be more specific about your issue please?

        Aug 18, 2019
    11. OP_Souplet
      Hey! I already posted this on alex's posts yesterday, but sadly he hasn't replied. Its kind of awkward, but could you get someone or yourself to come to my housing and place a block into my spawn? It glitched out.. And no I can't just change the themes to fix it.. thanks! IGN: Pigleet
      1. Cham
        Hey there!

        Its easiest if you can contact a staff member while you are online as they can quickly fix it for you. You usually have the best chance of finding them in busy lobbies such as skywars lobby 1.

        Aug 14, 2019
    12. Footbirdge
      The leaderboards of uhc solo game will be stuck at this time. No matter how many people you kill and how many wins will not be counted, it has been like this for two consecutive days, so I want to ask for help because I have a lot of victories and kills. Not counted on the solo list
    13. jjv16
      Yoooo what's your discord lets catch up my dude
    14. Bekazo
      Hi Cham! I have some questions.. 1. How long does it take until your ticket is answered? 2. If you buy MVP++ while you aren't MVP+ what happens? Because My cousin bought it via his computer, but I am banned from the store for a really dumb chargeback of mine (shouldn't have done that). and 3. How do u rate people on Forums?
      1. Cham
        Support tickets can take a bit as they are really busy, I'd give them at least a week before getting worried about it. I don't believe the store would allow you to purchase MVP++ when you aren't MVP+. Finally, you can leave a rating on any individual's post by clicking the corresponding rating to the bottom right of the post.
        Jul 24, 2019
        Bekazo likes this.
    15. GTheGamer
      how do i start a conversation
      1. Cham
    16. GTheGamer
      Hey, is there any way that i could get in a discord call to discuss a issue add me @Go-Repulsor #9440
      1. Cham
        Hey there! What issue are you having? I don't give my discord out publicly. If you don't feel comfortable saying here please start a conversation with me here on the forums.
        Jul 15, 2019
    17. Tonyispro
      lol we fighting bout clay on ah skyblock | edit: i am The_new_tree
    18. AP0LO
      hi moderator, i have a problem with a rank i bought. So i payed for it last night at 11pm and was all night relogging into servers and to this moment, i still dont have my rank in game nor the forums, i already sent a ticket to support and created a thread about it but still have no response or rank, i hope you can help me
      1. Cham
        Hey there! Support is the only way this can be fixed so you'll have to wait for their response. Sorry!
        Jul 3, 2019
    19. SiriBot
      I do not like memes.
    20. Trivin
      the noises #hisxjksxjkxjks
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