Nov 3, 2013
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No real internet access since Friday. Still none. Will hopefully be back online on Thursday... hopefully. Aug 27, 2019

    1. Keith
      Object object
    2. all55games
      Hey my friend got scammed on skyblock by a guy called goldenwizard13 he even streamed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32gd-Gc5AB4 as in golden wizard streamed it. My friend's username is BalintYT and aparently he reported it but you cannot report for scamming because there isn't a reason as 'Scamming' on the report menu.I hope you can help with this. Thanks!
    3. RTX2080tiFTW
      Hey, not sure if you can help but ive got a question. I was just recently banned (last month?) and i appealed, asked for proof, and was disallowed to see my proof. I was banned for a bogus reason as in my appeal i provided a photo of my mods folder- i wasnt using any blacklisted mosifications. Thanks in advance Cecer.
    4. TMasterYT
      Hey could you please help me i recently got scammed and i dont know what to do about it Flixerx Scammed me out of old dragon helmet and boots My username is TMasterYT so could you please help me if you could? Thanks! (on hypixel skyblock)
    5. electricEEL
      I made an appeal a couple months ago stating what I did and why my stupid decisions brought me here. Hypixel was my favorite server. and I decided to hack on it. Are there any ways to prove myself worthy of getting unbanned? username(ElectricEELDealz).
      1. Cecer
        I'm sorry but the appeal team's decision is final. You were given multiple "second chances" and continued to cheat.
        Oct 4, 2019
    6. electricEEL
      First Part - Hey, I'm not sure when but I was banned a couple years ago due to some stupid things I've done in the past. I was wondering if there was any possible way to get unbanned from Hypixel?
    7. zane123cool
      are u on
      1. Cecer
        Sometimes :D
        Oct 4, 2019
      2. zane123cool
        Oct 12, 2019
    8. Fakingcat
      Hi I was banned on your server for cheats but I was hacked and playing with cheats is not me. And yesterday I was able to restore the account and there ban me upset. But I applied hair removal, and I was refused, but with cheats and mods I did not play it!! raspante me beg
    9. RyanTheGuy
      Hello. Is it okay If I send you a ban appeal so that you can reach out to another admin? I feel like it may be bothersome but I thought I may as well ask. (ign: "savemedaddy") I created a whole appeal but apparently you can only appeal once? I was banned over 2 years ago and I have definitely changed from then. I would appreciate it greatly if you could help. Thank you for your time.
      1. RyanTheGuy
        Also, if you can't help could you at least link me to another admin that might help? That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I hope to hear your response soon.
        Aug 30, 2019
      2. The-Mystery
        The decision of the appeals team is final and you are only allowed to make 1 appeal. This is their system and they make acceptations for no one
        Sep 5, 2019
      3. Cecer
        Sorry, but appeals are only for the falsely punished. If your appeal was denied in the past that means that the evidence reviewed and the validity of the ban was confirmed.
        Sep 6, 2019
    10. Cecer
      No real internet access since Friday. Still none. Will hopefully be back online on Thursday... hopefully.
      1. Jacux, AquaHeart_ and SekaiChan like this.
      2. SekaiChan
        Sad gamer moment
        Sep 23, 2019
        AquaHeart_ likes this.
    11. Blaze123458
      Hello my freind kinda rage quit and then we made up but he left our co op and I can’t invite him back I would rlly appreciate if u could help we worked rlly hard on it
    12. SkissIsADopeBoi
      I was banned by WD for an autoclicker. I have developed a type of arthritis in my right hand since going back to school.I contacted an administrator if I could use an auto clicker of sorts as it is impossible to play PvP styles of minecraft with a laptop track pad. We agreed if I was to use a cps of 7-8 to avoid any unfair advantages. Please help me out. IGN: JackBaldo Ban Duration: 11 months 2nd Ban Thank You
    13. DemoicDevil
      Hey Cecer, when you get the time please reply to my DMs to you, but if you're busy Im alright with waiting.
    14. Sh4de_
      Hello, Cecer! I talked to you about my account being hacked a few days ago, and after we talked, you recommended and applied an account security alert. Unfortunately, I almost certainly won't be able to change my account information, so I will no longer be able to use this account. (1/3)
      1. Sh4de_
        However, I would still like to play on the Skyblock coop I had with my friend on a new (and secure, thankfully) account. Would it be possible for you to remove me from our coop, or possibly add my other account to the coop? (2/3)
        Aug 6, 2019
      2. Sh4de_
        As it is right now, to add someone to a coop, approval needs to be unanimous from its members, and since I can no longer play on this account, I can't confirm my other account to be added or remove myself. I was hoping my friend could just remove me from the coop, but it appears that it's not possible yet, either. Thank you for your time! (3/3)
        Aug 6, 2019
      3. Cecer
        I'm sorry but I am not able to modify your coop membership. May I ask why you were unable to secure your account? (Feel free to message me privately if you prefer)
        Aug 9, 2019
    15. Enixa
      Hey Cecer! I understand you are probably very busy, but I worked really hard on this guide here and I'd love it if you could rate it Admin Diamond if you believe it is good enough just for a few minutes of your time :) Thanks! https://hypixel.net/threads/innocent-survival-guide.2158169/ It took over 13 hours, hopefully it is good enough :)
    16. Michael4fun
      Admin please unban me cause I got banned from hypixel for hacking and I'm not.I beg you Cecer to unban me cause I really like playing on hypixel.Please unban me.I aleready applied and they denied :(.please!!!
      1. Cecer
        I just checked and it is not a false ban.
        Jul 29, 2019
    17. TBNRDino550
      Need to talk to you about my friends comprised perm banned account. And why it should be unbanned
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Cecer
        I will not be able to change the matter. Also, that "evidence" doesn't really prove anything.
        Jul 29, 2019
      3. TBNRDino550
        I kindly request you to please start a conversation with me
        Jul 29, 2019
      4. TBNRDino550
        Can I speak to a staff manager? As other staff members told me to
        Jul 29, 2019
    18. roflandrew
      Same as @justastevelife , I was false banned by watchdog yesterday night playing skyblock. In my appeal, I've stated what I was using, which was not against the rules, yet my appeal got denied. Since I wasn't recording, I recreated it in a creative singleplayer. I was not using any illegal modifications and I hope this issue gets resolved.
    19. justastevelife
      I just got false banned by watchdog. I was only using an fps boosting client, and I've already submitted an appeal, and it got denied. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now to get unbanned, can you help with this? In the appeal, there was my logs file right before I was banned. I wasn't using any hacks or illegal modifications of any sort.
      1. Cecer
        I'm sorry but I am not able to overrule their verdict.
        Jul 29, 2019
    20. Supergoed1
      Can you please reply to our conversation.
      1. Cecer
        Sorry, I was travelling. Replied.
        Jul 10, 2019
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