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Aug 2, 2015
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The Bloodlust BLOOD

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Trying to be Ash (Pokemon)
Losing leagues

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BlueHeal was last seen:
Viewing thread Reporting 2 Cheaters UHC, Nov 12, 2019 at 11:27 AM
    1. Chevio
      Hello BlueHeal! :)
    2. Waffle
      I'm like garbage with mortis
    3. xFireStyle
      Mortis... Ringaraboooo
    4. Draconiumm
      I bring you the gift of darkness!
      1. BlueHeal
        Your soul is mine!! >:)
        May 21, 2019
    5. 4488
      1. BlueHeal likes this.
      2. BlueHeal
        Have much fear!
        Apr 26, 2019
    6. ShiningTurtle
      i want you i need you you know it i know it too lets hug deep and warm i need a friend that holds me tight on his chest show me the way show me the life make me the best there ever was you are my senpai i fully trust you you would never hurt me i know it please bring me back to life i have to unlock my full potential show me how to earn respect make me a better person
    7. shrabby-
      Mortis: i am the creature of the night Dynamike: *insert officer earl meme*
      1. memer1 likes this.
    8. _Sergiio_
      Have much fear mortis is here. Cuántas copas tienes?
      1. memer1 likes this.
      2. BlueHeal
        Tengo 6200, estoy como estancado ahi, sobre todo que en showdown hay teamers y en los otros modos dependes mucho de tu team xd
        Apr 16, 2019
        _Sergiio_ likes this.
      3. _Sergiio_
        Jajaja yo tengo 9100 y tmb estoy atascado ahí. Cuántos brawlers tienes tú?
        Apr 17, 2019
    9. Hinawa
      I got 5000 trophies with 16/24 lmao how do you do it
      1. BlueHeal
        I have Spike, Genio, Tara and Crow with less than 100 trophies because they are like Force 5 and 4.
        And also i don’t have much time to spend in that game as i would like to xd
        Mar 30, 2019
    10. _Sergiio_
    11. Chevio
      Mineman viewing forums while waiting for Christmas eve to end cx
      1. BlueHeal likes this.
      2. BlueHeal
        Dec 24, 2018
        Chevio likes this.
    12. Tild
      I'm muted. Also where are you from?
    13. gufi
    14. Hynoo
      When is Herobrine III coming out
    15. Chevio
      Debes actualizar tu firma
      1. BlueHeal likes this.
      2. BlueHeal
        Oct 19, 2018
        Chevio likes this.
      3. Chevio
        Oct 19, 2018
    16. OfficialPikachu
      Love your picture, is bae <3
    17. Croatia
      Urf, does the Connor skin for assassin work that you have to collect 30 arrows using the gathering or do you have to activate it 30 times in a game
      1. Chevio likes this.
      2. Croatia
        Another question, does venom strike work on withers
        Sep 7, 2018
        Chevio likes this.
      3. Chevio
        Es atrapar 30 flechas en un juego y funciona. Solo mira al enemigo mientras te disparan. Fácilmente posible primer intento :)
        Oct 19, 2018
    18. Money_Is_Magic
    19. TheZombieMan
      I see God has blessed you with getting 15 thousand finals in mega walls. God has blessed me this week emwith getting leg pheonix
      1. Rodan and BlueHeal like this.
      2. BlueHeal
        yes, sometimes God is good :)
        Aug 5, 2018
        TheZombieMan likes this.
    20. Shqrk
      Well if it isn't BlueHeal, Alive. I miss u bru
      1. BlueHeal likes this.
      2. Shqrk
        Come back to me
        Aug 1, 2018
      3. BlueHeal
        Sadly i don’t have the time i used to :<
        Aug 1, 2018
        Shqrk likes this.
      4. Shqrk
        Rip. U will be missed bru
        Aug 1, 2018
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    Trying to be Ash (Pokemon)
    Losing leagues
    I'm a person of currently 16 years living in a Spanish Country (Chile).

    Have been playing minecraft since 2011 (Minecraft PE). The first times playing this game i got scared by the "Zombies" xD, so whenever i saw 1 i screamed alot. Then i found myself to build structures and playing with friends, was so fun that in 2012 i bought a Computer just to play Minecraft all day.

    First i got in a server called "CraftRealms" and got a plot to build my house and stuff, the server got a dramastic fall by a hacker, that even got closed by some time. Then my friend told me there was a new game called "VampireZ", i went with my friend to play it and got my attention. I played it all day and got so much fun.

    Then at November i saw the modality of "Mega Walls", which eh looked interesting. I went to play it with my friends and was awesome. At the first months we were Zombies levels 3 building skybases and getting so much fun xD. At the end my friends got bored and quitted, but i felt something to that game that didn't let me to stop playing it.

    So meanwhile getting experience, i started playing HB rushing withers to get coins, then got enough coins to buy max zombie and rush with it. By the time i met spanish people (SrRocknRoll, Oshawok,..) that let me enter to their guild, we played alot of games and got more fun of it.

    Then at the end of 2014 i could survive even more and actually play the game normaly, i got 1 of my old friends to play and we grinded the game for long time. In the way my guild got an internal fight, and to calm the situation i tell them to "stop fighting pls", then the gmaster kicked me, and i got out.

    Then (after like 1 month) i knew a Mexican guy (Abuelo), which was a very good person and invited me to his spanish guild (iTaco). Guild which i had alot of fun playing with the members of it. There i got more experienced in the game and could know the experience to "CLUTCH". At the mid of 2015 i could prestige my first kit (Spider) with 1 booster xd, i loved spider, i found it a kit to outcome people and escape like a god.

    In 2016 the situation got worst, cheaters arrived to the game, but as i was spider i could still get em just spamming dropshocks, so i really didn't mind so much. It also appeared a friend telling me to cheat by giving me a client, but i really didn't feel necessary to cheat in the game and obviously i had (and have) alot of scare to Watchdog.

    In 2017 most of the people of my guild quitted and felt very solo, so i left it and joined "The Clutchers", pretty good guild with nice people in it, i played Mega Walls till Novemeber, then i got bored. And well, some day the Achievements Update arrived and baited my attention.

    And got forced to play games that i didn't want me to play....

    Mega Walls still is in my heart and always will be, awesome game even if it's infested of cheaters. I don't mind if u call me cheater, booster, toxic, idiot, whatever u want, it was an important part of my children life and will always be remmembered. ME, The real owner of the account NEVER cheated in this game or in the server by dignity.


    Brawl Stars Player
    +8750 Trophies / Level 85
    Brawlers: (25/25)
    Max Brawlers (3/25)
    Colt - Darryl - Shelly

    500 Trophies (3/25)
    Dynamike - Rosa - Colt