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where the MLGs are!
Hypixel Player

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Valky, and Pit199, made my new avatar! Check them out! =D Feb 3, 2014

avaaidan was last seen:
Jul 26, 2017 at 4:10 AM
    1. Xhat
      Love your avatar but i hate your skin on it :D
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      2. avaaidan
        Jan 29, 2017
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    2. SlendermanPears967
    3. Pit199
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      3. Goge
        Feb 6, 2017
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      4. avaaidan
        you should have said something

        I'm not a squeaking little loser anymore

        I'm a normal loser now
        Feb 6, 2017
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      5. Goge
        yeah you're like 17 now amirite!?!!??!?!??
        Feb 7, 2017
        avaaidan likes this.
    4. xRafal_kaktusowyy
      i saved you in wl are you proud :D
      1. avaaidan likes this.
    5. SlendermanPears967
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      2. avaaidan
        Jan 13, 2017
    6. Totum
      you are on prankedgg
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      2. avaaidan
        Jan 9, 2017
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    7. SlendermanPears967
    8. Kul
      Get a Skype you nerd. Your brother and mother and I want you to join us
      1. avaaidan likes this.
      2. EliteeKnight787
        Brother is always watching!
        Dec 24, 2016
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    9. xRafal_kaktusowyy
      Gratz on 150k kills in Paintball and Top 100 :D lol xD <3
      1. avaaidan likes this.
    10. xRafal_kaktusowyy
      avaaidan my bro that i love did you just spam me with dislikes cause i gived you one ;-; sorry but its all true what i said xp party is just crappy bs that should never exist same with pvp i miss good old alpha building game called ''Minecraft''
      1. avaaidan likes this.
      2. Shulked
        avaaidan doesn't spam dislikes on anyone lol
        Dec 13, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
      3. avaaidan
        yes AND avaaidan speaks in the third person because avaaidan is cool

        Ty @Shulked bb :333333
        Dec 14, 2016
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      4. Sueshe
        Sueshe thinks that talking in third person is dumb
        Dec 21, 2016
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    11. Oblivion239
      Youre still not following me
      1. xRafal_kaktusowyy, avaaidan and Traw like this.
      2. Traw
        follow both traws thank u avaaidan
        Dec 10, 2016
      3. Oblivion239
        Follow both oblivions* thank u avaaidan
        Dec 10, 2016
        xRafal_kaktusowyy, avaaidan and Traw like this.
      4. xRafal_kaktusowyy
        no avaaidan pls no
        (just follow me) I make alot of usefull threads you might like them......
        ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
        Dec 12, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
    12. hhamp1
      Valky, and Pit199, made my new avatar! Check them out! =D
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      2. avaaidan
        Valky, and Pit199, made my new avatar! Check them out! =D
        Dec 10, 2016
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      3. hhamp1
        Valky, and Pit199, made my new avatar! Check them out! =D
        Dec 10, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
      4. Traw
        who is valky even lol me me
        Dec 10, 2016
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    13. Oblivion239
      3 things
      1: Why did you unfollow me? Pleb.
      2: You have to much in your signature
      3: Change your dang status from when you got your avatar
      1. xRafal_kaktusowyy, Traw and avaaidan like this.
      2. avaaidan
        I never did follow you! Pleb.
        I agree completely, but I am too lazy to go fix it. (The full thing is over 2k pixels)
        Dec 8, 2016
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      3. Oblivion239
        Then follow me now! Ultra pleb
        stop being lazy and fix it then
        Dec 8, 2016
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    14. EliteeKnight787
      Wow no follow back I'm hurt I thought we were fellow nons </3
      1. avaaidan likes this.
    15. Xhat
      Love your avatar but i hate your skin on it :D
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    16. SlendermanPears967
      How do I own oops
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    17. SlendermanPears967
      Grats on oops again
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      3. avaaidan
        thank you slendermanpears
        rafal how is it sad
        not disagreeing just want to hear your opinion
        Dec 3, 2016
      4. Traw
        its sad because I AM IN IT
        Dec 3, 2016
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      5. xRafal_kaktusowyy
        Dec 4, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
    18. Sueshe
      999 mega walls wins o:
      1. xRafal_kaktusowyy likes this.
    19. xRafal_kaktusowyy
      1. avaaidan likes this.
      2. avaaidan
        Thank you! :D
        Nov 27, 2016
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      3. xRafal_kaktusowyy
        avaaaidan ;D
        Nov 27, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
    20. Uhum
      Good and old nurd
      1. avaaidan likes this.
      2. avaaidan
        Hello, old friend. Long time, no see! Where have you been? :3
        Nov 20, 2016
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      3. Uhum
        I spent 90% of my time from the last few months on a rubik's cube, it's so addicting, so don't touch one. I'm a bit late, even tho I favorited your tweet I still didn't congratulated you, so congrats on level 200 <3
        Nov 20, 2016
        avaaidan likes this.
      4. avaaidan
        Rubik's cubes are awesome! And thank you! :D
        Nov 20, 2016
        Goge and Uhum like this.
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    where the MLGs are!
    Hypixel Player
    Hello! I'm a Hypixel Player that enjoys MW, Quake, PB, VampZ, and every other game under the sun! (Besides Walls 2).
    I am currently aiming for Prestige Golem (~200k away), tons of Achievement Points (2485), and 6666 PB Wins!
    I am your resident Warlords tryhard, with a K/D of 10+!
    I play on my Wii U as well, I'm playing the games Hyrule Warriors and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!
    In real life, I am currently trying to collect all of the Nintendo Amiibos!
    I have 25 which are....
    Mario (SSB)
    Mario (Super Mario Edition)

    Luigi (SSB)
    Luigi (Super Mario Edition)
    Peach (SSB)
    Peach (Super Mario Edition)

    Toad (Super Mario Edition)
    Yoshi (Super Mario Edition)
    Bowser (SSB)
    Bowser (Super Mario Edition)

    Rosalina (SSB)

    Link (SSB)
    Toon Link (SSB)

    Zelda (SSB)
    Sheik (SSB)
    Pikachu (SSB)
    Lucario (SSB)

    Shulk (SSB)
    Meta Knight (SSB)
    Diddy Kong (SSB)
    Sonic (SSB)
    Mega Man (SSB)
    Ike (SSB)
    King Dedede (SSB)
    Fox (SSB)

    Wish me luck! (I need a ton of it!)


    Pet: Blaze (Victini) Level 100! Achieved on 6/10/16 (10:15:07 PM)
    Member of oops (8/13/16 10:46:28 AM)
    1st SW (and Overall) Champion of Minecon 2016/Won on Main Arena Stage (Walls) Minecon 2016
    Level 200 (11/18/16 10:34:18 PM)

    Check out my thread about XP here!
    Current % of 250: 100.00% (Updated every day, 7,968 XP is .01%)
    When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade! Like.....this! -Hades, Kid Icarus: Uprising. Check out my idea for pet levels here! Legit Prestige Enderman. :3
    Proud poster of the 500,000th and 499,999th post on the Hypixel Forums. :D +1,000 Rating on the Hypixel Forums! 100,000 Quake Kills!
    #6 in Karma! #Tip2Karma Winner of the 2014 Karma competition! I'm enjoying my pets! :3 (Especially Mr. Blaze) Current Goal: Have fun! Progress: 100/∞ Salt Washed Away!

    Current Goal: Network Level 250 (250/250) By: March 14th, 2017
    Side Goal: 100,000,000 Total Lobby Coins (no not a joke) 34,700,000/100,000,000 (34.7%)
    Level 90 Warrior in Warlords (4/6/15)! (123rd Lv90 Warrior, 569th Lv90!) 8th Person with all Warlords Achievements (88/88)
    83rd Level 100, 52nd Level 125, 33rd Level 150. 13th Level 200, 10th Level 250

    8255 Achievement Points! Goal: 9000
    2014 Karma Competition Winner (Blaze Pet)

    AgentKid: [​IMG], & [​IMG], & [​IMG]
    JamieTheGeek: [​IMG]
    kevinkool: [​IMG] & [​IMG]
    Finally got kills on my three favorite Admins (inculding the koolest one). :3
    --- Click Here For The Imgur on AgentKid's CvC Game --- Click Here For The Imgur On AgentKid's Warlords Game --- Click Here For The Imgur On JamieTheGeek ---
    --- Click Here For The Imgur On kevinkool --- Click Here For AgentKid's Surprise Warlords Party! A whole lot of fun! ---

    YT Throw Out Game
    ^^ Imgur Link ^^

    Warlords Stats:
    Warrior Level 70, Owner of the Raging Stallion (50,000 Coin Horse)
    3 Legendary, 14 Epic, 150+ Rares, 300+ Commons

    #6 in k/d ratio in Warlords! (9.29)
    <--- Back-Up AgentKid Kill
    http://imgur.com/cD3yXmF <--- Zumulus Assist ---> [​IMG]
    Never give up, with determination you can achieve any goal! -Myself when I got Captain in BFGTeam
    Very large signature warning! :3
    PUT INTO SIGNATURE: http://imgur.com/a/xUe7L K? K! ALSO: http://imgur.com/a/LMt6z :DAND http://imgur.com/a/Af6wI :D
    I am a:
    Network Level 100 (2/21/16) Goal: Network Level 150 (135/150)
    Network Level 111 (4/5/16) :D (It's a cool number, isn't it? :3 )
    Network Level 125 (6/15/16)

    Level 90 Warrior in Warlords (4/6/15)! (123rd Lv90 Warrior, 569th Lv90!)
    5555 Achievement Points (4/10/15)! (Very cool number!)
    avaaidan: Proud [MVP+] on Hypixel Server!
    Ultimate Banker V (Would be if my 1.5mil Coins weren't in negative. #NoLifeTime) Winning! V. Others: 12/15
    Quakecraft: 2,530 Wins, 100,000 Kills!
    Gun: Bling Bling Thing
    Achievements: Killing Spree Madenss V, MLG V, and Winner V, Others: 25/26.
    Best game: 25-2 (Won by 23 points)

    Paintball: 2300+ Wins, 130,000+ Kills!
    Hat: PaintballKitty
    Perks: Fortune 20 (XX), Super-luck 20 (XX), Endurance 20 (XX) and Godfather 27 (XXVII)
    Transfusion 10 (X) HeadStart 5 (V) (Pre-EULA Donator) Adrenaline 0 (Is there a roman numeral for 0?
    Achievements: Paintball Banker V, Painter III, and Paintball Superstar IV, Others: 10/10

    Mega Walls: 950+ Wins, 19000+ Kills!
    Skeleton/Creeper/Zombie/Shaman 1.
    Dreadlord 4.
    Enderman Prestige.
    Arcanist 7.
    Golem Fully max.
    Herobrine Fully max.
    Achievements: Mega Walls Banker III, Mega Walls Slayer III, Mega Walls Champion II, Others: 10/13

    BSG (Blitz Survival Games): 500+ Wins, 6000+ Kills!
    ALL Level 2 (No level 1's)
    Armorer & Rogue 5.
    Snowman 8. :3
    HorseTamer 9!!!!
    Achievements: Blitz Banker V, Blitz Slayer IV, One Man Army IV, Others: 19/19

    Arena Brawl:
    2v2: 175+ Wins, 200+ Kills!
    4v4: 625+ Wins, 1000+ Kills!
    Rating: 1861
    Armor: GOOOOOOOOLD!!!!! $_$
    What I Use: Freezing Breath, Golemfall, Tree of Life, Shield Wall.
    Partners: bigo290, Lucatjuh (x_mitsuki), pumpkinspice2.
    Achievements: Climb The Ranks II, Gotta Wear 'Em All II, Gladiator II, Bossed II, Others: 15/21
    Proud BFGTeam [Honoured] [Captain], Arcade Division Leader! Join today! [​IMG][​IMG]
    Proud Owner of The Explorers, a clan in BFGTeam. Join today!
    Proud [Member] of the League of Heroes. Join today!
    Proud Owner and [Sensei] of the Hypixel Dojo. Join today!

    [New Filly] of the Bronies of Hypixel. Join today![​IMG]
    [ADMIN]'s and [OWNER] punched: hypixel, codename_B, AgentKid, kevinkool, Chunkr, Thorlon, MrCryptkeeper, jamie974, NoxyD, hcherndon.
    [ADMIN]'s and [OWNER] killed: hypixel, kevinkool, codename_B,
    hcherndon ( His Arena Kill/Win Here!!! <-- Click! ).
    Total [ADMIN]'s (and [OWNER]) Punched: 10.
    Total [ADMIN]'s (and [OWNER]) Killed: 3.

    [MOD]'s Punched: AmokaHD, Didag, WannaBeNerd, SpiderDiclonii, HolySteward, Sacheverell, xmannj2, RobityBobity, ZEUS__108, freylise80, ChiLynn, Amariell, liamlio, keystone__, Fortunate, Cielroo, Ekaj5991, AllyMcC, Relenter, Iedos, LordEqrean, magatron420, Glis6, Meecles, Luckykessie.
    [MOD]'s Killed: magantron420, Cielroo, Glis6,
    AmokaHD ( His PB Kill/Win Here, as he will always live on in our hearts!! <-- Click! ), LordEqrean ( His MW Final Here! <-- Click! ), Meecles ( His PB Kills/Win Here! <-- Click! ), Luckykessie ( Her VampireZ Kill Here!!! <-- Click! )
    Total [MOD]'s Punched: 24.
    Total [MOD]'s Killed: 6.

    [HELPER]'s Punched: sykese, LordEqrean, WoolDye, Acute, Hmazon, KingBrutal, Chris_J_97654321, jackster301, AskFox, icanhazlp1, Dantheawesome, RumbleCrumble, michael566, LookItsEmily, NeonnnMC, PoundSnake, Noren224, EllozLolz, eatay088, ymona33, ninjasebFanGames, DestinyFox, itachi1706, TheDGP, KenzieRiann.
    [HELPER]'s Killed: Zombie_Jellyfish, michael566, TheDGP & AskFox
    ( Their Kills in ONE GAME!!! <--- Click!), PoundSnake ( His Kill in BSG!!! <-- Click! )
    dcalvario ( His Quakecraft Kills/Wins Here! <--- Click! ),
    KenzieRiann ( Her Quake Kill/Win Here! <--- Click! ), JoseTheSkaterNerd,
    Luckykessie ( Her VampireZ Kill Here!!! <-- Click! ), Noren224 ( His Quakecraft Win/Kill here! <-- Click! )
    Total [HELPER]'s Punched: 25.
    Total [HELPER]'s Killed: 11.

    [JR HELPER]'s Punched: PixieTree, ryguy2001, ecolsson, Enders_Phoneix, SgtVault, Gerbor12, Badger318060.
    [JR HELPER]'s Killed: ryguy2001 ( His BSG Kill <-- Click! ), Badger318060 ( His BSG Kill <-- Click! ).
    Total [JR HELPER]'s Punched: 7.
    Total [JR HELPER]'s Killed: 2.

    Total Punches: 61.
    Total Staff Kills: 21.
    [YT]'s Met: stampylongnose, Docm77 (IN HIS VIDEO!!! :D), AntVenom, Deadlox, GrailMore (We're server friends), AnderZEL, setosorcerer, rt8269, TheWaffleGalaxy, Poetendo, XainSF, TeamTwiistz. SmootheMcGroove, Zepphyre, vaecon, HB_ian, ImTeras, Bokado, AlphaHusky, duravic, Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, Lachlan.
    [YT]'s Killed: ImTeras, HB_ian ( His FINAL Kill in MW!!! <-- Click! ), TeamTwiistz ( His PB Kill/Win Here!!! <-- Click! ), Docm77, setosorcerer, AntVenom, GrailMore, Poetendo ( His Kill/Win in Quakecraft!!! <-- Click!),

    Bokado ( His Quakecraft Kill/Win Here!!! <-- Click! ), AlphaHusky ( His PB Kill/Win Here!!! <-- Click! ), Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, Lachlan ( JeromeASF, Vikkstar123, and Lachlan's Throw Out Kills Here!!! <-- Click! ),
    Total [YT]'s Met: 22.
    Total [YT]'s Killed: 13.
    pay2win nub
    stupid VIP hacker (I'm MVP+)
    TeamBGF noob (2 typos, it's BFGTeam. Not BGFTeam, not TeamBFG, BFGTeam.)
    hypixel.net/posts/500000 hypixel.net/posts/49999
    I haz this many Internets:
    Awesome Screenshot: http://imgur.com/igaw7KU

    Proud poster of the 500,000th post on Hypixel Forums, and the 499,999th post!
    hypixel.net/posts/500000 hypixel.net/posts/499999
    If you believe I've mislead you, copy and paste those links. :)
    Blitz Kits:​

    2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 5 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 2 --- 8 --- 2 --- 8

    Mega Walls Kits:
    (Top row is Ability, Second is Skill, Third is Skill, Fourth is Kit, and Fifth is Gathering Talent.)

    Proud Owner of Prestige Enderman!

    Road to Prestige Golem:
    (Update ever 5000 Coins)

    I'm friends with:
    Defaults: Alot
    [VIP]: Many
    [VIP+]: Many
    [MVP]: Many
    [MVP+]: Way too many
    [YT]: GrailMore MrApocalypseOP Ryguyrocky
    [HELPER]: Alexmaster MatthewRTP ELDARM Ecolsson Gregory ctd Robbery Robofluff Theocomix Xhail123 cape_panda
    [MOD]: Hakkstar Luckykessie Silent_Ninja_Fox dcalvario owe123
    [ADMIN]: Minikloon

    I'm getting fed up with the accusations on Hypixel and made a thread about it.

    For all the new Blocking Dead players out there; my chest and basics guide to TBD. :)