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Viewing thread Need 784 levels, Dec 12, 2019 at 1:41 AM
    1. RoltsHeHe
      What are good ways to make money? im not rich
    2. PuffaFishMaster
    3. Schipjee1
      Your enchant guide for sword with enchant table helped me a lot, thanks! Do you also have it for armor/bow/pickaxe etc. ?
      1. antonio67108864
        For armor and tools, I don't think any guide is needed.

        For bows, though... I have to find the right pattern. I enchanted a Runaan's bow shortly ago and it asked me for 66 levels with one anvil use on a book with 4 of the 7 enchantments.
        Nov 19, 2019
      2. Schipjee1
        Well it would be very useful tho, what are all the needed enchants for bow?
        Nov 20, 2019
      3. antonio67108864
        Power, aiming, snipe, piercing, infinite quiver, telekinesis, cubism and impaling. Maybe they'll fix water mobs and impaling will work on them, but if you don't want to, you don't really need to ass that one.

        If it's a Runaan's bow or better, you may want to add Dragon hunter and power 6, but that will be expensive. If you made the bow with 2 uses, maybe you'll want to add DH3 and Power 6 together.
        Nov 20, 2019
    4. Skyblock_Cop
      antonio, for the 4 books when using the one book method, is there a specific way of combining them or what?
    5. JaeyDoesYT
      was that a 2048 of 67108864 tile?
      1. antonio67108864
        Do you mean the number in my username?

        I had in mind it is 2^26, but I think I didn't know that game yet when I chose that username.
        Oct 14, 2019
        JaeyDoesYT likes this.
    6. NoLiferRobo
      Whats the 200 levels achievement
      1. antonio67108864
        Using more than 200 levels at once to enchant a sword.
        Sep 28, 2019
        JaeyDoesYT likes this.
    7. Koitere
      Hey I really enjoyed your guide for enchanting sowrds, would you know of or could you make one for bows as well? thanks!
      1. antonio67108864
        I should probably make one for bows soon as well. I didn't see it as important, since there are far less bow enchantments.
        Sep 27, 2019
        Itaxhix and JaeyDoesYT like this.
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