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My avatar is Copyright 2015 Bruce Blair Jr, and is not authorized to be posted on Steam. Jan 13, 2019

    1. Nuka1122
      I need your help with issues on my skyblock account! Can u pls answer as soon as u can :)
    2. Momstersaccount
      Can you promote minetribes to moderator he deserves it he has been really helpful
    3. all55games
      Hey my friend got scammed on skyblock by a guy called goldenwizard13 he even streamed it: as in golden wizard streamed it. My friend's username is BalintYT and aparently he reported it but you cannot report for scamming because there isn't a reason as 'Scamming' on the report menu.I hope you can help with this. Thanks!
    4. TMasterYT
      Hey could you please help me i recently got scammed and i dont know what to do about it Flixerx Scammed me out of old dragon helmet and boots My username is TMasterYT so could you please help me if you could? Thanks!
    5. Raze_fain245
      I need your help desperately. I was unfairly banned for a year and I can not appeal. I wait about 6 months(idk the exact time) for the ban to be over and now it has restarted and I have to wait another year!
    6. SuperTroll
      Hello AgentKid! Not sure if you remember but back in 2015 you unjustifiably banned me for “Living up to your name” and that ban added to my ban history and instead of me having a 1 month ban, it’s a year! Thank you AgentKid
      1. hms11 likes this.
    7. SxnPxY
      Hey i have a question for my ban. Can you please answer me thank you
    8. SkissIsADopeBoi
      I was banned by WD for an autoclicker. I have developed a type of arthritis in my right hand since going back to school.I contacted an administrator if I could use an auto clicker of sorts as it is impossible to play PvP styles of minecraft with a laptop track pad. We agreed if I was to use a cps of 7-8 to avoid any unfair advantages. Please help me out. IGN: JackBaldo Ban Duration: 11 months 2nd Ban
    9. Steeler6
      Hey so i think i got false banned for client modifcation i dont remeber ever even using a resource pack i just recently started to use meezoids private pack i have never hacked and my ign is Steeler5
    10. MorisTv
      Hello, I need help where I can write a private message?
    11. pevepi
      Hello Is there any way to get unbanned from hypixel? I wasn’t hacking or anything. I was advertising like about 4-3 years ago. I don’t have the server now so I really want to enjoy the community with the new game called skyblock! Thanks!
    12. 4qqy
      Could ADMIN ask me a question?
    13. RedFireEssence
      Anyone seen 007? I can't find him?
    14. FireLoop
      There's not as many posts here that I thought there'd be
      1. XGoDZted
        he's a busy man. i think he's working on Hytale right now too.
        Jun 15, 2019
        FireLoop likes this.
      2. FireLoop
        I meant player posts
        Jun 15, 2019
        XGoDZted likes this.
      3. XGoDZted
        Jun 15, 2019
        FireLoop likes this.
    15. HEL_X
      HI I WANT TO ASK YOU AgentKid if you can apply me to staff . beacuase im good at servers i i want one time in my life to be staff in a single server im good at plugins admin plugins . i red everything and im above 18 and i have team speak to talk like discord thank you. HEL_X
      1. Rafxy
        Please advise, you stated you were above 18. I am not calling you a liar I am saying you should at least use good grammar and spelling in asking an Admin for applications. If you would like to apply please just go to this link:
        Jul 4, 2019
    16. Zekeplayzz
      You've been working with the server for years man! How hard is it to become a developer for hypixel if you know Java well? Im finishing up learning java and thinking about maybe trying t get a job here
    17. Alphagachabean
      Agent kid more like agent kiddo
    18. AgentK
      My avatar is Copyright 2015 Bruce Blair Jr, and is not authorized to be posted on Steam.
      1. Zekeplayzz, Helium_1s2, Swag and 3 others like this.
      2. Messisteve
        Jan 13, 2019
      3. A1exDZPZ
        Sorry boss.
        Feb 24, 2019
    19. MagicTin
      Have a awesome day! :D
    20. TSeries
      Can you just make a FRICKING UPDATE AGAIN ALREADY
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