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I am a cat. Feb 18, 2019

    1. Serial_Eater
      Hey, could you help a guy out?
    2. Jeeping
    3. Kryakkkkkkkk
      Есть Чел 7potted он купил читы,а репорт в ACA кидает на меня.У меня есть пруфы
    4. IkBkHeKr
      russian staff?
      1. MrGenerousGreen
        Nov 16, 2019 at 3:24 PM
    5. MarwanOrange
    6. Cow_King13
      So I was playing skyblock, and I typed in chat if there is anyone who would give me an aspect of the end sword for 192,000. Ptown then replied and sent me a party invite. I auctioned 192,000 on one of his items and then asked to trade. He then disbanded the party. I have evidence. I'm hoping you can fix this?[IMG] Kind Regards, Cow_King13 their IP is PTownBeatDown30 I sent a chat report.
    7. jetboy5YT
      hello I was bathed years ago by whatch dog and it was not really to me because they had hacked my account and I use another person I would like to know if they could slip me please my ban id is # AB32CA87
      1. xNinjax10
        If you haven’t already please appeal over at: hypixel.net/appeal - if you already have the decision of the Appeals Team is final and will not be changing.
        Nov 17, 2019 at 3:39 PM
    8. jetboy5YT
      hello I was bathed years ago by whatch dog and it was not really to me because they had hacked my account and I use another person I would like to know if they could slip me please my ban id is # AB32CA87
      1. Wolfling likes this.
    9. jetboy5YT
      hello I was bathed years ago by whatch dog and it was not really to me because they had hacked my account and I use another person I would like to know if they could slip me please my ban id is [REDACTED]
    10. Reliabilities_
      Hello can you help me? A few days ago my ping on hypixel has become higher than usually, normally I get around 93-120 but now I'm getting 180+ ping. On other server my ping hasn't changed. Can you help me fix it?
      1. Fyyre likes this.
      2. Fyyre
        Probably something to do with your internet service providers connection with the Hypixel servers. I had the same problem, but within a few days it went away. It also only happened with my Hypixel ping. I hope it fixes for you within a few days time, if not you can always try these methods ---> https://hypixel.net/threads/guide-solve-your-connection-problems.224475/
        Nov 12, 2019
        Reliabilities_ likes this.
    11. AlexanderOv
      Полина, что это такое? Тысячи людей с топовым лутом потеряли доступ с скайблоку? Я понимаю, что сервера стоят денег, но это не справедливо забирать у людей свои собственные сервера, которые были уже арендованы!
    12. thedeadpoolpro
      Hello, me simply so banned your antichit on mistake, when I simply was with friend in duel, I lost 43 and higher of, help me after all I not used side SOFTWARE. Excuse me I'm bad write in English as Russian
      1. Quarmint
        Nov 11, 2019
    13. MoseRattoe
      1. Quarmint
        Hi! You've done well! Now you have to wait for a response.
        Nov 11, 2019
    14. FoouZerino
      Hello could you help me? Well I have a problem my ip is blocked because I took security alert on my main account, the reason I took was because I entered a friend's account and took ban ... I am player of the pit dai went to my high school and I took a ban, can you help me please?
      1. Quarmint
        Hi! I don't think using one's account can have your own account got banned.
        This means your account may have been hacked or compromised and has been banned for your own account protection. For more information about this, we recommend reading the official guide to account security, found here; http://hypixel.net/compromised
        Nov 11, 2019
    15. Fyyre
      I hope you're doing well, and that you have a fantastic day/night!
    16. StuffyJG
      Привет Полина, Меня забанили на год, та как я зашел на хайпиксель з компа моего друга, у него были включеные читы, он меня не предупредил, и меня забанило на год, пожалуйста если не сложно прошу розбань меня я не могу так больше, я хочю играть на хайпикселе. За ранее спасибо!! <3
      1. Doggo_Leader
        Привет! Если ты хочешь обжаловать свой бан, то ты можешь просто написать аппеляцию. https://hypixel.net/forums/ban-appeal.36/
        (Советую писать там на английском)
        Nov 7, 2019
      2. Quarmint
        Хочу добавить, что разбанивают только невиновных.
        Nov 11, 2019
    17. ShadoeEU
      Привет! У меня есть подозрения что на моём аккаунте играет кроме меня. Пароль менял.Давно не заходил на сервер,решил выполнить задания,а они уже выполнены.Что мне делать?
      1. Quarmint
        Привет! Тебе нужно обезопасить свой аккаунт. Инструкции указаны на этой странице: https://hypixel.net/compromised
        Как минимум, нужно поставить надёжный пароль.
        Nov 11, 2019
    18. ____Linda____
      Полина привет. У меня 1 вопрос, есть ли какие то описания вещей скай блока на сайте или где то, кроме сервера? Просто мне например не понятно как использовать хот потато книгу. Или опсания чар Не нашла, а на сервере не совсем ясно. PS спасибо вам. Многие баги починены, вещи теперь вроде не пропадают
      1. Doggo_Leader
        Если же тебе не понятно, как все работает, но ты можешь читать на английском, то я нашел сайт (как раз таки на английском). Он, если что, неофициальный. Вот ссылка: https://hypixel-skyblock.fandom.com/wiki/Hypixel_Skyblock_Wiki
        Надеюсь поможет :P
        (Полина, не бань за ссылку <3 )
        Nov 7, 2019
    19. Allygeebee
      Heyy please can I have help. Ive be permanently banned for some reason and im not particularly sure why. It says 'your account has a security alert, please secure it and contact appeals.' My account is called Allygeebee if you can help me please contact me asap. Many thanks Ally Xx
      1. Quarmint
        Hi! This reason means you've got an account security alert due to very suspicious activity. Perhaps your account has been compromised. Secure your account thoroughly, then, create a ban appeal in this forum: https://hypixel.net/forums/ban-appeal.36/
        Nov 4, 2019
    20. Skeptal
      _PolybaLove_ I need you becuase im having problems concerning my rank and being banned for store issues. Please contact me as soon as possible.
      1. Quarmint
        Nov 11, 2019
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