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Desired traits

  • Technically minded & can also perform sound integration using custom built tech
  • Has a portfolio of integrated sound effects - or demoable games.
  • Is not limited to one genre type of sounds.  UI Effects / RPG Style Effects (both modern and retro!) / Gun Style as examples.
  • Bonus points if you have also scored some videos + trailers etc
  • Bonus points if can also do some vocals
  • Very versatile and adapt easily to new challenges + changing timelimes
  • Able to work full time
  • True knowledge of gaming and gamer culture (you will be deeply tested on this!)
  • Someone who experiences joy from creation.
  • Points distributed in both the creative and logical skill trees.
  • We have a composer on project - but bonus points if you can write / read music!

We can offer

  • Chance to work on a new game project with an extremely motivated team
  • Opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally
  • Stable and secure work environment
  • Ability to work remotely - work whenever you want.