Hypixel consists of a team that contribute & collaborate remotely from around the world, with members ranging from games industry newcomers to 15+ year veterans. The staff have a diverse set of backgrounds, but share a common passion for games and ensuring that our players are happy.

What started originally as an adventure map server has in essence become its own game studio. Work has commenced on our own standalone titles, so be aware that your application could see you either working on the Minecraft Server or one of our top secret new projects.

We are currently 50+ Strong, and we cover all of the traditional roles of game development. Art, Programming, Production, Design and so on. The three key qualities we look for in applicants are

  • “Self Driven”
  • “Has a history of doing cool stuff”
  • “Cares about Players”

A few Stats

  • 61k+ Concurrent Players
  • 737K+ Daily Unique Logins
  • 10M+ Total Unique Logins
  • 450K+ YouTube Subscribers
  • 448K+ Twitter Followers
  • 950K+ Facebook Likes
  • 100K+ Daily Unique Forum Visitors

Some Tips before applying.

Show us what you’ve done relevant to the area in which you are applying, you can do this via YouTube videos, screenshots, websites, links to GitHub. We will not compile and run any code examples for initial review of applicants.

Failing to get a response unfortunately means we are not interested in pursuing this application. Due to the high volume of applicants we can’t reply to each by hand.

Think of an application like an elevator pitch for yourself, keep it short, snappy and provide the wow factor up front! An example of a bad application is where you say “contact me if you’d like to see examples of my work.”

Our Application Process

You can find a diagram explaining our job application process below (click to open image):

Volunteer Team Openings

For Applications to our Volunteer Helper Program please find more information here.

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below, please note that even if no relevant position is listed, we are always looking for talented people and we read every application. A strong application can open doors!

Current Job Openings

Java Minigame Developer

Minecraft Project

Desired Traits

  • Demonstrable experience working on / patching minigames
  • Deep understanding of CraftBukkit/Spigot
  • Skilled in NMS development and hooking directly into vanilla code
  • Has creative and fun ideas
  • Experienced with working with the protocol directly
  • 30+ hours a week

Apply via [email protected]