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Since Sunday, all of us have been counting down the days, minutes, and even seconds until the first Hytale trailer would be released. The team has been on the edge of their seats all week, reading tweets and watching videos about your speculations.

Thank you for all the hype you have shared with us as we prepared you all for this moment. We now get to show you the result of the Hypixel community’s continuous support over the years.

Without further ado, here is the first trailer for Hytale…


We have also released the Hytale website with FAQ, concept art, screenshots, articles and more for you all to enjoy and explore. Please go on the Hytale website to find answers to your questions!

The website is now live at:

We hope you enjoyed your first look at Hytale! Join us in shouting about Hytale by using the hashtag " #Hytale " on your chosen social media platforms. While you're at it, you can check out and follow our official social media accounts for Hytale and Hypixel Studios by clicking on the links below!

Twitter: @Hypixel / @Hytale
Instagram: @hytalegame
Facebook: facebook.com/hytalegame
YouTube: youtube.com/hytale
Snapchat: Hytale

Make sure you read the articles on the website, ton of new information!

Once again, thank you to every single one of you - this project means a lot to us and you made it all possible with your support over the years.

by Hypixel at 5:29 PM
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Hello everyone! Prepare yourselves for the most exciting week in the history of the Hypixel community. The team has been waiting for this moment for several years now, this is beyond exciting, in fact, it’s a bit terrifying for us!

This week, we will finally give you your first look at Hytale - a new standalone game by Hypixel Studios.

The countdown timer is now live at:

The Hypixel community is at the heart of everything we do, and it would not have been possible for us to develop Hytale without your support over the years. Sincerely, we just can’t thank you guys enough for the opportunity you have given us.

We are excited to finally be able to involve the community in the development of the game. Your feedback and ideas will be essential to Hytale, we truly hope that you guys will like what we have been working on.

Hytale is a huge deal for all of us. It represents our first steps as a fully-fledged game developer, and we're very proud of the work we've done so far. We can't wait to share it with you, and we hope you're excited too.

A countdown timer is now live at Hytale.com. When that timer expires, you’re going to be treated to a first look at the game. Until then, to answer some of your initial questions, we’ve prepared a short FAQ. It doesn’t cover everything, but lots more answers are coming later this week in a full FAQ.

We're going to be shouting about Hytale from the rooftops - and we hope you'll join us. Share your excitement! Tell your friends! You'll want to bring them with you as we embark on the amazing adventure that comes next.

All aboard! The hype train will be departing shortly and it has no brakes.
- Simon

Pre-Announcement Community FAQ
What is Hytale?
  • Hytale is the game that the Hypixel Studios team has been working on for the last several years - it’s sometimes been referred to as ‘standalone’. We can’t say more than that for now. No spoilers!
What does this announcement mean for the Hypixel server?
  • The group working on Hytale actually commenced work over two years ago, so there are no changes being made to the ongoing development of the server network. The Hypixel Network will continue to operate, update, and create new things.
Are you launching preorders or a crowdfunding campaign when the timer ends?
  • Fortunately for us, Hytale’s development is fully funded. We haven’t finalized the business model, but payment will not be a factor until the game is playable.
Will I be able to move my stats/progress from Hypixel to Hytale?
  • Hytale is a brand new game and it is not possible to move anything between the two.
Will I use the same forum account for Hypixel and Hytale?
  • No. Nothing is shared between the two. We’re launching new social media channels for Hytale to help you follow the game’s development, see below for links!
What is the difference between Hypixel Inc. and Hypixel Studios?
  • Hypixel Inc. is the company that runs (and will continue to run) the Hypixel server. Hypixel Studios is a new company that has been formed in order to develop Hytale.
Will Hytale be released this week? Can I play it when the timer ends?
  • This week is all about showing you what the team has been working on in secret for so long. A website for the game with additional info - screenshots, concept art and more - will launch alongside the first look trailer. We get that you’re excited to play - we’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to open the doors!
Will Hytale be available for Mac and PC?
  • Yes, Hytale will be available for Windows and Mac. More information about platforms will follow when the countdown ends.
I’m a Youtuber/streamer. Will I be able to use assets from this announcement on my channel or stream?
  • Yep! There will also be a content creator-oriented FAQ available on the Hytale website upon unveil. You also have permission to reupload and activate monetization on the trailer for purposes of reaction, analysis, commentary, and so on.

We’re also launching new social media channels for Hytale and Hypixel Studios. Find them below!

Twitter: @Hypixel / @Hytale
Instagram: @hytalegame
Facebook: facebook.com/hytalegame
YouTube: youtube.com/hytale
Snapchat: Hytale

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As promised earlier this month, here is the second part of the Holiday seasons update on Hypixel. It includes Holiday Royale, TONS of maps, a Build Battle Holiday mode and new seasonal achievements!

Don't forget to check out the Hypixel Studios and Hytale announcement!!!

Continue reading for screenshots and more...

by ChiLynn at 1:07 PM
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Hello again!

The annual Hypixel Holiday Sale has begun! There is up to 90% off across the Hypixel Store from now until January 7th, 2019. Items included in this sale are...

Exclusive Holiday Bundles
Loot Chest

and much more!

We are offering exciting exclusive rewards for purchasing one of the HOLIDAY BUNDLES.
Each bundle contains the HP9-B companion and exclusive holiday banners.
The Cheery, Merry and Festive bundles also contain a new unique bonus item.​

Hypixel Synthesizer, available in the Festive Bundle
The synthesizer lets you play any song you want using your keyboard.
Other players near you in the lobby can hear your music.

Avalanche Cloak, available in the Cheery Bundle

"Little You" Companion, available in the Merry Bundle

This companion has the unique ability to fly with you.​

We hope your Holidays are wonderful and want to remind you to pick up your Advent Calendar Rewards!

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Hey hey,

December is finally here and we've got many reasons to be excited about it: gifts, snow, family dinners, and Bed Wars updates! During the month of December, we're releasing a new item every week to experiment with some of our ideas to improve the gameplay experience. The weekly item rotation starts today with the addition of the Pop-up Tower! This update also comes with a new "Max Team Upgrades" option for private games.

Continue reading to learn more about this update!

What are Weekly Item Rotations?

You can find the current rotation item by clicking the redstone torch in the top-right-hand corner of the Item Shop menu!
The Weekly Item Rotation system allows us to add different items that are available for one week at a time. They can help us visualize a prototype-like version of any idea and collect player feedback. The feedback is analyzed at the end of the item's week to help us understand whether or not it should come back to Bed Wars permanently and what needs to be changed to make it better.

by ChiLynn at 9:14 PM
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Hey all!

It's December and it smells like presents! The first part of the much-awaited Holiday seasons update for Hypixel has arrived, including festive lobbies, the advent calendar, special quests and our classic holiday arcade games. Continue reading to find out more about this first Holiday release!