Prototype Lobby (PTL) now live

Help us shape minigames of the future

Help us test new innovative minigame ideas. Join PTL now by typing /lobby PTL in chat!

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New Languages Available

Play Hypixel in Russian, Spanish, French, German and more!

We've added Spanish language translations to Hypixel! Change your language in 'My Profile' in-game

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Minecraft 1.11 Supported

Login using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10 or 1.11!

Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft versions 1.8 and above.

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by Tactful at 3:02 PM
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Hey all,

The Prototype Lobby (PTL), as previously announced, is now live on the server!

Simply put, this lobby is a new dedicated space on Hypixel where you can help us test fun new minigames and features. The idea is to involve you, the community, more in the process of shaping new games whilst also freeing up developers to work on updates for existing games across the server.

You can access the Prototype Lobby via the Compass, Main Lobby NPC, or by using the command /lobby prototype OR /lobby ptl

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here:

Read the initial PTL announcement post here:

The PTL Forums are also now live! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback here:

To start we've included 3 new minigames and one new gamemode, with many more to come. See our initial line-up below:

Hypixel BedWars
One of the most requested games not yet available on Hypixel, we decided to create a unique Hypixel version that improves on the popular original.
In BedWars, you start on a floating island with a bed. As long as your bed survives, you can respawn - but if your bed is destroyed it's game over! Collect resources and use them to upgrade yourself to help destroy the beds of your enemies.

When researching game ideas, we realised we didn't have a simple 1v1 combat game. Duels will pit players against each other with different weapons on tightly designed maps, and provide a great platform for simple and interesting PVP games. Fight with bows, classic weapons and more across 4 gamemodes.

Survival Dash
Fight to survive across beautiful maps in this fast-paced SG inspired game. Every player has a dash ability to help their mobility making things much faster than a typical Survival game. Dash to collect resources and fight to be the last person standing!

UHC Arena Deathmatch
UHC Arena is a free for all gamemode that borrows the same rules as classic Hypixel UHC. Fight against all the other players to be the last man standing!

We hope you have fun playing these new Prototype games, and we can't wait to add more new types of games as well as release new updates for older games across the server. Enjoy! :D

by Vinny8Ball at 7:54 PM
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We're excited to announce four new Warlords maps!
We've added two Domination, one Capture The Flag and one Team Deathmatch.





We hope you enjoy these new additions as we work towards bringing you more content soon!

by Vinny8Ball at 3:55 PM
(7,945 Views / 97 Likes)
We've added two new maps to Smash Heroes for you all to enjoy! Marshland is fast paced and action packed while Grave is a bit larger with more varied gameplay.



The Build Team and I are working hard to bring you more map updates, stay tuned!