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by Nitroholic_ at 4:47 PM
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A new patch has been released for Bed Wars, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby. For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

For more details on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

▶ General Updates
We've added 3 brand new awesome maps, 2 for Solo and Doubles, and 1 for Teams, they are:


▶ General Updates

  • Normal chests in each teams base have been locked until that teams bed is destroyed
  • Reduced shout cooldown to 60 seconds from 90
  • Added quick communication menu when right clicking on the compass
The Quick Communication Menu


Chat message when quick communicating
Developers Comments: We have added a Quick Communications menu to allow you to quickly send a veriety of specific messages to your teammates on exactly when you are doing or what your teammates should be focusing on doing - no more typing for ages! Certain quick communication message will change the target of your compass, for example, attacking a team will point towards that team.
  • Revamped deathmatch, improved Enderdragon player targeting and added a Dragon Buff team upgrade to the shop
Developers Comments: We have replaced the dragons spawning periodically in the deathmatch to a fixed number of Enderdragon which will spawn one time. Each team alive at the beginning of deathmatch will have 1 Enderdragon each, and if they have purchased the Dragon Buff upgrade, one extra dragon will spawn for their team. On top of that, Enderdragons have been tweaked to now break all blocks including Obsidian and Endstone, and their path-finding has been improved so they only target enemy players - no more camping in Endstone holes!
  • Added team tracker to the Quick Communications menu for 2 Emeralds
Developers Comments: When you are the only team with a bed remaining, or deathmatch has started, you can purchase a compass tracker to track each member of a specific team. When you die, you must re-purchase the tracker.

▶ Balance Changes

General Balance Changes
  • Removed starting permanent Wooden Pickaxe and replaced it with a permanent Wooden Sword
  • Increased spawn invincibility to 3 seconds
  • Fireballs can no longer destroy Sandstone or Endstone
  • Enderdragons can now destroy all blocks, including Endstone and Obsidian
  • Added 3 seconds of Slowness 1 to the Tripwire team upgrade
Shop Changes
  • Removed Wooden Sword from the shop
  • Shears cost reduced to 30 Iron
  • Added Unenchanted Wood Pickaxe for 10 Iron
  • Reduced Stone Pickaxe to 20 Iron and changed to Efficiency I
  • Iron Sword reduced to 7 Gold
  • Stone Sword reduced to 10 Iron
  • Increased Fireball cost to 50 Iron
  • Increased TNT cost to 5 Gold
  • Added Dragon Buff team upgrade
Resource and Generator Changes
  • Solo and Doubles max Emerald generator stack has been reduced from 3 Emeralds to 2
  • Solo and Doubles Emerald generator timer has been reduces
Developer Comments: Permenent items and respawn invincibility have been changed to improve early game and base camping, and generator changes have been made to balance out the gap between emerald and diamond focused strategies.

▶ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Solo chat so it is now only global chat
  • Fixed anti-cheat issues with Enderpearls
  • Fixed Bed Regen team upgrade causing inventory to glitch out
  • Fixed melee kills not giving the killer the players items if they get knocked into the void
  • Fixed mobs like the Iron Golem having exceedingly large player tracking range

by Tactful at 8:35 PM
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Prepare for Nostalgia - as announced previously, our new Classic Games Lobby (or Classic Lobby) is now live!

▶ How to Access Classic Lobby
To access the Classic Lobby, just do one of the following:
  • Open the compass and click the Classic Lobby icon (jukebox)
  • OR Click the Classic Lobby NPC in the Main Lobby
  • OR Type the /lobby Classic command in chat and hit enter

▶ What is the Classic Lobby?
The Classic Lobby is a new hub on Hypixel where you can play all of our Classic Games. Our goal is to create a place where there are more people hanging out and playing these games, and to give you more reasons to play.

The Classic Lobby is an updated version of the first ever Hypixel Lobby - many of you will remember this super old school layout. So much nostalgia!

Shops for the Classic Games can be accessed by clicking the Shopkeeper NPC in the lobby. Leaderboards for games have been updated to our new format, and can be found along the left and right paths. We have also added a Classic Tokens system, and have updated all boosters for Classic Games to the new Classic Boosters.


▶ Classic Tokens
Classic Tokens are a new currency that can be earned by playing games in the Classic Lobby. Similar to Hype in the PTL, you can earn Tokens by playing Classic Games.

After collecting 10 tokens, you can use the Classic Tokens NPC in lobby to spin for a prize! Prizes include different amounts of coins for Classic Games. The idea is to reward you guys for playing, and encourage you to play other games :)

▶ Classic Boosters
All boosters for Classic Games (TKR, Arena Brawl, VampireZ, Quakecraft, Walls and Paintball) have been replaced by the new Classic Booster.

Classic Boosters work just like any other booster, except when activated they activate triple coins (x3) for all Classic Games. So this is a huge increase in value - instead of just activating for 1 game, they activate for 6!

You can buy Classic Boosters right now by visiting the Hypixel store!

If you had any boosters for Classic Games in your in-game inventory, these have now been converted to Classic Boosters. So for example, if you had a Quakecraft booster and a VampireZ booster, you will now have 2 Classic Boosters. When activated, these new Classic Boosters will still boost the previous game (Quakecraft or VampireZ) but will also boost all 5 other games! Very cool :D

[edit] If we see that booster queues are too long for the Classic Lobby, we will find a solution, but the numbers suggest queues shouldn't be too long. If they get too long we will resolve this in a way that benefits players :)

Our hope is that these changes will make Classic Games easier and more fun to play, with even more rewards, and more of a combined sense of community. We'll be monitoring the lobby closely, listening to your feedback, and making changes as necessary.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy all the nostalgia! :D

by Tactful at 2:05 PM
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Hey all,

From today until Wednesday 19th, we're holding an Easter Sale!

During the sale we have:

We really appreciate any support you choose to give - by purchasing Ranks, Boosters, Boxes or other items on the store, you fund our development and help make Hypixel even better.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Easter Holiday if you celebrate! :D