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by DeprecatedNether at 6:55 AM
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A new patch has been released for Murder Mystery adding 3 new maps with new features plus other fixes and balance changes, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby. For information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

For more details on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

▶ New Maps

  • Explore a Museum and its exhibits. Spend Gold to unlock a secret entrance - can you find it?

  • Stalk your prey through the tight corridors of a derelict spaceship. Spend Gold to use Rapid Transport tubes to quickly travel around the map.

  • Defend yourself across 3 floors of a Medieval tower. On the top floor lies a Trap Door - be careful not to fall out of the map!

▶ General Updates
  • If the Murderer leaves at the start of the game, a new Murderer is selected
  • Added Kill Zones
    • Some maps have areas outside the map you can fall or otherwise find yourself in. If you fall into these areas, you will now die
    • If the Detective dies in a kill zone (by falling out of the map) the Bow will respawn in a fixed location on the map
  • Increased game duration by 30 seconds
  • Murder - Player Tracker Compass
    • In the final 30 seconds of the game, or when there is 1 player left, the Murderer gets a Player Tracker compass. Use this to help you locate the final player!
  • Improved messaging:
    • Inform Murderer that they can throw their sword by right clicking
    • Display an alert when there is only one minute remaining
  • Your chance of being Murderer or Detective is now displayed in the pregame lobby
Developer Notes: Based on your feedback and data, many games were lost where the Murderer killed 14 people and couldn't track down the last hidden player. The Murderer now gets a tracking compass in the last 30 seconds of the game, or when only 1 Innocent player remains - whatever happens first.

We previously tracked your chance of being Murderer or Detective, but we didn't display it anywhere. We have added this display to the pre-game lobby. To clarify - the longer you play as an Innocent, the higher your chance to be a Detective or Murderer in the next game.

▶ Bug Fixes
  • Headquarters Map
    • Fixed issues with players being able to reach places they weren't supposed to
    • Fixed a bug where fish in fish tank spawned as sticks
    • Fixed issues with signs not reading correctly in the pregame lobby
    • Fixed ice melting
  • Fixed issues with the auto-queue system
  • Fixed a bug where multiple pieces of gold were counted as a single piece of gold
  • Reduced the chance of gold spawning outside the map

We hope you enjoy these changes. Special thanks to all the Build Team members who made these incredible maps, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes! :D

by PixelBaker at 12:08 PM
(14,132 Views / 121 Likes)
A new patch has been released for Bed Wars, available to test now in the Prototype Lobby. This patch includes new Solo (teams of 1) and Doubles (teams of 2) modes, new maps, new features and many bug fixes. For full information on what changes are included, check out the details below.

For more information on the Prototype Lobby, visit the Introduction thread.

▶ Two New Modes - Solo & Doubles
After listening to your feedback, we couldn't say no to adding Solo and Double Modes. Both modes take place on a new map designed to handle a higher number of teams. We have new maps in production, and your feedback on this map will help us make the new maps even better!


▶ Two New Team Maps
We've added 2 new maps for Teams of 3 and Teams of 4 modes. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

▶ General Updates
  • TNT block changes​
    • Reduced the amount of direct damage TNT does to players
    • Customized knockback allows players to use TNT to clear an area or boost jump
    • Placing multiple TNT in the same area will cause TNT to spread out and clear even the largest of player structures
  • Added a new mob: Icefish​
    • Cost: 50 Iron​
    • Limited to 5 active per player​
    • These little critters are covered in snow and are great for throwing at bridging enemies. If you hit a block, you spawn a silverfish which can distract opponents​
  • Added an AFK system​
    • When a player is AFK for more than 4 minutes they will be giving a 10 seconds warning then removed from the game and drop their resources. If a player does come back they can rejoin the game using the rejoin feature​
  • Iron Golems are now limited to 2 per player, rather than 3 per team​
▶ Bug Fixes

  • Reduced start game countdown to 10 seconds.​
  • Fixed a bug where respawning players wouldn't see the Bed Destroyed message​
  • Updated gameplay messages to be more clear​
  • Fixed a bug where players weren't properly credited for mob, explosion and natural damage kills​
  • Fixed a bug where an Alex or Steve NPC would sometimes spawn in the middle of maps​
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to buy multiple team upgrades​
Iron Golem
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Golems would sometimes target specators
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Iron Golems to attack through blocks
  • Fixed an issue where Iron Golem damage didn't take into account player armour

We hope you enjoy these new modes, and look forward to hearing your feedback. We will continue to work on updating and adding features to Bed Wars, as well as other PTL games like Murder Mystery and Duels. Also coming soon is the previously announced Siege mode (name may change), our new Social Menu, a TNT Games update and more.

by Nitroholic_ at 3:06 PM
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Attention VampireZ fans - we've just released an exciting update which fixes some annoying bugs, adds new features, achievements and a bunch more!

The community has been very helpful in suggesting these ideas, so huge thanks to everyone who contributed on the forums and in-game.

▶ Achievements
We've added a lot of new achievements to VampireZ, including 9 one time achievements and 1 tiered achievement. Thanks to the community members who suggested some of the achievements added!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
The full list of new achievements can be found here:

  • Don't need it! - Win a game as a Human without using the shop
  • POTIONS! - Drink 20 Potions as a Human in a single game
  • Chest Hunter - Find 3 loot chests
  • Undefeatable! - Purchase a full set of God Armor and a God Sword as a Human
  • Wizard - Use 5 holy books in a single game as a Human
  • Last Chance - Win the game as the last remaining Human
  • Zombie Slayer - Kill 100 Zombies in a single game
  • Close Call - Kill a Vampire while on half a heart
  • Zombie Whisperer - Kill a survivor with a Baby Zombie
  • Zombie Hunter - Kill x Zombies

▶ Game Changes

In this patch, some new gameplay changes have been added, and some old features have been removed and/or updated to improve functionality.

We have introduced the AFK system from other gamemodes to deal with players who would much rather AFK than play the game properly - nobody likes it when a Vampire is AFK in spawn! If a player doesn't move after a considerable amount of time, the player will be kicked and a message will broadcast stating that the player has been removed for being AFK.
To deal with the issue of God parties, we've introduced a debuff if you are within the vicinity of other Gods. If 3 or more Gods are nearby to each other, they will gain a debuff. The debuff increases in severity as the number of Gods near each other increases - this debuff is only based on armor. The debuff only effects the God players in the vicinity, and nobody else.

Furthermore, we've also replaced the Fire Arrow in-game with a Compass, to make tracking players easier, as well as lowered the max zombie cap to improve performance by reducing the number of particles/entities at one time. As a result, you should find that you have better framerate in-game. On top of that, we've added in a helpful feather onto the hotbar to easily allow Vampires to toggle Vampiric Leap.

As a result of lowering the zombie cap, we have also added a high probability that zombies will spawn with a Leather Chestplate.
The holy books have been overhauled to work a lot better, be easier to use and more valuable. The holy books will now no longer require you to take off your armor, but instead wear Holy Armor (a set of Chainmail Armor for 100 gold), and furthermore the radius of the 2 books have been increased. As a result of adding the Holy Armor in for 100 gold, the books have been reduced by at least 100.

We will be monitoring how these changes play out and they will be tweaked if necessary.

A full list of gameplay changes can be found below.

  • Zombie cleanup has been improved, now zombies which are too far away from any players will be removed as appose to random zombies
  • Added in toggle-able Vampiric Leap
  • Added Compass tracker
  • Replaced old holy books with new system
  • Double range of holy books
  • Removed the need to take off your armor to use holy books, basically rendering them useless in later rounds
  • Added AFK system
  • Reduced cooldown between being able to toggle bat form
  • Fixed cooldowns of all Vampire abilities to what they should be (30 -> 15 seconds)
  • Potions will now add onto the duration of current potion effects if the potions effect is the same
  • God players gain debuffs if too many are within the vicinity of each other
  • Reduced the level of god potion strength from 2 to 1
  • Player health is now displayed above players head as well as in the tablist
  • Added 7% and 10% tiers to Drain Punch and Blood Drinker
  • Added 20% tier to Final Breath, Vampiric Scream, Frankenstein's Monster, Zombie Doubler, Vampire Doubler, Baby Hater, Explosive Killer and Constitution
  • Added tiers up to 25% for Loot Drops, Basic Swag, Advanced Swag and Expert Swag
  • Some features have been added for player retention (e.g. ingame tutorials and buffs for new players)
  • Kills are attributed to the last player who damages a player who disconnects from/leaves the game

▶ Shop Changes

Some values in the shop have been tweaked based on community feedback and testing.

  • Added Compass for 10 blood. Compass stays for the rest of the game after being bought.
  • Wooden swords (other than the default) have been removed from the sword shop
  • God Sword is now 500 gold
  • Added Diamond Sword with Sharpness 1 for 400 gold
  • Diamond Armor set with no enchantments has been added for 3000 gold
  • Let Me In reduced to 40 blood
  • Diamond Zombie increased to 50 blood
  • Added Dye Armor upgrade for Survivors, allowing them to change the color of Leather armor bought from the shop in-game
▶ Quality of Life Improvements
A lot of the game has been cleaned up to provide a better experience, including the scoreboard, pregame class selector and shops. We hope that this will make the game easier to understand for newer players and at the same time clearly provide information to the player.

[​IMG] [​IMG]
The survivor shop has been split into 3 categories: swords, armor and other. Currency converter items have been clearly numbered to show their tier; 1 being the lowest, 4 being highest.
▶ Bug Fixes
A lot of disguise related bugs have been fixed in this update, as well as some other annoying bugs that have cropped up since the last update.

A full list of bugs fixed can be found below.

  • Fixed being stuck in the air when entering batform
  • Fixed *again* already active glitch when trying to enter batform
  • Fixed lagback when exiting batform
  • Fixed kicked for flying bat related bugs
  • Fixed seeing your own disguise (batform)
  • Fixed sprint glitches where a human could toggle sprint at certain times
  • Fixed book range being too small (doubled now)
  • Fixed cooldown between abilities for Vampires
  • Fixed books in general
  • Fixed Stake glitch where too many Stakes would be used up when hitting a Vampire
  • Added /stuck command if you ever get stuck in the air
  • Fixed not being able to see disguised players in tablist (batform for example)
  • Fixed potions giving too long a duration
  • Fixed potion effects not adding onto current effects

As a final note, due to issues with the legacy code we've had to remove disguises for Vampires. All coins spent on these have been refunded. This is something we tried very hard to fix, but there are too many issues to make this work properly with the current codebase. We hope you understand.

I hope you enjoy this update, and I'm very much looking forward to reading your feedback on the forums :D