Hide and Seek is live

Play the latest PTL game

Use stealth to blend in with NPCs in this game of social deduction

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New Zombies Map

Play BAD BLOOD in the PTL

30 new rounds with special zombie types. Can you survive?

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Minecraft 1.12 Supported

Login using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 or 1.12!

Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft versions 1.8 and above.

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Murder Mystery v1.0 is Now Live

New Maps, New Modes + much more

Explore tons of new content in the Murder Mystery full release

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by ConnorLinfoot at 6:02 PM
(185 Views / 19 Likes)

A new mode has been released for Murder Mystery! Infection is available to play now in the Murder Mystery lobby.

Please note that this mode is in Beta and you may encounter bugs or other issues. Like in the Prototype Lobby or in SkyWars Labs, we want to add more new modes more quickly, and develop them alongside the community based on your feedback. If you encounter any bugs please report them in the forum: https://hypixel.net/forums/server-bug-reports.35/

Continue reading to find out more.

by Relenter at 4:05 PM
(3,684 Views / 129 Likes)
Hey everybody!

Today we have released another bug fix patch, this time for Warlords! This patch also contains some minor balancing changes along with a new feature.

Continue reading for a full list of changes.

by Tactful at 11:10 AM
(12,544 Views / 314 Likes)

Hey all,

I wanted to give you all a quick overview of what's coming up in November and December on the server and what's going on behind the scenes. We tease a lot of upcoming work on social media but since not everyone uses that, we thought it'd be cool to give a little update here with some more info about upcoming projects.

As always, just because something isn't on this list doesn't mean we aren't working on it / thinking about it. We are a large team that works on many projects at once. Continue reading to find out more.

by Jayavarmen at 12:18 PM
(3,802 Views / 129 Likes)

Today we are adjusting the difficulty of Normal modes in both Zombies maps.
After reviewing player feedback and statistics on each mode, we have decided to make Normal difficulty much easier for both maps. Continue reading to find out more.

by JamesJ at 7:37 AM
(10,778 Views / 245 Likes)
Hello everyone!

I’m James, one of Hypixel’s new developers, and I’m here with a patch for SkyWars that fixes lots of annoying bugs. This patch is live on the server and you can play it right now.

Continue reading for a full list of changes.