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by Likaos at 2:35 PM
(2,611 Views / 67 Likes)
Hi everyone,

We are releasing a new patch for King of the Hill today! The goal of this update is to balance some perks and fix gameplay issues.

▶ Maps
  • Fixed bad blocks patterns in maps.
  • Added bridges for the map in with void (garden and atun) to prevent fall for new players.


by Externalizable at 5:20 PM
(3,967 Views / 114 Likes)

Hey hey,

Today we're releasing a Bug Fix Patch along with Community Requested Changes to Murder Mystery. This is the first part of the multi-parted Murder Mystery update. You can view the

to see what else we're releasing in the future and to follow up on what we have previously released.
Carry on reading to learn about all the changes in this update!

by Vinny8Ball at 5:04 PM
(10,189 Views / 129 Likes)
Hey guys!

This rotation not only includes the second lot of rotation for Normal/Doubles, but also the first rotation for Ranked SkyWars!

First, we are revealing the new maps being added to both rotations including 2 old maps for Normal/Doubles! :) At the end of the post, there will be the maps being removed out of rotation based on player feedback.

▶ SkyWars Solo/Doubles
Returning from retirement, we have the mighty Atuin and Toadstool as some of the most popular maps being asked to be brought back by the community!



by Externalizable at 1:56 PM
(7,657 Views / 56 Likes)

Hey hey,

Today, we're putting the Dream mode Castle back into the rotation with a few small additions and bug fixes. Don't worry: If you've missed a mode, you will have a chance to play again as we plan to put previous modes back into the rotation in the future!

Carry on reading to learn about all the changes in Castle v2!

by ConnorLinfoot at 4:38 PM
(12,442 Views / 183 Likes)

Hello all!

Today, we're happy to open up our Private Game Settings for MVP++! Private Game Settings allows the leader of a private party to modify settings based on the game to add special twists, as well as being able to create private games of out-of-rotation modes! We've been testing this for a little while now with YouTubers and Staff and we're excited to let you get your hands on it!

by Jayavarmen at 3:25 PM
(27,196 Views / 406 Likes)
[​IMG] Hello,

Today we are releasing the Guild Update! It is one of the largest updates we ever made, it includes a full revamp of the progression system, tons of quality of life improvements, rewards, new forum integrations, and so much more!

We are so excited to release this update finally and would like to thank everyone who participated on the proposition thread. Your feedback helped us a lot!

  • Introducing Guild EXP and Leveling Changes
  • Guild Quests
  • Guild Menu Improvements
  • New custom Guild Ranks
  • Introducing the Guild Finder
  • Guild Command Improvements
  • Guild Leaderboards
  • Forum Medals
  • Guild Achievements