Duels v0.5 now live

SkyWars 1v1, New maps + more

Play 4 new modes and 2 new maps in the latest Duels update

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Play MM: Infection

New Murder Mystery mode

1 Infected, 16 Survivors. How long can you survive the horde?

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Minecraft 1.12 Supported

Login using 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 or 1.12!

Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft versions 1.8 and above.

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by DeprecatedNether at 7:07 AM
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Hey all,

As announced in our discussion thread, we have released an update to Boosters on Hypixel.

After reading through your feedback, you highlighted a problem with long Booster queues. Since only 1 Booster can be active at once, often times the Booster queue will be very long (especially around sales). This sucks and means if you purchase a Booster it can be many days or even weeks before it activates, at a time you may not be online to play.

▶ Booster Stacking
As well as queuing boosters normally, players can now 'stack' boosters.
  • When you stack your booster, it's attached to the next available Network Booster
  • Regular Boosters raise the coin multiplier to 4X. Stacked boosters increase the current multiplier by +0.1X, up to a maximum of 5X (10 stacked boosters)
  • If there are already 10 stacked boosters, your booster will stack on the next available Booster slot
  • Stacked boosters are included in the /tip all command for that slot, and you'll receive equal tips
Our goal is to help clear out those long queues and make boosters more valuable. Now you can activate them more easily, give everyone a boost and be included in tipping.

▶ Base Coin Multiplier Increased to 2X
In the discussion thread, many of you raised concerns that with booster stacking there may be less boosters overall, particularly in less popular games with smaller playerbases. This would mean less coins gained.

We thought this was a valid concern. As such, when there is not a booster active, all games will default to a 2X multiplier. So for example:
  • The default coin gain has been silently raised to 2X Multiplier
  • Boosters raise it to 4X (+2X)
  • Each stacked booster increases the multiplier by 0.1X, up to 5X max (10 boosters)
Up until now, the default coin gain was 1X, and Network Boosters increased it to 4X by increasing the multiplier by +3X. This means having a Network Booster active now will give the same amount of coins as before (or more if multiple boosters are stacked together), but you will get more coins when the game doesn't have a booster active.

We hope this will make it so coin gain either balances out, or is higher than before in many games. We also think this will help coin gain in smaller community games.

These changes are experimental and we'll be monitoring and listening to your feedback. We'll make any changes needed if needed.

▶ Menu UI Changes
We've also made the in-game Network Booster menu much easier to use. First, you'll notice that the menu listing all games now uses the same layout as the Compass menu. Clicking on a game will show you all your Network Boosters for that game. For the ones that haven't activated yet, it'll show you an estimated time until activation. You'll also be able to activate any boosters you haven't used yet.


You can support the server and boost coin gain for all players by purchasing Boosters on the Hypixel Store.

Thanks for reading. We hope all the above changes make boosters better and easier to use. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

by PixelBaker at 2:01 PM
(14,269 Views / 220 Likes)

Happy Year of the Dog! As we celebrate the start of the new Lunar Year calendar on the Hypixel China Server, developers and builders have howled late into the night to bring some exciting seasonal content for you to enjoy including a new main lobby theme, Year of the Dog themed maps and new Bed Wars cosmetics. Continue reading to find out more.

by ConnorLinfoot at 7:12 PM
(40,155 Views / 236 Likes)

Hello Everyone!

Today we are releasing a new update to Bed Wars! Which includes a new beta NPC to be able to test future balance changes and provide feedback towards the future of Bed Wars! We're also releasing a new beta game mode called Capture, new maps and lots of bug fixes! Continue reading to find out more.

by OrangeMarshall at 2:09 PM
(14,994 Views / 279 Likes)

Hello everyone!

Over the past few months we've been working on Smash Heroes, slowly updating it. Today we are happy to announce the bulk of our Smash Heroes Quality of Life update is live on the server including a new mode, balancing changes and lots of bugfixes! Continue reading to find out more.

by aPunch at 2:29 PM
(18,746 Views / 237 Likes)

Hey all! Today we bring you an important update to Build Battle. Over the past few weeks, we have completely rewritten the game from the ground up in order to take advantage of our latest network systems. This was necessary since Build Battle was initially written 3 years ago, before many of our current systems were in place, so the game didn't make use of any of our newer performance-boosting technologies. Continue reading to find out more.